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Facilities on China Trains

Facilities on China high speed trains are modern and up-to-date: western style toilets are available, and power sockets are offered for most passengers. Facilities on the non-bullet trains need to be improved: only squat toilets are available; power sockets are limited in most carriages, and it may be smelly there with open smoking areas.

In a seat carriage, the luggage racks are above the seats on two sides, large enough for a 28’suitcase. Large pieces can also be put in the luggage closet between two carriages on a bullet train or under the seat or table on a normal type of train.

The luggage rack in most hard sleeper coaches is above the aisle. In soft sleeper and a few hard sleeper coaches, there is a luggage closet in each compartment, which tends to be safer and more private, but provides less room for luggage. In deluxe soft sleeper carriage, there is a closet for luggage opposite the berths. One can also place heavy or large bags under the table or lower berths.

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Luggage Rack in Second Class Seat Coach
Luggage Rack in Second Class Seat Coach
Luggage Closet in Soft Sleeper Comparment
Luggage Closet in Soft Sleeper Comparment

Dining Car and Food Trolley

A dining car is available on overnight trains or those running for long-distance routes. Usually, only Chinese food is provided: rice, noodles, porridge and soups. At meal times, the attendants may sell packed food on a trolley. Also, there are staff pushing trollies selling snacks, drinks, and fruit during the trip. In addition to the limitation on food types, the food price is higher than usual. Passengers are recommended to bring some on their own, especially for long-distance rides.

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Passengers Enjoy Their Meal in The Dining Car
Passengers Enjoy Their Meal in The Dining Car
Snacks Sold in The Carriage
Snacks Sold in The Carriage

Drinking Water

Tap water cannot be drunk directly in China. In each carriage, there is a water heater at one end offering free boiled water. A red light indicates that the heater is working, and a green light shows that the water has boiled. Disposable cups are available on some high speed carriages and it is advisable for passengers to take a bottle. Put your bottle under the tap and push/ turn the button/ handle, you will get boiled water. A thermos for hot water is also available in some hard sleeper, soft sleeper, or deluxe soft sleeper compartments.

Toilets are set at two ends of the coach. A red sign on the door indicates the toilet is occupied while green means it is available. Most toilets are western style on a high speed train, while a few also have a squat toilet at one end of the coach. On normal trains, most are squat toilets; sit toilets are only available in soft sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper carriages. When approaching a station, the toilets in some old-fashioned coaches will be closed. Toilet paper is provided in bullet carriages, but it runs out quickly; you’d better bring some on your own. Inside the toilet, there is usually a small wash basin.

A Water Heater that Provides Boiled Drinking Water
A Heater Provides Boiled Water
Toilet in a Bullet Train
Toilet in a Second Class Carriage

Electricity Charging Sockets

Charging sockets have been available in most carriages for electrical appliances like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. You can find one under your first class or second class seat, on the left armrest of your business class or VIP class seat. In soft sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper coaches, there is a power socket inside each compartment and two along the aisle. In hard sleeper, hard seat and soft seat carriages, there are only two sockets on two sides of the coach; also, if the carriage is “time-honored”, there may be no sockets available. In these cases, you should bring a portable battery charger. Note: All electricity onboard is 220V and the socket may not suit your devices, so an adapter may be needed.

Power is available in hard-sleeper carriage.
Power is available in hard sleeper carriage.
A Power Socket
A Power Socket in Soft Sleeper Compartment


WIFI is available, but has partial access. It is not universal. The telephone signal is poor when running in mountainous regions, or at a high speed.


Washbasins with mirrors are also at the end of a carriage. The water is cold and undrinkable. Hand washing liquid is provided on some bullet trains.

Smoking Area

Smoking is strictly prohibited on high speed trains and there is no smoking area; otherwise the passenger will be banned from taking Chinese train for 180 days, or be fined CNY500-2,000, or even may be given a security detention. On normal trains, there are ashtrays at the connection of two carriages, this being the only location where smoking is permitted.
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Smoking Area
Smoking Area

Security Facilities

Every carriage is equipped with fire extinguishers, security hammers, and emergency brake. Railway police officers patrol during the journey.

