China Visa Fees

China visa fees vary enormously according to your nationality, the number of entries required, the country you are applying in, and whether you want an express service. It is normally paid on visa collection, but in some localities it must be paid when you apply.

Visa Fee for Application from Chinese Embassy

In most countries, the embassy and consulate charge fees according to the number of entries on the issued visa. Usually, the more entries you get, the more expensive your visa is. While Americans need to pay fixed fee of USD 140 no matter how many entries they apply for. Besides, extra money is required for express services.

Countries Exempt from China Visa Fees

Albania Bosnia Bulgaria Maldives
Micronesia Pakistan Slovakia the Republic of Montenegro

Standard Visa Fees for Most Countries

Types Prices
1 entry CNY 168
2 entries CNY 252
6-month multiple entries CNY 420
1 year & above multiple entries CNY 672
1 entry group visa (each person) CNY 130
2 entries group visa (each person) CNY 170
Separation from the group visa CNY 160

Visa Fees for Designated Countries

Country 1 Entry 2 Entries
Angola CNY 681 CNY 1,022
Armenia AMD 17,000 AMD 27,000
USD 50
USD 75
BRL 160,00
BRL 160,00
XAF 50,000
XAF 75,000
Canada CAD 100 CAD 100
CLP 30,000
CLP 45,000
Congo CNY 747 CNY 1,120
Cote D'ivoire CFA 53,000 CFA 64,000
Ecuador USD 60 USD 90
Ethiopia ETB 1,200  ETB 1,800 
Gabon XOF 32,000 XOF 49,000
Iran USD 100 USD 150
Kazakhstan KZT 10,000 KZT 14,000
Mexico MXN 730 MXN 1,090
Moldova CNY 455 CNY 662
Poland PLN 220 PLN 220
Romania RON 240 RON 360
Russia SUR 3,300 SUR 6,600
Ukraine UAH 1,300 UAH 2,000
Uzbekistan USD 75 USD 115
United Kingdom GBP 85 GBP 85
United States of America USD 140 USD 140
Venezuela VEF 255,700 VEF 394,000

1. You can click the links of the Chinese embassies to know more about visa fees. 
2. The prices in CNY listed in the form may be different from final payment because exchange rate changes at times. 
3. Applicants in Angola, Canada, and the United Kingdom are required to apply from the CVASC, so they need to pay the visa fee as well as the service fee to the CVASC.

The application fees of China Visa on Arrival and the cost of getting or renewing a visa at the exit and entry administration of the local PSB within China are the same as a single-entry visa, ie., CNY 168 for most countries.

Visa Fee for Application from CVASC

Some countries are set up with Chinese Visa Application Service Center, also called CVASC, such as Australia, Canada, and Indonesia. Their citizens holding ordinary passports are supposed to apply for Chinese visa from there. The CVASC offers postal service for applicants in some countries, that is to say, applicants are permitted to submit the required documents and pick up visa by post. Accordingly, they should pay for that. Total payment charged by the center consists of visa fee, application service fee and tax as well as postage if you choose the postal service.

Visa Fee for Application from Visa Agents

They operate in China and in some other countries. At the simplest they can take over your application and handle it for you. This is convenient if you do not live in a city where there is a consulate, or if your situation is more complex, especially when you apply within China.

Visa agents will be helpful for they can provide supporting documents such as invitation letters. The agent is genuine in being able to deliver the application more flexibly than the individual applicants. A disadvantage is that they will charge higher fees from you.
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