Thousand Islet Lake

Discover Landscape and Heritage around Hangzhou

SG14: 5 Days Shanghai - Hangzhou - Lanxi - Jiande - The Thousand Islet Lake - Jiande - Tonglu - Hangzhou - Shanghai
Day 1 Shanghai - Hangzhou - Lanxi
In the morning, take the high-speed train for around 1 hour to Hangzhou. Upon arrival, we will drive to Zhuge Eight-Diagrams village in Lanxi directly, which is located 167 kilometers (103.8 miles) southwest of Hangzhou city and takes around 2.5 hours on the way. Zhuge Eight-Diagrams village, with more than 200 intact ancient dwellings and halls of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 - 1912), is the largest settlement of Zhuge Liang's descendants. The whole village, with eight alleys radiating outwards taking the Zhong pool as the core, forms the eight diagrams inside. Eight hills, surrounding the whole village, form the eight trigrams outside. After around 3 hours' visit, we will drive for 20 minutes to Youbu ancient town to check into a local hostel.
Zhuge Eight-Diagrams village
Zhuge Eight-Diagrams Village
Zhuge Eight-Diagrams village
Local people doing the laundry by the river
Day 2 Lanxi - Jiande
Youbu ancient town, one of the four ancient towns in Zhejiang province, is famous for the traditional cultural activities as well as cultural and historic sites. In the morning, you can get to the Morning Tea Street to have the local special morning tea. Afterwards, wander around the ancient town to visit the ancestral hall, temple, memorial arch, drum tower as well as many bridges built in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1912) over the Youbu Stream.

In the afternoon, we will drive for around 30 minutes to Daciyan scenic area, a tourist resort with a perfect combination of Buddhist culture and beautiful landscape. Here you will see the famous spots including the Jiangnan Hanging Temple, the natural standing Buddha statues and long valleys and clear streams. You will stay 3-4 hours here and afterwards, we will continue to drive for around 45 minutes to Jiande, which is located 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) north of Daciyan scenic area and stay here for 2 nights.
Youbu Ancient Town
Youbu Ancient Town
Daciyan, Jiande
Giant Buddha in Daciyan scenic area
Day 3 Jiande - the Thousand Islet Lake - Jiande
After breakfast, we will drive for around 1 hour to the Thousand Islet Lake, which is a branch-shaped lake with the most islands in the world. Upon arrival, we will first come to the central lake district to take the boat or yacht to tour the Meifeng Island, Yule Island and Longshan Island. On the Meifeng Island, we will take the cable car to the viewing platform to overlook more than 300 islands as well as the most beautiful sceneries of the Thousand Islet Lake. On the Yule Island, you can try some entertainment activities, such as the motorboat, bumper boat, banana boat and etc. Besides, almost all facilities on this island are shaped like fish, which is interesting. On the Longshan Island, you can learn about the characteristics of the ancient architecture and feel the atmosphere of humanism. Afterwards, we will come to the Forest Oxygen Bar, the largest and best forest scenic spot on the Thousand Island Lake to take a fresh breath. After finishing the tour, we will return to the hotel for a good rest.
Thousand Islet Lake
Thousand Islet Lake
Day 4 Jiande - Tonglu
Today, we will drive for about 50 kilometers (31 miles), around 1 hour to Yan Ziling Fishing Platform, which is a large-scale water leisure scenic spot on Fuchun River that integrates millennium heritage culture and modern leisure and entertainment. It is divided into 3 districts, fishing platform, Fuchun River Small Three Gorges and Jiangnan Longmen Bay. After around 2 hours' visit, we will drive for about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles), around half an hour to Daqishan National Forest Park. Daqishan National Forest Park, located on the south bank of Fuchun River, is a comprehensive landscape integrating the sceneries of mountains, rivers as well as grasslands. You will stay here for around 3 hours to totally immerse yourself in the nature. Afterwards, we will drive for around 12 minutes to Tonglu County and check into a local hotel.
Day 5 Tonglu - Hangzhou - Shanghai
In the morning, we will drive for about 35 kilometers (29.8 miles), around 35 minutes to Longmen Ancient Town, which is said to be the hometown of Sun Quan. Till now, the town has still preserved grand buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which is rare in China. After the visit today, drive for around one hour to Hangzhou, and you will catch the high-speed train back to Shanghai. Your 5 days tour will end here. Hope you have enjoyed the tour and we could provide service for you once more.
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