China Visa Application in UK

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Procedure of Application at CVASC

1. Complete the visa application form online and print it out.
2. Make online appointment for your submission of application.
3. Obtain queue number upon arrival at the center, submit your application when your number is called and pay the fees.
4. Pick up your passport on the scheduled collection day.
5. If you apply for the mail back service, you need to fill the Payment Authorization Form (which can be downloaded from Center's web). Pay the postal fee afterward and leave your mail address. 

 Note: All applicants aged 14-70 are required to submit the application in person. 

Fees for Application (in GBP)

UK citizens

Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / 6-month or 1-year Multiple Entries 151 178 175
5-year Multiple Entries 236 267 260
10-year Multiple Entries 321 352 345

US citizens

Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 156 156 156


Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 121 148 145


Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 88 115 112


Types Regular Express Postal
3-month Single Entry 116 143 140
6-month Double Entry 131 158 155
6-month Multi-Entry 171 198 195
12-month Multi-Entry 171 198 195


Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 106 133 130


Types Regular Express Postal
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 113 140 137

Citizens of Other Countries

Types Regular Express Postal
3-month Single Entry 86 113 110
6-month Double Entry 96 123 120
6-month Multi-Entry 106 133 130
12-month Multi-Entry 126 153 150

1. The regular processing time is 4 working days; express service takes 3 working days. For urgent cases, the express service is available for applicants who submit their applications directly to the center before 12:00 at noon, Monday to Friday. The processing time of CVASC in Belfast is 5-8 working days. 
2. The Belfast branch only accepts debt cards while other CVASCs in UK accept cash and debit cards.  . 
3. Group visas will be ready for collection 5 working days after submission, and no express service is available.

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Questions & Answers on China Visa Application in UK
Asked by Andrew Marshall from ENGLAND | May. 12, 2023 13:52Reply
Need help with bringing our daughter to China this summer!!
I am a British Citizen married to Chinese Wife, we been stranded in England since 2020, I am currently employed by my Chinese college since 2017, currently In the process of applying for my Chinese work Visa, I also need to bring our Child to China (mother is Chinese). Seems we been told many things about how to bring our child to China, 1. as a dependant on my work Visa, 2. special passport 3. my wife will apply for our daughter . Any info would be great.
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily | May. 14, 2023 23:27

I think it depends on the passport your daughter holds. If it is a British passport, then it is suggested to apply for a Family Reunion Visa (Q visa).
Asked by Jenifer from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 12, 2023 03:13Reply
How long is the postal return/mail return
I am applying for my Chinese visa in the UK. I see on the Visa Centre website that my visa application is ready on May 10. But I chose the postal return option and have not received my passport yet 2 days later. I did provide a Next Day delivery envelope. Does the centre return/post those passports back right away? How long does it usually take for the postal returns?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jenifer | May. 13, 2023 10:14

I have now received my visa. Here is the timeline for those we are applying at the London visa office and will request postal return.
1. My application was submitted on May 3 at the visa centre in person.
2. Visa was approved on May 10, according to their website.
3. My trackable Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery was registered in the London Depot on May 12 at 1620.
4. My delivery with my passport arrived around noon on May 13. I live in the Midlands.

Overall, it took 10 days. It was very efficient.
Asked by Dana from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 05, 2023 15:01Reply
I am applying for Chinese Visa from UK and live in the UK. I hold an Iraqi passport. What are the re
I am applying for a Chinese Visa from the UK and live in the UK. I hold an Iraqi passport. What documents are required, and do I need to submit a bank statement? How long does it take for the visa to get accepted?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anne | May. 05, 2023 19:13

It doesn't require a bank statement but you have to submit the original and photocopy of your UK legal status (work visa, study visa or residence permit). It takes usually 4 working days after successful submission.
Asked by Eliz from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 13, 2023 03:21Reply
Location of a visa application
Hold a US passport and also British. Can I apply for visa to China for business, while in UK with my US passport or do I have to go back to US to apply?

Or must I apply in UK with a British passport? Business invitee thought it is complicated, if not using British passport while applying from UK.
Answers (1)
Answered by Scott | Apr. 16, 2023 20:34

In principle, people should apply for China visas in their home country. If you are going to apply in UK, you'd better use your UK passport, which requires fewer docuements and ensures a higher success rate.
Asked by Simona from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 16, 2023 06:33Reply
work visit
I will be visiting for work with 3 of my colleagues in April 2023. Should we apply for visa L or visa M? Do we need a return tickets and hotels to be booked before applying for a visa? Do we need an invitation letter from our business partners?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita | Mar. 16, 2023 19:25

You need M visas and an invitation letter from your business partner is required. The flight tickets and hotel bookings are not must.
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