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China Visa Mail Service

Applying for China visa by mail is a way to save your time and money, especially when you live far from the Chinese embassy, consulate or China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in your consular jurisdiction or when you are busy with work. Good as it seems, few Chinese embassies and consulates provide visa mail service due to various reasons. However, the CVASC in many countries now accepts mailed visa applications.

To apply for China visa by mail, the premise is that you have to be physically in the country where you do the application in case that the consular officers require an interview.

Visa Postal Service in Chinese Embassy / Consulate - Hardly Available

Only a few embassies and consulates accept mailed visa applications, such as Chinese embassies in New Zealand and Micronesia. Before making the application, you need to check out on the website of the Chinese embassy or make a phone call to see whether it provides such services.

Visa Postal Service in CVASC - Feasible

In countries where CVASCs are available, applicants have a great chance to apply for China visa by mail, such as Australia, Canada, and Germany.

As few embassies and consulates provide mail service, hereinafter the contents related to visa postal service only applies to the situation when you are applying from the CVASC.

How Far in Advance Should I Submit the Application?

Applying visa by mail takes longer time than applying on the spot, so you need to set about the process well in advance but not earlier than three months before your planned departure date. Usually it’s suggested to post the application SIX WEEKS in advance.

Documents Checklist for Visa Application by Post

1. Applicant's passport with at least two blank pages and six-month validity left.
2. A photocopy of the passport’s info page.
3. A completed and duly signed China Visa Application Form without any unanswered questions, with a recent passport photo. Click to fill in China visa application form
4. Documents to support your purpose for the planned visit in China, such as round-way air tickets and hotel reservations.
5. Applicants in a third country may be also required to provide additional information, such as valid visa or residence permit.
6. A self-addressed prepaid return envelope of a delivery service provider designated by the CVASC.
7. A signed Payment Authorization Form which can be downloaded from the website of CVASC.

 Note: If you miss any required documents or the embassy asks for more documents, the CVASC will contact you to make a supplement. Before the documents are complete, your application will be suspended and the waiting time is excluded from the processing time of postal applications.

How Do I Pay & What Is the Cost?

Cash is not acceptable by the CVASC if you apply for China visa by post. Applicants can usually pay by debit card, credit card, and money order. When your China visa is ready, the center will deduct money from your card and send your passport back after receiving your payment. A receipt will be enclosed in the package as well.

Please be reminded that you should pay not only the visa fee, but also the service fee charged by the CVASC and tax, thus the fee varies in different countries.

Postal Application Processing Time

It normally takes 10 working days for processing a visa application sent by post and no rush service is available. Note that the 10 working days do not include days when the mail is on the way. Applicants can track the processing status on the website of CVASC.

Be Aware of the Risks

Upon sending the mail visa application, applicants would be fully aware of the risks they are undertaking. They may face long processing time and the likely risks of documents' safety if they send the application by mail. It’s better to apply in person in case of any delay, passport loss, or sudden change of the planned trip schedule.

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Questions & Answers on China Visa Mail Service
Asked by Wamen Yip from ALASKA UNITED STATES | Sep. 05, 2023 22:47Reply
Chinese visa application by mail
try to apply a Chinese visa and planning to send my application via post. Do you think the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco will accept my application by mail? If not can I make a appointment in person to submit my document
Answers (1)
Answered by Ivy | Sep. 07, 2023 02:48

The mail application is not available.
Of course you can make an appointment and lodge the submission in person. The official web is: avas.mfa.gov.cn
Asked by Annie Sumanee from USA | May. 18, 2023 08:40Reply
Chinese visa application by mail
I’m try to applying a Chinese visa, can I applying and send a application to CONSULATE GENERAL OF P.R.CHINA IN LOS ANGELES by mail?
Answers (1)
Answered by Scott | May. 18, 2023 20:11

No, the mail service is not available.
Asked by Jenny L from USA | May. 16, 2023 19:13Reply
Chinese visa application by mail to Washington DC
I am applying a Chinese visa and planning to send my application via post. Do you think the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC will accept my application by mail?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna | May. 16, 2023 23:40

No, they will not accept it. You have go to the embassy to submit your documents in person.
Asked by Rita from USA | Apr. 13, 2023 08:05Reply
How fast if I appear in person to get a visa to china
I want to accompany my husband who’s going for work to china in early may, called CIBT they won’t be able to get it that soon, what are my options if I go to the embassy in Washington?
Answers (1)
Answered by Scott | Apr. 16, 2023 20:43

Before going, you need to make an appointment. However, the staff there is quite busy recently because China has just opened its border, it's not easy to do so. Anyway, once you make an appointment successfully, it will be very fast for you to get the visa only if you submit all the requiments. It usually takes 4 working days to process it. If in a hurry, you can also use express or rush service to speed it up.
Asked by Vincent from NETHERLANDS | Mar. 28, 2023 20:02Reply
Visa application by post
It seems that currently the China visa application can only be done in person at a China Visa Application Center. I plan to visit China in June and hope I will be able to do the visa application by post before that time, because there is no China Visa Application Center where I live (Taiwan). Any advice? Any idea if application by post is currently possible or will it open again soon?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona | Mar. 29, 2023 18:33

The mail application seems unavailable. You may entrust an agency to do it for you or go to Hong Kong to apply for it on your own.
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