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China Train Baggage Allowance and Transportation

China Train Baggage Allowance 

Weight Allowance

Adult: ≤20 kg (44 pounds)

Child (including those traveling for free): ≤10 kg (22 pounds)
Diplomat: ≤35 kg (77 pounds)

Size Allowance

On high speed trains: ≤130cm (51 inches) by length+width+height per luggage

On normal trains: ≤160 cm (63 inches) by length+width+height per luggage

Rod-shaped items: ≤200 cm (79 inches)

Baggage Allowance On China Trains

 Kind Reminders:
1. The above baggage restrictions are not applicable to wheelchairs, which is not counted in the China train baggage allowance and can be brought onboard for free.
2. In fact, railway staff does not actually weigh or measure baggage. Generally, most baggage can be taken into carriages if they are not extremely large or heavy, or containing prohibited items or more than allowed restricted items. If getting stuck at the luggage check, consign the extra items by China railway consignment service.
In seat class carriages, passengers can put their carry-on baggage on the racks above the seats on two sides of the carriages. If no space is left, one can put them in the luggage closets at the connections of two carriages or behind the last rows of seats on bullet trains, or under the tables or seats on normal types.

In sleeper carriages, luggage racks are usually inside the compartments except the hard sleepers, whose racks are above the aisles outside the compartments. As well, there is extra luggage space under the lower berths or tables.

Things Cannot be Brought onto China Trains

1. Living animals, including all kinds of pets and fowls, excluding guide dogs;
2. Bicycles, including foldable bicycles;
3. Items that do not smell well: durian, stinky tofu…
4. Toxics: pesticide, rat poison, infectious pathogen…
5. Corrosives: sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, mercury…
6. Sharp and dangerous objects: knives including kitchen knives, table knives and fruit knives; scissors; dagger; axes; hammers…
7. Explosives and Combustibles:  fireworks, firecrackers, medical and industrial alcohol as well as drinking alcohol in loose packing, decoration paint, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, bananas water…
8. Weaponry and police arms: guns, including toy guns giving off “bullets”, tear gas guns, fire fighting guns, and nail guns; bullets; gunpowder; bombs; grenades; signal flare; defibrillator; police batons; bows; arrows…
9. Magnetic material that may influence the running signal;
10. Radioactive materials: uranium, plutonium…
Prohibited Items on China Trains

Restricted Carry-ons

1. Lighters: at most 2
2. Matches: at most 2 small boxes
3. Drinking alcohol: at most 6 bottles (500 ml or 17.6 fl oz in each bottle) with 50% or less vol and up to 2 bottles if over 50% vol. The bottles must be unpacked.
4. Cigarettes: at most 50 cartons
5. Nail polisher, hair dye, deluster: at most 20ml (0.7 fl oz)
6. Aerosol spray cans containing hairspray, hair gel, styling mousse, insecticide and air freshener...: at most 120 ml (4.2 fl oz)
Limited Items on China Trains
Fee-based Service provided by Porters at a railway station

China Train Luggage Porters – Red Cap Luggage Service

Luggage porters help passengers to transport their luggage from waiting rooms to the platforms or from platforms to the station exits. As they usually wear a red cap, people nickname them “Red Cap”. A porter usually collects eight to ten pieces of luggage and carries them on a trolley or a cart. The charge is CNY 10–20 for each piece.

Before check-in, the passengers who paid for this service can follow the porters to get to the platform and get on board prior to other passengers; upon your arrival at a station, the porters carry your luggage and guide your way to the exit.

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Checked Baggage via China Railway Consignment Service

If your baggage exceeds the allowed amount or you take special items not allowed on a China train, consign them before departure.

To consign your luggage, you are required to present your passport used for booking the ticket and fill in a form which should include your name, address, phone number, and the weight or amount of the items. Do remember to wrap up those fragile items and electronic products, for they may be damaged during transportation.

Consignment Fee

The consignment fee is not included in the ticket price. It is charged based on the traveling distance, baggage weight and baggage types. But in general it is much cheaper than the delivery service. For instance, to consign a regular bike from Beijing to Shanghai, it costs about CNY50.

Limits on Checked Baggage

1. Each piece of checked baggage should be no more than 50 kg (110 pounds).
2. The minimum volume should be more than 0.01 cubic meter (0.01 cube yard).
3. Currency, securities, cultural relics, jewelry, important documents and other valuables are not allowed in checked baggage.
4. Weaponry, explosives, combustibles, corrosives, poisons and other dangerous materials are not allowed in consigned luggage.

China Bullet Train Baggage Check

Usually, your baggage is transported in the same train with you and can be collected upon your arrival. However, the bullet trains, including C/D/G types, do not have a freight carriage, and your checked baggage will be transported by an earlier or later ordinary type. Also, the railway stations only operating those bullet types may not offer consignment service. Thus, we recommend you to check your C/D/G train luggage 2-3 days ahead of your departure, so you can claim it right upon arrival. If your luggage arrives earlier than you, the arrival station will keep it for three days for free; if it arrives later than you, the staff will notify you on its arrival.

