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China Train Ticket Booking FAQ

 How to Book

 How many days in advance can I book train tickets in China?

 Generally speaking, tickets are released 60 days before the departure date. At railway stations and booking offices, they go on sale 58 days before departure. Some special or temporary trains may have their pre-sale period less than 60 (58) days.

For passengers booking with us, the earlier, the better! Especially during peak times, confirm your reservation before the tickets are released to the public. That is to say 60 days or more before the departure date. To avoid disappointment, at least 3 days in advance is required.

 Can I book by phone?

 Sure you can! Just call us, and we will help you finish the booking procedures, or you can book directly through our online system with very clear instructions. Please note that if you book by phone, there is still some information that you need to submit online.

 How to input my name for booking? Very important!

 The real-name policy requires all passengers’ accurate full names, without omitting any single letter, abbreviating middle names, or changing the order. For example:
Surname: Gates
Given Names: Peter Christopher
Then you should offer the full name: Gates Peter Christopher
If your full name on the passport is in one line, please provide it exactly the same as it shows on the passport.

 What documents are required for booking?

 Every passenger’s passport copy is required for booking. You can go through our online system to submit your booking first. After receiving our confirmation, you can upload the passport copy online or email it to us later.

 How to choose train types and seat/berth classes?

 Click to see details about different types. For a long journey on high-speed trains, first class, second class or business class seats are all good choices. For an overnight journey on an ordinary fast trains, sleepers are suggested.

 How do I pay?

 At present, we accept payment by Paypal and Western Union, and also by bank transfer within China. Paypal accepts almost all kinds of credit cards and debit cards. For payment by Paypal, the payer must be one of the passengers.

 How can I check my booking status after my reservation and payment?

 Please refer to this page.
Enter your Tracking Number and email address to find your booking status.

 Collect Tickets

 When can I collect my ticket?

 After the ticket is issued, we will give you a Pick-Up Number. Then you can collect it any time before the departure. If time permits, we suggest you collect it as early as possible.

 How to collect the tickets by myself?

 The official system of China Railway will assign a Pick-Up Number for your booking. We will send this number to you. Show this number and your passport to collect the paper tickets at the railway stations.

 Is the ‘Pick-Up Number’ and the ‘Tracking Number’ the same?

 No. They are totally different. The Tracking Number is only used on TravelChinaGuide.com to track your order. The Pick-Up Number is required to collect the paper tickets at the railway stations.

 I have booked several train journeys with you. Can I collect all the tickets at the first station?

 Yes. You can collect them all at one station. Actually, we suggest you pick up all of them at the first station to save time for the rest of your journeys. Please make sure you keep them safe.

 I do not speak Chinese. Is it difficult to pick up the tickets?

 Don’t worry! We will send you an email with the pick-up Number and also a confirmation link. The link shows all information for your booking in both Chinese and English. You just need to print the page or save it on your smart phone to show to the railway staff. The procedure is easy, and there is no need to say a single word in Chinese.

 Is an E-ticket available?

 No. Unlike air tickets, passengers must use paper tickets to get on board. If you choose the delivery service, we will deliver the paper tickets to your appointed address. If you choose to collect the tickets by yourself, we will book for you first and then offer you a Pick-Up Number. You need to take this number and your passport to collect the paper tickets from the windows at the railway stations.

 Tickets Delivery

 Can I have the tickets delivered to my hotel in China?

 Yes. We offer delivery to your hotel, but please make sure your hotel can receive express packets for their guests.

If your appointed address is a personal address, please offer us in Chinese to avoid any mistake, and make sure the receiver can be easily contacted in daytime and can speak Chinese. The postman will call the receiver when reaching the appointed address.

 Will all my tickets be delivered together?

 Yes. If time allows, we will deliver all the tickets you have booked to your hotel in one packet.

 Can I book first without a delivery address?

 Sure. You can book as early as possible and tell us the delivery address later. Please provide the address at least 6 days before the departure date to allow sufficient time for delivery.

 What should I do if I cannot get the tickets delivered to my appointed address?

 This kind of situation happens in some hotels. Please ask the staff find them for you or call us directly and we will help you to settle this.

 Tickets Availability

 After I make my reservation when will I know if my tickets are available? If they are not available, can I get my money back?

 Now the tickets are released 30-60 days before the departure date. We will confirm for you as soon as possible after the release. If the tickets are not available, we will inform you at once, and offer you other options, or refund your full payment.

 Can I definitely get my tickets after making a successful payment to you?

 We cannot guarantee availability because all the tickets are controlled by the China Railway Corporation. We will try our best to make the reservation for you. If we can't, we will offer you more options or refund your full payment.

 If I book several tickets, can I get seats next to each other?

 Generally speaking, adjacent seats are available if you book early. We will try our best to reserve adjacent seats for our customers, but we can't guaranteed it due to the random distribution of available seats. For trains on some popular routes, we will try, but you may have to take what you can get.

 Could three passengers occupy a whole compartment with four soft sleepers?

 Due to the real-name system, one person can only buy one ticket. If three want to get a whole compartment, you can borrow an extra valid passport from a friend and buy four tickets. But first, please make sure a whole compartment is available. Sometimes tickets are limited and a whole compartment is not available. Then there is no need to waste money to occupy an extra sleeper.

Note: Whole compartment booking by less than four passengers is available on overnight high-speed sleeper carriages running between Beijing and Guangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Shanghai and Shenzhen. The fare is the total of all sleepers inside the compartment. Due to the real-name system, we still need all of your passport copies for booking.

 Change and Cancellation

 How to change the reservation I’ve made?

 Before the tickets are issued, for small changes about the date and time, please just send us an email and then we can make the change from our side. For change on the routes or even a different plan, please cancel your earlier booking and submit a new one.
After the tickets are issued, please email us your changes and then our operators will contact you by email for more detailed arrangement.

 How to cancel the reservation?

 For a confirmed booking, please contact our operators for cancellation. We follow the cancellation policy of China Rail exactly, and there is no extra charge from us! Please refer to our Booking Policy for details.
If you already have the paper tickets in hand, you need to cancel yourself at a railway station in China.