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8 Tips for Filling Out Chinese Visa Application Form

To avoid your China visa being rejected, applicants should figure out the best answers to the questions in the application form. Here are some tips for filling out a Chinese Visa Application Form.

1. Current Occupations and Employer/School

Section 1.15 Current Occupations & Section 1.17 Employer/School: If you choose "Self-employed", do not leave Section 1.17 blank. You need to complete this section with the name of your business and specify the nature of it. If you are unemployed at present, provide information on your previous employer or school if you are a student. If you are a housewife or retired, you can fill in the box in Section 1.17 with None (Housewife) or None (Retired).

2. Education

Section 1.16 Education: It does not matter what your answer is, unless you apply for a student visa. The best way is to check the highest level of education you have completed.

3. Major Purpose of Visit

Section 2.1 Major purpose of your visit: Select the most suitable item and make sure it matches with your application documents. If your travel is for multiple purposes, just choose one major purpose.

4. Intended Number of Entries & Duration of Stay

Section 2.2 Intended number of entries: Most applicants only need one entry valid for 3 months. Note that all Z, X1, S1, and Q1 visas are only issued as single entry. If you apply for an L, F, M, X2, S2, or Q2 visa, you may choose single-entry, double-entry, or multiple entries. Choose the one that best meets your needs. The final decision is left to the consular officer's discretion.

Section 2.5 Longest intended stay in China among all entries: For L, M, and F visas, the duration of stay is normally 30-60 days. For S2 and Q2 visa, it ranges from 30 to 120 days. Z, X, Q1, and S1 visas may allow a longer stay duration. Fill in the box according to your actual need.

5. Expected Date of Arrival in China

Section 2.4 Expected date of your first entry into China on this trip: Make sure that the date is not earlier than the date you are likely to receive the visa. If your flight itinerary will be submitted as the application document, ensure the date is consistent with it.

6. Travel Itinerary

Section 2.6 Itinerary in China: In this section, do not mention travel to Tibet and Xinjiang although you may go there. If you apply for a tourist visa, you need to provide addresses of hotels including provinces, cities, and streets. For this reason, you are advised to book refundable hotel rooms in advance. After you get the visa, it’s fine to change your itinerary and cancel the bookings.

7. Background Check

In Part 3, you need to answer truthfully the questions regarding overstaying, China visa rejection history, criminal records, diseases, etc. Honesty is important in answering these questions; otherwise you may encounter problems in the application process.

8. Only Typewritten Application Forms Are Accepted

Applicants need to fill out the application form on a computer first and then print it out. Double-sided printouts will not be accepted. Note that the signatures and dates in Part 4 and 5 must be handwritten.

- Last modified on Nov. 03, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on 8 Tips for Filling Out Chinese Visa Application Form
Asked by Mazhar from PAKISTAN | Dec. 04, 2019 17:42Reply
Passport specs of couple must match?
Is it necessary wife’s passport specs should be updated as married on passport ? Like before marriage her sir name and father’s name is mention? Should get new passport before applying visa ?
Asked by Shaun Knox from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 03, 2019 07:44Reply
The application form will not accept the details of my place of birth
When I answer the question relating to the country of my birth and the county and town, it is not accepted, what am I doing wrong?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 03, 2019 22:47

I tried it and all went well. Maybe you just need to try again.
Asked by Severina Tedford from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 25, 2019 12:37Reply
is it acceptable to invitation letter from China thru email
is it acceptable to send invitation letter from my husband'who invite to go to China thru email?
Answers (1)
Answered by Albert from GERMANY | Nov. 25, 2019 18:43

I'm afraid not. You can ask the person to fax it to you.
Asked by NAY from UK | Nov. 22, 2019 09:56Reply
I am working in temporary part-time employment so therefore don't get an annual salary. Is it best to put down not applicable when asking for my annual salary or work out how much it would be annually for me pay and contracted hours?

Also, how far back do I need to date my employment history? it's just I don't remember the names and the numbers for some of my previous supervisors.
Answers (1)
Answered by Leona from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 24, 2019 22:29

You had better put in your current job if there is any option suitable for you. If you don't have a job, your visa application may be turned down.

You can just list the employment history in the recent 5 years I think. For more details, you can call the visa center.
Asked by Liew from MALAYSIA | Nov. 17, 2019 01:12Reply
signed of behalf?
Hi, i helping for my family to apply china visa in malaysia, can it sign on behalf ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hazel from USA | Nov. 17, 2019 22:11

The application form should be signed by themselves, only if they are under 18 years old and you are the guardian, you can sign on their behalf.
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