Zhangjiakou - Hohhot High Speed Train

Nowadays, over 15 pairs of high speed trains run between Zhangjiakou Railway Station and Hohhot Railway Station/Hohhot East Railway Station along Zhangjiakou - Hohhot high speed rail line. The travel time is about 1.5 -  2 hours and the ticket fare is CNY 110 - 124.5 for a sceond class seat.

Basic Facts of Zhangjiakou – Hohhot High Speed Train

 Distance: 287 kilometers (178 miles)
Running speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)
 Duration: about 1.5 - 2 hours
 Stations along the way: Huai’an, Xinghe North, Ulanqab, Zhuozi East

Zhangjiakou to Hohhot High Speed Train Schedule: 

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G245708:10 - 09:361h26m
D100309:16 - 10:481h32m
G246311:21 - 12:481h27m
D102515:06 - 16:381h32m
D102121:06 - 22:481h42m
About 15 departures in total: departure time from 07:37 to 21:36; duration is 1H26M to 1H44M. 
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Hohhot to Zhangjiakou Bullet Train Schedule: 

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D100207:01 - 08:301h29m
G246210:15 - 11:401h25m
G246813:20 - 14:451h25m
D101815:47 - 17:472h00m
G247819:43 - 21:081h25m
About 20 departures in total: departure time from 07:01 to 19:55; duration is 1H23M to 2H. 
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Note: The above timetable is for reference only. For real-time schedule, please search by the tool on the top of this page.

Zhangjiakou - Hohhot High Speed Train Ticket Price

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 324 - 374.5
USD 48 - 55
CNY 164 - 194
USD 24 - 29
CNY 108 - 124.5
USD 16 - 18


Running Routes of Zhangjiakou – Hohhot High Speed Train

Zhangjiakou – Hohhot High Speed Railway consists of Zhangjiakou – Ulanqab and Ulanqab – Hohhot High Speed Railways.

Zhangjiakou – Ulanqab: It runs for a distance of 161 kilometers (100 miles) and its speed is 250km/h (155 mph). Duration between Zhangjiakou and Ulanqab has shortened to 50 minutes or so.

Ulanqab – Hohhot: This section has come into service since August 3rd, 2017, which marked that Inner Mongolia has started the High Speed Rail Era. The running distance is 126 kilometers (78 miles) and running speed is up to 250 km/h (155 mph). Journey time has been reduced to 40 minutes.

An important link between Inner Mongolia and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Area

Thanks to the operation of Beijing – Zhangjiakou and Zhangjiakou – Hohhot High Speed Railways, Hohhot and Beijing, Tianjin and major cities in Hebei Province can be reached within 3 hours.

What to see along the way

Zhangjiakou – Hohhot High Speed Railway, as the first high speed rail line to connect Inner Mongolia with other cities in China, provides tourists a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way, which varies from mountains to grasslands.

 Zhangjiakou – One of the top 10 ice and snow tourism cities in China
As a co-host city of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou boasts the largest natural ski resorts in north China and is known as the Davos in the Orient. Besides, the city has the famous Dajingmen Great Wall, Small Wutai Mountain Nature Reserve, Bashang Prairie, and Zhangbei Grassland which are worth a visit.

Ulanqab is famous for its vast picturesque grasslands such as Gegentala Grassland and Huitengxile Grassland. Here, tourists can appreciate the vast grassland, visit the local families, watch the interesting performances such as wrestling or horse-racing, or ride a horse roaming on the grassland. When night falls, visitors can also join the bonfire party to appreciate the folk dancing and singing.

When going to the city, tourists can visit a number of attraction sites including Dazhao Temple, Xilamuren Grassland, Xilituzhao Palace and Five-Pagoda Temple.
Major Rail Lines from Zhangjiakou to:

Major Rail Lines from Hohhot to:
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Questions & Answers on Zhangjiakou - Hohhot High Speed Train
Asked by Acroyd from GREECE | Apr. 25, 2020 17:33Reply
How to get from Hohhot East Station to Hohhot Station and how long it takes?
Answers (1)
Answered by Danny from CANADA | Apr. 28, 2020 17:30

It would be better if you take a taxi directly which would be around 25min. If you use bus or metro, you need to walk some distance, so not convenient with luggage. If you do not mind walking distance, you can use metro line 1 at East Station and get off at the 8th stop, Xinhua Square, exit H2. You can then walk around 1km to the north direction to reach there. I think you need at least 50min for this option.
Asked by Johan Tung from MALAYSIA | Sep. 22, 2019 06:49Reply
Is the highspeed train between Zhangjiakou and Hohhot operational now in October 2019 ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Li W | Sep. 23, 2019 20:40

Not yet, not sure if it will be put into service at the same time Beijing-Zhangjiakou starts.
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