Signs in Chinese, English, and Tibetan
Signs in Railway Coaches to Tibet


A dustbin for litter is available at the end of each carriage. In seat class carriages of high speed trains, each passenger is given a disposal bag; in seat carriages of normal trains or sleeper compartments, a small tray is provided on the table.

Entertainment Facilities

There are TV sets in most carriages, but only Chinese TV programs are available. Magazines and newspapers are also provided, but in Mandarin, too.

To kill time, you may download some movies or songs to your cell phone, tablet or other personal devices in advance.

Special Facilities

On the trains to Tibet, all the signs are in Chinese, English, and Tibetan. Oxygen is released in carriages. Passengers can also use the oxygen masks beside seats or berths if they feel uncomfortable. In addition, there is an emergency room and a professional doctor.

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    The journeys were all straightforward. Trains were clean and modern and all journeys arrived on time. The rail network is impressive and generally there were easy connecting links into the cities. However, we thought the service on the trains was not very helpful, and while there appeared to be plenty of staff on trains, we felt that they didn't add anything to the experience. On one train, an attendant took the empty seats ahead of us, and slept between stations.

    Waiting facilities at stations were generally good, and the security, ticket checks, and boarding procedures all worked well. While the trains were non-smoking and travellers accepted this, there was too much smoking in the station waiting areas, and it might be better to provide specific smoking areas to help combat this problem.

    We did think that it was probably only necessary to get to stations around 40/45 minutes ahead of travel time, although perhaps at peak times more is need? Generally we found 40 sufficient.

    Hope these comments are helpful. We really enjoyed our time in China, and the train journeys helped that experience. We would have no hesitation in using travelchinaguide.com for any future visit to China. Thanks again, Mike and Christine Kilbane
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    I would like to thank to Travel China Guide.com for helping me to arrange my train trips. It was a great journey. The train service is quite efficient. The ticket collecting was quite hectic because it was a long weekend. It was a long que to collect the ticket and the ticket officer couldnot speak English. She firstly gave me one ticket, while she supposed to give me two tickets. It is quite fast anyway and I did not que that long.
    I enjoy my first class cabin, especially the trip Fuzhou-Xiamen. The space between seats is quite big but the seat has no individual table. It is very clean and comfortable. My first class cabin for the return trip Xiamen - Fuzhou has bigger seat and individual table but the space between seats is not as big as the train-1. In overall, I enjoy the trip. It is fast and comfortable.
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    we returned to Italy a couple of days ago. Our holiday in China was just perfect: evevrything went the way we planned it. As to the train tickets we booked and purchased through travelchinaguide.com: the booking procedure was efficient and accurate and the correspondence with you was accurate and effective.
    we had no problems picking up all the tickets at Beijing Central railway station, but I think you should further stress that in case one decides to have all the booked tickets printed at a single train station then it is mandatory to report to a ticket counter office. This is because in these cases one has to pay a fee and only ticket issuing counters can accept payment (infact there are counters which can print tickets but don't accept payments: in these cases they can print only the tickets pertaining to that particular city of departure).
    Anyway, the seriveces delivered by travelchinaguide.com were excellent and I can only thank you for that.
    Posted on Feb. 28, 2019
    My trip to and from Beijing was fine. I had no problems on the train. The only thing I would say that could be better, if you could mention it to the crew, is that the volume announcing the stop was too low. I could not hear it very well. I know there is a board that tells you what the next stop is, but it does not give you that information until you are almost at the station but if they have a system to announce the stop, it needs to be loud enough for all to hear. Other than that, everything was fine....More
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    The booking experience went very smoothly. Tickets were processed very quickly and efficiently, and delivered to my hotel as arranged. I also appreciate the follow-up emails you have sent to be sure I received the tickets, and also to confirm after I collected them from the hotel.
    The trains in China are excellent and very well organized. Business class seats are very clean, with very good service. I highly recommend business class for any international travelers. In Shanghai, it is very convenient as announcements are in English as well as Chinese. In Yiwu, you have to pay close attention to the signs for boarding times, as announcements are only made in Chinese....More
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