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USA Passport Sample
USA Passport Sample
A passport is always required when traveling from one country to another. This is the authorized identification document issued by your country of citizenship that confirms your identity and nationality.

What is passport?

It is a legal certificate issued by one's mother country to testify its owner's nationality and identity when crossing one country's frontier into another for travel, work and residence overseas. Actually the word "passport" in English means the pass of a port. In other words, It is the proof for a citizen to go through the international ports of all countries. Some countries may issue a kind of general credentials to replace it.


For international travel across borders, a citizen must possess a legitimate one which issued by his own country's government, and simultaneously, an effective visa to your destination country is also often required.

If you should have an accident during the period of travel or residence abroad, the host country should first confirm your status and nationality according to your passport, and then decide what to do next and how to handle it well. Similarly, the country which issued it and its embassy or consulate stationed abroad also has to decide how to offer help or diplomatic protection.



Period of Validity

Effective Area

Make it well-kept

What to do if it is lost


Chinese Embassy Information

 China Embassy in New York, USA

 China Embassy in London, UK

 China Embassy in Paris, France

 China Embassy in Sydney, Australia

 China Embassy in Canada

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Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Ms. zarlash
Hi, i lost my passport in China. Now I’m in China and i want a new one, what should i do now,?

 Answered by Ms. Lilian
Ms. Zarlsh, you should do as follows:
1) Report the loss immediately to the Embassy of your country in Beijing or the Consulates-General in other big cities.
2) Obtain an official Lost report from the local police station or the Public Security Bureau (PSB).
3) Complete and submit an Application form of your country.


  Asked by Ms. I (UK)
Hi, I need to travel to Hong Kong and maybe Macau, I was born in Macau but have portuguese nationality. My passport expires in less than 6 months, I don't have time to renew it as this is a matter of urgency, I wonder if I can get in without having problems. I am possibly going for 1 to 2 weeks. thank you

 Answered by Mr. JOHNNASH
You won't face any problems, one with at least 6 months validity is required when you apply for visa, however, you don't need a visa to Hong Kong or Macau, the one with 1 month validity beyond the intended stay is accepted by immigration officers of Hong Kong & Macau.

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