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Useful Chinese Phrases for Train Travel

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How to get to the train station

  • Please drive me to this train station. (Show the Chinese name of the station to the taxi driver.)
  • Excuse me. Where can I take the bus or subway to the train station? (show the station name in Chinese)
  • Would you please tell me when we arrive at the train station? Thank you! (asking when you are on a bus or subway to the train station)
  • Excuse me. Is shuttle bus available to this train station? (asking at an airport)
  • Excuse me. Where is this train station?
  • How long will it take to this train station?

Buy / collect / refund / change ticket at the train station

  • Excuse me. Where is the ticket office?
  • Which ticket window offers English service?
  • A second class seat ticket from Shanghai to Beijing on train G6 on May 10th, please.
  • Where can I collect my train ticket booked online?
  • Hello! I would like to pick up my ticket. This is my ticket pickup number and passport.
  • Where can I change a train ticket?
  • I missed my train. Can I change my ticket for a later train?
  • Excuse me. Where can I arrange ticket cancellation and refund?
  • G Train - High Speed Train / D Train / Normal Train
  • First Class Seat / Second Class Seat / Business Class Seat
  • Soft Sleeper / Deluxe Soft Sleeper / Hard Sleeper / Soft Seat / Hard Seat
  • Upper Berth / Middle Berth / Lower Berth
  • Child Ticket / Adult Ticket

How to take the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the entrance to the railway station?
  • Could you please tell me where I should wait for my train? (show your ticket)
  • Waiting for Boarding
  • Could you please tell me which boarding gate I should go to for this ticket? (show your ticket)
  • Ticket Checking
  • Could you tell me which platform I should go to? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please help me find a luggage porter?
  • Where is the Information Desk?
  • Where is the bathroom?

On the Train

  • Excuse me. Could you tell me which coach I should board? (show your ticket)
  • Could you please tell me where my seat/berth is?
  • Hello! Would you mind exchanging the seat/berth with me? I want to stay together with my companion.
  • Where is the dining car?
  • Where should I go to report a lost ticket?
  • Is this train delayed?
  • Could you please remind me to prepare for getting off 10 minutes before the arrival of my destination?

Get off the train

  • Excuse me. Where is the exit?
  • Where can I take a taxi?
  • Where can I take the subway?
  • Where is the bus station?
  • Is there a shuttle bus or subway to the airport?
  • Where is the left-luggage office?
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    5.012 Reviews
    Posted on Feb. 21, 2019
    I travelled again in China after a gap of three years. But TRAVEL CHINA GUIDE is as good as it has always been. The train booking arrangement was perfect. This includes booking, payment and confirmation. All with highest reliability and precision. I will come back for more and recommend TCG to anyone! Please keep up the good work.
    As for the train journey - it was an amazing experience. I had travelled earlier but on shorter routes in China by fast trains. The Shanghai - Cangzhou journey of about 1000km in 5 hours was fantastic and justified my decision of choosing train journey over flying. The punctuality was of highest order and the trains clean and comfortable.I saved time and money! I would travel again any time by Fast trains in China! Thanks TCG!
    Posted on Feb. 12, 2019
    First of all , let me thanks to all the staff at booking@travelchinaguide.com for the great help in booking & clarifying of the time schedule for my whole lengthy trip.
    Unfortunately, my trip was at the time of Spring Festival Rush which mean it is the most crowded time of a year; Stand in Hard Seat cabin was a hard experience. Anyway I made it without cancelling any trip, still adding couple more. It's an enjoyable trip with the G trains however. The waiting rooms are new, relaxing with little shops made it more time consuming while waiting to board the trains. Only the Datong waiting room is a chaos which needs to abandon those gamblers & unorganized waiting lines as well as its filthiness. With no pushings & steppings on others to reach the train would be a more polite, gracious way for foreigners to come back to China more. Spitting, vomiting signs should be posted everywhere from waiting room to platforms. Some stations need more direction signs to exit or go after security checkings.
    Again, I would like to send my best thanks to the booking staffs especially Ms. Candy Wang, who helped me to make my trip more enjoyable.
    Posted on Feb. 06, 2019
    Everything worked well as planned.
    Posted on Jan. 28, 2019
    I've already back from my holiday in China, and have no issue at all related to my train tickets bought from Travel China Guide. The pick up process is so easy.
    I find your website is so helpful, especially related to the live chat services where I've got all my queries answered in no time. Keep up the good work.
    Related to my first experience of taking train in China, I could say that is super easy, the train depart on schedule, and whatever you need before taking train, you can read it at the Travel China Guide website provided for first timer taking train in China. Thank you!...More
    Posted on Jan. 20, 2019
    It was a good experience taking the train. Consultants were helpful and prompt in their reply when I made my booking via email. The train check-in and boarding were quite smooth and it was a pleasant ride. Thanks.
    Posted on Jan. 13, 2019
    We had a wonderful experience with train travel in China. The instructions for picking up our tickets and using the train system were spot on and we were able to travel without anxiety. I would recommend that you pick up your tickets prior to your travel day(s). Lines at the train station can be long and it is impossible to know exactly how long it will take. Also, double check your train station. Most cities have more than one train station and you don't want to be rushing from one to the other (we learned this the hard way in Europe!). We enjoyed both high speed trains and a slow overnight trip. At the Zhenzhou station (old station) we were able to avail ourselves of the VIP lounge which was a very nice place to relax before our overnight trip. I would highly recommend travel china guide for your train ticket needs in China. We would definitely use them again....More
    Mr. JORDI
    Posted on Jan. 11, 2019
    First of all I would like to thank you for all your great job. The train to Tai'an was really very fast and comfortable. Everything in the station was also very clear. Impossibe to take a wrong one. Finally, thank you again for answering me all the questions with regard to some doubts I had before my trip.
    Posted on Jan. 02, 2019
    Everything went perfectly and our tickets were delivered to out hotel in time. The experience was great.
    Posted on Dec. 25, 2018
    Your service was quick and perfect! Very good idea to add the chinese text.
    Ms. .J. V.
    Posted on Dec. 19, 2018
    Thank you for your excellent service. I would advise future travelers to be aware of the very time consuming and confusing check-in procedures involved in obtaining the tickets at the station. One must first stand in a long line to obtain the ticket BEFORE getting in line to enter the train station and yet another line to pass a security check.
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