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Brief Introduction:

In Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, there are nearly 40 airlines operating 193 air routes to approximately 94 domestic and international cities and regions. Some 2400 planes get off and land in this airport. It is a large air harbor with great amount of passengers traveling through in East China, only second to Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Hongqiao airports. Apart from regular flights to major cities in China, there are international air routes to Seoul everyday, two to Tokyo and three to Osaka every week, daily routes to Hong Kong and Macau, daily chartered planes to Taipei Taoyuan Airport, five chartered ones to Kaoshiung every week, three to Taichung a week, daily to Singapore and five a week to Frankfurt. In addition, it also has two flights a week to Cheju, Korea and Kalibo (Boracay Island), Philippine.

Hangzhou Flights Schedule:  

The following is a list of partial routes departing from Hangzhou to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above.

 Domestic Flights:




Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket of 
First Class

Full Ticket of 
Economy Class

CA1701 Beijing 07:55 09:55 CNY2,460 CNY1,310
MU5457 Beijing 13:50 16:05 CNY2,230 CNY1,310
CA1709 Beijing 16:00 18:00 CNY2,460 CNY1,310
MU5211 Guangzhou 08:00 10:00 CNY2,050 CNY1,210
CZ3804 Guangzhou 11:55 14:00 CNY1,740 CNY1,210
HU7362 Guangzhou 15:00 16:55 CNY1,740 CNY1,210
CA1785 Xian 08:30 10:50 CNY2,190 CNY1,290
MU2292 Xian 10:40 13:00 CNY2,190 CNY1,290
HU7814 Xian 16:50 19:00 CNY1,860 CNY1,290
MF8423 Chengdu 08:30 11:15 CNY3,040 CNY1,760
MU5434 Chengdu 15:45 18:30 CNY3,040 CNY1,760
SC4951 Guilin 10:10 12:15 CNY1,980 CNY1,370
CA1763 Changsha 07:40 09:05 CNY1,360 CNY960
3U8821 Xining 08:20 13:35 CNY2,940 CNY2,570
MF8526 Xiamen 14:15 15:30 CNY1,730 CNY1,010
MU5655 Kunming 08:15 11:10 CNY3,450 CNY1,990
CZ3570 Shenzhen 11:15 13:15 CNY2,430 CNY1,420
CZ8190 Wuhan 12:25 13:45 CNY1,390 CNY820
GS7522 Haikou 12:35 16:40 CNY2,310 CNY1,540
CA1775 Yinchuan 07:30 11:40 CNY2,530 CNY1,740
MU2786 Shantou 18:00 19:40 CNY1,440 CNY1,070
CZ3716 Zhengzhou 09:55 11:25 CNY1,670 CNY1,000

 International Flights:



Airline Company



KA623 Hong Kong Dragon Air 2h10m Daily
MU595 Hong Kong China Eastern Airlines 2h05m Daily
CA3611 Macau Air China 2h15m Daily
MF897 Macau Xiamen Airlines 1h55m Daily
CA149 Taipei Air China 1h50m Daily
BR2771 Taipei Eva Airways 1h55m Daily
3K832 Singapore Jetstar Airlines 5h05m Daily
CA965 (via Beijing) Frankfurt Air China 16h45m Except Monday and Wednesday
CA139 Seoul Air China 2h10m Every Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday

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