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Chengdu - Hohhot Train

Currently, there is often one pair of normal speed trains available for passengers to travel between Chengdu and Hohhot. With the distance of about 1,980 kilometers (1,230 miles), they are running between Chengdu Railway Station and Hohhot Railway Station or Hohhot East Station. A single trip takes about 25 to 30 hours and a piece of hard sleeper ticket costs CNY 447.

No high speed trains are available at present but they are expected to run in 2022.

Chengdu to Hohhot Train Timetable

Chengdu Schedule
(Last Update on Oct 19, 2018)

Hohhot to Chengdu Train Schedule

Hohhot Schedule
(Last Update on Oct 19, 2018)
1. The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.
2. “+1” means you will arrive in second day.

Chengdu - Hohhot Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Oct 19, 2018)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 643/ 705CNY 426/ 465CNY 224/ 241

Major stations along the way include Guangyuan,Yangpingguan, Lueyang, Baoji, Xianyang, Xi'an, Yan’an, Zichang, Suide, Yulin, Ordos, Dongsheng West, Baotou, Baotou East, Salazzi  

Chengdu - Hohhot High Speed Train

The high speed railway which connects Xi'an and Baotou is being built and the project will be completed in 2022. Once the project is finished, it will be possible for passengers to travel between Chengdu and Hohhot by through bullet train via Chengdu - Xi'an, Xi'an - Baotou, and Baotou - Hohhot high speed railways. And the travel time will cut down to about 6.5 to 8 hours.

Travel Tips of Chengdu - Hohhot Train

1. Since there are only two pairs of trains traveling between Chengdu Station and Hohhot Station or Hohhot East Station, you are advised to book the tickets as early as possible in case the tickets are sold out in a short time.
2. Plenty pairs of high speed trains are operated between Chengdu and Xi'an, so transfer in Xi'an will save you a lot of time and offer you more choices.
3. There are several railway stations both in Chengdu and Xi'an, remember to check the station carefully before you are going to take a ride, which will save you a lot of time.

Other Transportation Option: Chengdu - Hohhot Flight

If the two pairs of trains cannot meet your travel schedule, it is available to take a flight. In general, there are 6 pairs of flights traveling between the two cities and it takes about 2.5 hours for a single trip. It costs from CNY 620 to CNY 1,600 for one economy class seat in different times.

 Major Rail Lines from Chengdu to:

 Major Rail Lines from Hohhot to:
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