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Beijing and Xi'an are famous for their deep historical and cultural background, and are the most visited tourist cities in China. The transportation systems between these two cities have therefore been made very convenient. Taking a plane is generally the best option for visitors if travel between these two cities is included in their itinerary. There are more than 22 flights departing daily from Beijing to Xian, and the same in the opposite direction. Planes are scheduled leaving from 07:20 to 21:50.

Please note that traffic jams happen all the time during rush hours and it may take longer to travel from the city center to the airport; all passengers are therefore advised to set off at least two and a half hours ahead of the departure time of the plane.

Q & A

Q: How far is Xian from Beijing? Can anyone tell me the easiest and fastest way to get there? What is the duration time?
A: It is more than 1,100km. Absolutely, taking an airplane is the easiest and fastest way. The duration time is about 2 hours.

Q: We are flying from New York. What is the best way to route our trip? My itinerary is as this: Beijing-Shanghai-Xian. Is it the best way or the other way around? Which airline has air routes from Beijing to Xian?
A: My suggestion: Flying from New York to Beijing, then fly to Xian. After visiting the city, you can fly to Shanghai and then back to New York directly from Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Hainan Airlines all have flights to Xian from Beijing. You can also arrange your trip vice versa.

Q: We are staying in Beijing now and will back to home on the morning of the day after tomorrow. We are planning to have a one day trip to Xian to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses tomorrow. Which is the best way for us to get there? Somebody suggest us taking a night train.
A: Well, it is OK for you to take a night train, but it will take a long time and cause you tired when you arrive. The best way for you is to take an early plane. It will only take about 2 hours and you will have enough time to visit the Terracotta Worries and Horses.

Why not take a train?

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