Delivery Service by China Railway Express

China railway also provides parcel/delivery service which enables you to mail your personal items, such as clothes or a bike. For foreign passengers, you may need to deliver your heavy or special items to the next destination through this service during a multi-destination trip. The luggage may travel slower than by express delivery, but the charges are much cheaper. 


Q: Can I take my bike onto China trains?
A: Generally, bikes are not allowed onboard. Passengers can use the consignment or delivery service to transport your bike to the destination. If you insist, you will need to dismantle and box the bicycle to take it onboard as a regular piece of luggage.

Q: Can I take my pet?
A: No. But the pet can be consigned as a checked luggage. The thing is it needs to be caged and consigned four hours prior to the departure time with quarantine and health certificates. This does not apply to guide dogs, which can get onboard with required documents like its work permit and animal health immunization certificate.

Q: Where to put my wheelchair?
A: The coach no.5 on high speed trains usually has a special area to park your wheelchairs and you can recharge your electric wheelchairs for free there. One of the toilets in this coach is designed for the disabled. Besides, this coach is usually close to the platform lift to the arrival hall or waiting hall.

The normal types do not have a special area for wheelchairs. You are recommended to ask help from the staff and they will be glad to find you space and take care of you during the trip.

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Questions & Answers on Baggage Allowance and Transportation
Asked by adalene from SINGAPORE | Mar. 28, 2024 01:58Reply
Which Railway Station & luggage size
May I know from Guangzhou Baiyun to Shantou city, which train station i should buy? will take 18kg/32inch (Dimension is 152cm) luggage can carry onboard bullet train (G,D) Likely to buy first class seats. arrive one hour before train depart can?
Answers (1)
Answered by Marcy | Mar. 28, 2024 20:45

The nearest train station with most convenient travel way is Guangzhou East Railway Station. It may be OK to take your luggage (the rules require the dimension should be no more than 130cm for bullet trains) on board as the staff are not strict with the size of suitcases. But to ensure the trip, I still suggest you arrive at the station two hours before the departure in case you need to check in you luggage.
Asked by Robert from GERMANY | Mar. 27, 2024 06:47Reply
How to carry a 159cm on a G Train?
I come to china by plane where the limits for luggage is 159cm (combined all sides).

I have one 159cm and one cabine baggage.

I want to travel from Beyjing to Lanzhou with a G-Train (I expect Bullet Train)

As far as I read now it is not possible to take my big baggage into the G-Train, because the limit is 130cm.

How to handle that?
Do I have to bring my big baggage to the train station 1 day before and can only take my cabine baggage with me to pick my big baggage then at Lanzhou station after my arrival directly?
And how much will it maybe cost?

Or do they not look that much for the 30cm more and I can take both directly with me?
Answers (3)
Answered by Lori | Mar. 27, 2024 20:28

As the rules say, you need to check in the big luggage for high-speed rail. However, in fact, as long as the excess weight or size is not very much, usually will not be asked to check in.

If you worry about you may be asked to do that, to be on the safe side, you need to arrive the rail station for luggage 2 hours before the departure as you may wait in line.

The check-in fare is CNY 23 for the first kilo, CNY 10 per kilo for the rest. Note that your luggage should weigh no more than 50kg.
Answered by Robert | Mar. 28, 2024 06:58

Thanks for you answer.

But if I understood you correctly, if I am asked to check in my big baggage, it can not be transported by the G-Train, as it has no baggage transportation cabin.

So if it happens, my baggage will be transported with a slow train and I have to pick it then up the next day in Lanzhou and I have that baggage not available?

I am a little bit confused, because normal trains would be no problem, because it has the same size limits as plane. But especially the bullet train has others, and I fear that I have no baggage at the end, because there is no space to transport the 30cm bigger baggage.

The weight is no problem, for plane it is also not allowed to exceed 20kg.
Answered by Keith | Mar. 28, 2024 18:26

Your check in luggage may arrive in Lanzhou later than your arrival, which means you have to wait for it. If your bigger luggage has some necessaries and you need them immediately after arrival, then it's advised to check in it one day before you G-train departure.
Asked by Angie from SINGAPORE | Mar. 24, 2024 00:37Reply
Guangzhou to Hongkong
can we carry 28" luggage + one hand-carry luggage for Guangzhou to Hongkong train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lori | Mar. 26, 2024 18:31

Yes, you can.
Asked by Amy from USA | Mar. 12, 2024 21:37Reply
luggage storage and toilet questions
Does first class coach have their own luggage area separate from second class?
Also, what kind of toilet type does first class coach have?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna | Mar. 13, 2024 01:08

Every carriage has their own luggage area, above the seats or at either end of the carriage, so does the first class carriage.
Usually, both types of toilets are available onboard, one end with western style and the other end with the squat type (hole-on-the-floor type). There are signs on the doors of the toilets and you can tell which type it is according to the signs.
Asked by Hiang from INDONESIA | Mar. 06, 2024 05:51Reply
28-Inch Luggage on Bullet Train
Any 28 inch suitcase weighing 15kg can ride bullet train kunming to Chongqing
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen | Mar. 06, 2024 23:12

Yes, there is no problem to take such a suitcase.
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