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Useful Chinese Phrases for Train Travel

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How to get to the train station

  • Please drive me to this train station. (Show the Chinese name of the station to the taxi driver.)
  • Excuse me. Where can I take the bus or subway to the train station? (show the station name in Chinese)
  • Would you please tell me when we arrive at the train station? Thank you! (asking when you are on a bus or subway to the train station)
  • Excuse me. Is shuttle bus available to this train station? (asking at an airport)
  • Excuse me. Where is this train station?
  • How long will it take to this train station?

Buy / collect / refund / change ticket at the train station

  • Excuse me. Where is the ticket office?
  • Which ticket window offers English service?
  • A second class seat ticket from Shanghai to Beijing on train G6 on May 10th, please.
  • Where can I collect my train ticket booked online?
  • Hello! I would like to pick up my ticket. This is my ticket pickup number and passport.
  • Where can I change a train ticket?
  • I missed my train. Can I change my ticket for a later train?
  • Excuse me. Where can I arrange ticket cancellation and refund?
  • G Train - High Speed Train / D Train / Normal Train
  • First Class Seat / Second Class Seat / Business Class Seat
  • Soft Sleeper / Deluxe Soft Sleeper / Hard Sleeper / Soft Seat / Hard Seat
  • Upper Berth / Middle Berth / Lower Berth
  • Child Ticket / Adult Ticket

How to take the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the entrance to the railway station?
  • Could you please tell me where I should wait for my train? (show your ticket)
  • Waiting for Boarding
  • Could you please tell me which boarding gate I should go to for this ticket? (show your ticket)
  • Ticket Checking
  • Could you tell me which platform I should go to? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please help me find a luggage porter?
  • Where is the Information Desk?
  • Where is the bathroom?

On the Train

  • Excuse me. Could you tell me which coach I should board? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please tell me where my seat/berth is?
  • Hello! Would you mind exchanging the seat/berth with me? I want to stay together with my companion.
  • Where is the dining car?
  • Where should I go to report a lost ticket?
  • Is this train delayed?
  • Could you please remind me to prepare for getting off 10 minutes before the arrival of my destination?

Get off the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the exit?
  • Where can I take a taxi?
  • Where can I take the subway?
  • Where is the bus station?
  • Is there a shuttle bus or subway to the airport?
  • Where is the left-luggage office?
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    4.922 Reviews
    Posted on May. 09, 2019
    Thanks, the service was great. The tickets were ordered very early and so I was able to get on all the trains. I picked up all 4 train tickets from Xi'an station, and didn't have any problems. I would definitely use this service again.
    Posted on Apr. 27, 2019
    Thank you for your assistance. I will use this method of train purchase in the future due to ease in the order process and the efficiency of the delivery. I arrived at my hotel, the ticket was waiting, and I departed the next day..
    Posted on Apr. 21, 2019
    Dear Ms. Zhang: I thought that your booking procedures were fine. My efforts to make reservations had several complications, and I appreciate your willingness to patiently help me solve them. You listened to and understood my explanations of the discrepancies in my name and how my email address appeared. The bullet trains were wonderful and are a marvelous service. The regular train from Weihai to Beijing and the hard sleepers are what they are not luxurious but certainly adequate for our purposes. My companions and I accomplished our business, had a wonderful visit to several cultural sites, and admire your country and your people. Take care and be well....More
    Posted on Apr. 20, 2019
    Excellent service, everything was fine with my train tickets, i will totally recommend this agency.
    Posted on Apr. 18, 2019
    Train was on time, fast, and comfortable.
    Posted on Apr. 12, 2019
    I had no problems with the consultants. They were very forthcoming and quickly resolved my problems. I would, however, appreciate if the website more clearly reflected the actual availability of tickets. As well, a bit of clarification regarding the difference between requesting ticket availability and pre-purchasing would be a bit appreciated. It is unclear as to whether a ticket is actually reserved if you do not pay in advance.
    Zhengzhou East railway station and Shanghai Hongqiao Stations are very easily accessible within the city by subway and are fairly easy to navigate through....More
    Posted on Apr. 11, 2019
    Efficient, easy to use booking. Agent answering my phone inquiry about payment receipt was very friendly and resolved the issue quickly. Overall great experience!
    Mr. Veer
    United Kingdom
    Posted on Mar. 21, 2019
    Would like to say a big thank you for your service in my booking train tickets for travelling in China and information supplied. My experience of train facilities, check in,waiting room and boarding procedures at Nanjing and Beijing train stations is one of high praise and the Metro systems superb. An enjoyable trip.
    Posted on Mar. 06, 2019
    First of all, it was great that we could have the tickets send to my contact person in Hong Kong. The journey itself went very smoothly as well; everything was clear and the service at the train station and on the train was very friendly. Even though it took a long time (29 hours) we enjoyed the trip very much.
    Posted on Feb. 26, 2019
    I have booked 2 flights and 1 sleeper train with your services, and I must say that booking procedures were simple and user friendly. I was pleased to find out on site, that every booking was carefully transferred to the relevant authorities (airport or train), everything was arranged as planned. These issues were very important to me, because I don't know Chinese and can't communicate, thus I relied completely on your accuracy and timing.
    Bottom line, I have enjoyed using your services and hope to repeat the experience in the future....More
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