Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Hungary

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Xiao Qian
Address: No. 20-22, Benczur Utca, 1068 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +1-4132400, 4132401
Fax: +1-3229067
Email: chinaemb_hu@mfa.gov.cn 
Office Hours:
08:30-12:00, 14:00-17:00, Monday-Friday (May to September) 
08:30-12:00, 13:30-16:30, Monday-Friday (October to April)

Consular Office
Address: No.18, Benczur Utca, 1068 Budapest, Hungary
+1-4133381 (for Passport, Notarization & Authentication)
Fax: +1-4133378
Office Hours: 09:00-11:45, Monday - Thursday (except holidays)

 Sections of Chinese Embassy in Hungary

Sections Information
Commercial Office Chief: Counselor Wang Hongliang
Tel: +1-4133367, 4133362, 4233365, 4133369
Fax: +1-4133368
Email: hu@mofcom.gov.cn
Cultural Office Chief: Counselor Guo Xiaoguang
Tel: +1-4132410
Fax: +1-4132449
Email: culture@knnk.ehc.hu
Political & Press Office Chief: Counselor Wang Haitao
Tel: +1-4132404, 4032407
Fax: +1-4132437
Email: political@knnk.ehc.hu
Administrative Office Chief: Counselor Zhu Ailing
Tel: +1-4132419, 4132420
Fax: +1-4132451
Science & Technology Office Chief: Counselor Chen Yibin
Tel: +1-4133370
Fax: +1-4133393
Educational Office Chief: Counselor Li Xinhua
Tel: +1-7073767
Fax: +1-3222544
Email: xinhuacsu@gmail.com

Please pay by Cash when you pick up your passport.
1. Regular Fee per Person
Types Schengen Countries US Canada Russia Other Countries
Single-Entry HUF 19,000 HUF 41,600 HUF 22,500 HUF 15,000 HUF 8,000
Double-Entry HUF 19,000 HUF 41,600 HUF 22,500 HUF 30,000 HUF 12,000
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity HUF 19,000 HUF 41,600 HUF 22,500 HUF 45,000 HUF 16,000
Multi-Entry with 12-month Validity HUF 19,000 HUF 41,600 HUF 22,500 HUF 45,000 HUF 24,000

2. Expedited Service Fee per Person
The regular processing time is 7 working days. For urgent cases, the expedited service is available. Moreover, additional fees will be paid as following:
1 working day processing
(Applications should be submitted before 15:30, and visas can be picked up between 16:00-16:30 on the same day)
HUF 11,000
2 working days processing HUF 8,000

The Tips for applying Chinese Tourist/Family Visit (L)

1. Basic Documents:
a. The original passport with blank pages and at least 6-month validity.
b. One properly completed Visa Application Form with one recent passport photo (2 X 2 inches) attached on it.
c. If applicants will go to Tibet for sightseeing, they are required to get the Tibet Travel Permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau (Tel: +86-891-6834313, Fax: +86-891-6834632).

2. If applicants are foreigners who were born in China applying for the Visa for the first time, they are required to provide the original Chinese Passport and its copy.

3. There is no need to make an appointment for application.

4. The embassy doesn't accept applications by post. Applicants can entrust someone else (e.g. relatives, friends, agencies, travel agencies) for application and collection.

 Please contact Embassy of Hungary in PRC if Hungarians are in distress there.

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