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How to Apply a China Visa in Hong Kong

Am I able to apply for a China visa from Hong Kong? This is a frequently asked question in many forums pertaining to China visas. Actually, in most cases, one is expected to apply for a Chinese visa in his home country, but if you are travelling abroad or live in China, Hong Kong will be an ideal place to apply for a China visa.
Before making the application, you had better do some research on China’s visa exemption policies, especially the 72- and 144-hour visa-free transit schemes to see if you can avoid the hassle of getting a Chinese visa. If you still need one, then proceed with the application.
Generally speaking, there are two methods to apply China visa in Hong Kong, that is, applying in person at the China Visa Office Hong Kong or using an agent. Applying in person costs less but requires more effort, on the contrary, using an agent saves much energy but is expensive.

Which Types of Visa Can I Get in Hong Kong?

The tourist visa (L), business visa (M), work visa (Z), student visa (X) and many other types of China visa can be applied in Hong Kong.

Where to apply for China visa in Hong Kong?

Apply in Person:

In the past, the Office of the Commissioner of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of China, known to many as the Chinese embassy Hong Kong, handled the mainland China visa service. As of 2018, the China Visa Office Hong Kong has been set up to take over this business. 

Details of the Chinese Visa Office Hong Kong:
Address: 20/F, Capital Center, 151 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
Tel: 2992 1999
E-mail: hongkongcenter@visaforchina.org
Business Hours: Monday-Friday, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Submission of applications and Payment: 9:00 to 16:00, Urgent service before 12:00
Collection: Express and Urgent Service 12:00 to 17:00; Regular Service 10:00 to 17:00

Apply via Travel Agencies: 

The recommended two are the China Travel Service (CTS) and Forever Bright.

Documents Needed for China Visa Application in Hong Kong

1. A valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity and photocopy of your personal particulars page.
2. If you are a Hong Kong resident, provide your Hong Kong ID card; if not, you need to have a copy of the Hong Kong entry stamp on your passport or a visa of Hong Kong.
3. An application form of the current version. Two ways to get this form: 1. Download the Chinese Visa Application Form and complete it on your computer, then print it out. 2. Complete the online application form on the website of the China Visa Office Hong Kong and get a printout of it.
4. A passport size photo. There is a booth at the China Visa Application Service Center offering the photo service at a certain charge.
5. Documents showing your travel purpose, such as a travel itinerary, round-trip transportation arrangements, and hotel reservations. Note that if you are traveling to Guangdong Province, the transportation proof is usually not required.

Apply for a China visa from Hong Kong in 6 steps

1. Prepare all necessary documents as listed above.
2. Although the visa office takes walk-ins, it’s advised to schedule an appointment on the website of the China Visa Application Center to save time in queueing.
3. Submit the application to the visa office. Mailed applications are not accepted unless you are now residing in Taiwan.
4. Have your fingerprints collected by the visa center if you are applying for a China visa for the first time since Dec. 4th, 2017. Applicants aged under 14 or over 70 don’t need to do fingerprinting.
5. Wait for your visa to be processed.
6. Pay the fee and collect your visa at the date shown on the pick-up slip.

China Visa Fee in Hong Kong (Unit: HKD)

For most countries:

Number of Entries Regular Service Express Service Urgent Service
Single 550 940 1,520
Double 710 1,100 1,680
Multiple Entries (6 months) 860 1,250 1,830
Multiple Entries (12 months) 1,170 1,560 2,140

For some certain countries, the fee is fixed in spite of the number of entries.
Country Regular Service Express Service Urgent Service
Canada 850 1,060 1,510
United States 1,340 1,550 2,000
United Kingdom 1,180 1,390 1,840
 Note: This table is subject to changes.

Payment Method: The China Visa Office Hong Kong accepts cash and debit card.

How long does it take for processing my visa?

Regular service: 4 working days
Express service: 3 working days
Urgent service: 2 working days

 Note: Same day visa application service is not provided.

Better Apply for China Visa in Home Country than in Hong Kong

Though it’s feasible to apply for a China visa in Hong Kong, we advise you to make the application in your country if you just visit Hong Kong temporarily. The reason is that a Hong Kong ID card is often required for the application. Temporary visitors may face more difficulties in making the application in person. By the way, if you live in mainland China and wish to renew your visa in Hong Kong, you can try your luck but the result is not assured.

- Last modified on Apr. 16, 2020 -
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