Facilities on China High Speed Trains

China high speed train facilities include western style toilets, luggage racks for regular suitcases and bags, luggage closets for large or heavy stuff, dining car, and food trolley selling snacks. Being advanced, modern and clean, they ensure passengers a comfortable and pleasant China high speed train ride.

Luggage Racks

Luggage racks are above the seats on both sides of a carriage. Only bags or suitcases of normal sizes can be put onto the racks; at the junctions of two carriages, there are luggage closets. The closet is usually over 1m high (3.3 feet) and is enough for a 30 inch suitcase. There are also rooms for 28 inch suitcases and other luggage at the back of the last row of seats in some carriages.  China Train Luggage Space & Baggage Allowance

Luggage Space
Luggage Space behind Last Row and between Two Carriages


Food and drink are provided in the dining carriages. Only pre-packed meals are available, and these need to be heated in a microwave. The price goes from CNY 15 and 45. There are variety of drinks for passengers to choose, including wine, beer, coke, juice, milk and coffee. The attendants will also push a trolley to sell packed food and snacks during a trip. Passengers in the business (sightseeing) class, super class and first class carriages will be served with free meals and beverages. Halal food is available on some trains. Passengers have other options for food and drink, please see food on train.
A Dining Car
A Dining Car
Hot Water Facility
Hot Water Facility

Drinkable Hot Water

Each carriage has a water heater at the end. Free boiled water is available during the whole trip. The green indicator shows that the water is fully heated. Put your bottle under the tap and push the button, and you will get hot water. Disposable paper cups are available sometimes.
 Toilets are located at the end of the carriage and they come in squat type and seat type. Toilet paper is available. Some also provide disposable seat covers in toilets.

There are special toilets for the disabled passengers. A foldable diaper changing table is available in the toilet. Train attendants can guide mothers to designated breast-feeding areas. 

Wash Basins

The wash basins are either inside or outside of the toilets and some trains have warm water. Hand sanitizer and paper towels are provided.
Toilet on High Speed Train
Western Style Toilet
Wash Basin on High Speed Train
Wash Basins

Sick Bag

Dustbins are at one end of each carriage. Moreover, there is a sick bag in the pocket of each seat.

Power Sockets

Long journey can often be boring and passengers like to take along laptops or mobiles which depend on batteries. For your convenience you will find that these batteries can be re-charged from sockets in the aisle-side seats in almost all carriages. 


During a trip, all the carriages are closed and equipped with smoke alarms, so smoking is banned, not even in the connections of cars or toilets.  Each carriage also has an emergency hammer to break the window and fire extinguishers. In addition, there are two red buttons under the liquid crystal display in every carriage: the left one is used for fire alarming and the right one is for emergency braking. 

 Smoking is banned on high speed trains and the non-smoking area of others. Those who violate the regulation will be banned from taking a China train for 180 days, fined CNY500 - 2,000 or even given a security detention.
A Socket for Battery Charging
A Socket for Battery Charging
An Emergency Hammer
An Emergency Hammer


Free WIFI is available on some trains. Therefore, as long as you have a smart phone or a laptop, you can surf the internet freely.


Each carriage has LCD TV sets playing movies or TV programs during a trip. The headset jacks and volume buttons are on the arm of each seat. Passengers can also listen to the radio when running in cities. Passengers in business class also have their private LCD screens, which are located in the arms of the seats.

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Questions & Answers on Facilities on China High Speed Trains
Asked by Kelvin | Apr. 19, 2020 17:42Reply
How do I check if there is WIFI service on my train or not?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 20, 2020 17:18

Thank you for your inquiry.

However, we are sorry that this information cannot be checked online. There is no such information posted by Railway Company. You can only have a try after your boarding. Usually using WIFI on trains request a register on WeChat or by a Chinese phone number.
Asked by Barret from USA | Mar. 11, 2019 03:23Reply
How could I make sure if it is western styled toilet or squat type on my train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tyrone from USA | Mar. 11, 2019 18:33

If you take a high speed train, western styled toilet can surely be find, at least in some of the carriages. If for normal slow one, it is hard to know it in advance. Usually hard sleeper carriage only have squat type but you may walk to soft sleeper carriage and try to find a western styled toilet.
Asked by James from UK | Jul. 23, 2018 10:11Reply
Does the wifi definitely work on phones for those with out a china sim card?
Answers (1)
Answered by Dunn | Jul. 23, 2018 19:08

The problem is I did not find wifi service on the train. At the railway station, yes, there is wifi service but for me, it is not able to use. I find that you need to follow some accounts on local app like Wechat or something like that. So I failed to register it
Asked by Kevin Sypolt from USA | Apr. 26, 2018 04:02Reply
No beer on train
We are on a trip between Xi'an and Beijing. Attendant says they don’t have any beer to serve. Why is that?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anne | Apr. 27, 2018 22:32

They do not want passengers getting drunk and causing trouble? :-)
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