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China F Visa - Noncommercial Visit Visa to China

What is the F visa for China?

China F visa, namely the noncommercial visit visa, is usually issued to foreigners who are invited to conduct a lecture, an investigation, scientific and cultural exchanges, study tours and other non-business activities in China. Normally the duration of stay of China F visa is 30 days, which means you can stay for up to 30 days from the date of entry. In case that you need a longer duration, claim it clearly in your application form and the officer may give the duration of stay according to your need.

Before Chinese business visa (M visa) was introduced in 2013, F visa was also used for commercial purposes. Now, it doesn’t suit business activities any longer.

China F Visa Requirements & Documents

1. Applicant's passport with blank pages and at least 6 months validity left before expiration.
2. One accurately and truthfully completed Application Form (download China F Visa Application Form).
3. One recent passport-size color photo stuck on the application form.
4. One of the following documents: China F visa Invitation Letter, Confirmation Letter of Invitation (with the invitation letter attached) or conference notice issued by relevant entity, individual or duly authorized Chinese institute.

The invitation letter should include the following information:
a. Information on the applicant (full name, gender, date of birth, etc.)
b. Information on the planned visit (purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, place(s) of visit, relations between the applicant and the inviting entity or individual, financial source for expenditures)
c. Information on the inviting entity or individual (name, contact number, address, official stamp, signature of the legal representative of the entity or the inviting individual)

5. For China F visa multiple entry, copies of previous Chinese visas (on one A4 paper) are required.

Note: Under some circumstances, the applicants may be required to submit a copy of Chinese hotel reservation, return air ticket booking and financial proof.

How to Apply for China F Visa

 Step 1: Prepare all the documents mentioned above.
 Step 2: Submit your application to the Chinese embassy or consulate which is in charge of your residence area. In countries where there are Chinese Visa Application Centers (CVASC), you need to submit application there. Generally Chinese embassies and consulates don’t accept postal application while some CVASCs accept it. Online application is not available.
 Step 3: Collect your passport on the date marked on the pick-up form and pay the fee.

Processing Time

In most cases, it takes 4 working days. Express service and rush service are also provided in most countries. Extra US$ 30 should be paid for the same-day collection; and additional US$20 for the second or third day collection.

China Non-business Visit Visa Fees

The fees vary according to your nationality and number of entries. Generally speaking, the more the entries, the higher the cost. For some countries such as Pakistan, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, it is free.

Chinese F Visa Types US Citizens Canadian Citizens UK Citizens Australian Citizens
Single Entry USD 140 CAD 142 GBP 151 AUD 109.5
Double Entries USD 140 CAD 142 GBP 151 AUD 139.5
Multi Entries for 6 Months USD 140 CAD 142 GBP 151 AUD 169.5
Multi Entries for 12 Months or Longer USD 140 CAD 142 GBP 151 AUD 229.5

Click China Visa Fees to know more details.

Can I Take China Internship with F Visa?

It is not permitted to work as an employee of a Chinese business in China while on an F visa, while there are a few exceptions such as working for a company funded from overseas or working as a volunteer. For internship in China, X, M, or Z visa work according to your individual case.

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Questions & Answers on China F Visa
Asked by Erin from USA | Mar. 07, 2020 18:13Reply
Residency Permit Extension
I am currently in the United States on an extended work leave due to the Coronavirus. Is the Chinese gov't going to allow an extension of residency permits? My residency permit will expire before I am able to return to China.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin from SINGAPORE | Mar. 09, 2020 19:16

Erin, unfortunately, as far as I know, you can't not extend the Chinese residency permit out of China.
Asked by Chioma | Feb. 28, 2020 12:04Reply
Can I extend my F visa to six months to stay in China
Answers (1)
Answered by Brian from USA | Mar. 03, 2020 19:19

If the original stay duration of your F visa is not more than six months, you can't extend your F visa to six months.
Asked by Awais from PAKISTAN | Jan. 25, 2020 14:08Reply
Which visa should i try L or F
I have friend in china on student visa he do part time job as a teacher in an institute. I also want to go there just for visit, more than 3 months. His boss is ready to invite me and for every expenses. Currently i reside in UAE on work visa. So plz tell me which visa should i apply L or F. Soon
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith from CANADA | Feb. 01, 2020 21:33

You should apply for an M visa. A tourist visa won't allow you to stay for that long.
Asked by shaky from KENYA | Jan. 15, 2020 07:46Reply
to learn Chinese for3 weeks
Confucius Institute is offering a program for Chinese language learners to go to China to study for 3 weeks. which Visa do I need
Answers (1)
Answered by Belle from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 15, 2020 18:53

You need to get an F visa or an X2 visa.
Asked by Faye Ilad from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 03, 2020 22:46Reply
Invited for a year-end party
Hi, Im a Filipino and was invited to attend a year-end party for one night. The company invited me is one of our foreign client in Dalian, China. On the invitation letter, the signatory is their HR Head, what is the best answer in the item "relationship to the applicant". As well as the itinerary as indicated in the invitation letter that i'll be staying there around 4 days. Thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Sarah from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 06, 2020 00:31

The answer for the item "relationship with the applicant" should be "business partners".
Answered by Faye from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 06, 2020 03:25

Thank you, Sarah.
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