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Useful Chinese Phrases for Train Travel

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How to get to the train station

  • Please drive me to this train station. (Show the Chinese name of the station to the taxi driver.)
  • Excuse me. Where can I take the bus or subway to the train station? (show the station name in Chinese)
  • Would you please tell me when we arrive at the train station? Thank you! (asking when you are on a bus or subway to the train station)
  • Excuse me. Is shuttle bus available to this train station? (asking at an airport)
  • Excuse me. Where is this train station?
  • How long will it take to this train station?

Buy / collect / refund / change ticket at the train station

  • Excuse me. Where is the ticket office?
  • Which ticket window offers English service?
  • A second class seat ticket from Shanghai to Beijing on train G6 on May 10th, please.
  • Where can I collect my train ticket booked online?
  • Hello! I would like to pick up my ticket. This is my ticket pickup number and passport.
  • Where can I change a train ticket?
  • I missed my train. Can I change my ticket for a later train?
  • Excuse me. Where can I arrange ticket cancellation and refund?
  • G Train - High Speed Train / D Train / Normal Train
  • First Class Seat / Second Class Seat / Business Class Seat
  • Soft Sleeper / Deluxe Soft Sleeper / Hard Sleeper / Soft Seat / Hard Seat
  • Upper Berth / Middle Berth / Lower Berth
  • Child Ticket / Adult Ticket

How to take the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the entrance to the railway station?
  • Could you please tell me where I should wait for my train? (show your ticket)
  • Waiting for Boarding
  • Could you please tell me which boarding gate I should go to for this ticket? (show your ticket)
  • Ticket Checking
  • Could you tell me which platform I should go to? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please help me find a luggage porter?
  • Where is the Information Desk?
  • Where is the bathroom?

On the Train

  • Excuse me. Could you tell me which coach I should board? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please tell me where my seat/berth is?
  • Hello! Would you mind exchanging the seat/berth with me? I want to stay together with my companion.
  • Where is the dining car?
  • Where should I go to report a lost ticket?
  • Is this train delayed?
  • Could you please remind me to prepare for getting off 10 minutes before the arrival of my destination?

Get off the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the exit?
  • Where can I take a taxi?
  • Where can I take the subway?
  • Where is the bus station?
  • Is there a shuttle bus or subway to the airport?
  • Where is the left-luggage office?
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    Posted on Nov. 02, 2019
    Posted on Oct. 21, 2019
    Thank you for getting me good tickets for all my trains. The tickets were waiting for us when we arrived. Xian north station is large and very crowded. Fortunately we will not need to wait in the long line to fetch the paper tickets. Again I appreciate your swift response and kind assistance.
    Maria Lara
    Posted on Oct. 15, 2019
    Posted on Sep. 23, 2019
    Your service is good. However, it’s a little difficult to collect tickets at train staion. We wait for 40-50 mins at the ticket window. It was too crowed at the Xian station. Next time, I will try your delivery service. Hope it is more convenient.
    Posted on Sep. 15, 2019
    The information pages at your website about train stations are useful. We have found some solutions when we facing issues. We even found the introduction about the tour of Reed Flute Cave. That’s great.
    Posted on Sep. 08, 2019
    Excellent service and the train ride is great. I queued up for a long time to get my ticket at train station. Unfortunately, I missed my train. I called TravelChinaGuide and they told me I could change my tickets free of charge. The safe guard is friendly and led me to the ticket change window and I finally got my tickets changed.
    Posted on Aug. 28, 2019
    Everything is fine. There is one thing I want to complain is that it’s a little noisy on the over night train. Some passengers chatted at the midnight. That made us a bit annoyed and tried. Hope for a better trip next time.
    Posted on Aug. 20, 2019
    It is actually good to know that you have taken good care of your customers.
    Your previous explanation has allowed me to understand better about your ticket-releasing system for next bookings as we will travel to your nice country more regularly. For this trip, we decided to spend an earlier night in Beijing to be more relaxed and not too exciting on the way to the airport.
    Thanks again.
    Posted on Aug. 12, 2019
    With you all went well but unfortunately we lost the train and have to catch another one. They told us that they made the refund to who bought the tickets. Hope you can give it back to me if you received it.
    Posted on Aug. 06, 2019
    Your service is very good.

    You are accurate, have good coverage of transfer and train ticket to offer at reasonable online prices. Thanks for your hard work. You have helped me many times. Your prices are reasonably competitive, it is difficult for foreigners to buy train ticket over the counter. Your service is truly a great help. So thanks Guys.
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