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Baoji-Lanzhou High Speed Railway to be Operated Since July 2017
Published: Jun. 06, 2017
After five years' construction, Baoji-Lanzhou High Speed Railway finally is announced to be operated since July 1, 2017. It is a section of Xuzhou-Lanzhou High Speed Railway and connects with Lanzhou-Xinjiang High Speed Railway to the west, thus linking the eastern city Xuzhou with the western city Urumqi and forming the longest high speed railway in the world.

With the opening of this railway, 44 pairs of bullet trains will run between Lanzhou West Station and Beijing, Guangzhou, Xian, Taiyuan, etc. The travel between Baoji and Lanzhou will be shortened to 2 hours, and Xian and Lanzhou to 3 hours.
Ticket Price for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway Extension Dropped
Published: Jun. 01, 2017
As of June 1, 2017, ticket price for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway Extension has dropped. Passengers can have a discount of about 41.5% when taking a train on the extension line, namely the line between Tianjin and Yujiapu. As long as the departure station and arrival station both belong to the four stations on the line, ie., Tianjin, Junliangcheng North, Tanggu, and Yujiapu, they can enjoy the policy.
Extra Trains Put into Use during the Dragon Boat Festival
Published: May. 23, 2017
During the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival from May 28 to May 30, 2017, extra trains will be put into operation, mainly heading for popular tourist destinations like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kunming, Xining, and Lhasa.

Tickets for the holiday are hard to get, especially for May 27 and May 28. Passengers wishing to have a trip during the holiday are advised to book tickets as soon as possible and set aside at least two hours for collecting the ticket, security checking and boarding at the railway station.
Construction of Xian-Yan'an Intercity High Speed Railway to Commence
Published: May. 22, 2017
Xian-Yan'an Intercity High Speed Railway is going to be constructed since 2017. According to the current plan, the railway starts from Xian North Railway Station and goes northward, passing Yanliang District of Xian, Tongchuan City, and counties like Yijun, Huangling, Luochuan, Fuxian, and Ganquan, and finally ends at Yan'an City. When completed, the railway will enable passengers to travel between Xian and Yan'an within an hour, two hours faster than the current bullet train.
Saver Pass for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Trains Started to Issue on May 1, 2017
Published: May. 04, 2017
Starting from May 1, 2017, the saver pass for Beijing-Tianjin railway has been issued, covering Beijing South-Tianjin, Beijing South-Wuqing, Beijing South-Tanggu, Beijing South-Yujiapu, and Beijing South-Junliangcheng North routes. The pass is classified into golden type and silver type, respectively applicable for first class seats and second class seats. The cost for the pass is the discounted ticket price multiplied by the allowed trip number. The pass is valid for one year from the date of issue. Passengers can take passport and go to Beijing South, Tianjin, Wuqing, Tanggu, or Yujiapu Railway Station to apply for it.

TypeAllowed Trip NumbersDiscountPrice (CNY)
Golden Pass205%1,240
Silver Pass205%1,030
Construction of Shanghai East Railway Station to Start in Quarter 4, 2017
Published: May. 02, 2017
The construction project of Shanghai East Railway Station is promising to commence in quarter four of 2017 and finish within five years. The location has already been decided in Zhuqiao Town of Pudong District, 4 km (2.5 miles) from Pudong Airport and 10 km (6 miles) from Shanghai Disneyland Park. When completed, there will be 120 pairs of trains to and from this station daily, making it the second largest railway station in Shanghai after Hongqiao Railway Station.
Temporary Trains to Run during the May Day Holiday in 2017
Published: Apr. 28, 2017
The May Day Holiday will start from April 29 to May 1 this year. Many people will make use of the 3-day holiday for a short trip, so it can be expected that railway stations will get crowded. April 29 is said to be the busiest day for railway transportation. Temporary trains will be adopted to release the pressure, including those between Shanghai and Hefei, Nanjing and Shanghai, Kunming and Dali, Shenzhen and Xiamen, etc.

Passengers having travel plans during the holiday should book a ticket in advance and leave at least two hours for entering the station and boarding.
Xian-Chengdu High Speed Railway Expected to Run on October 1, 2017
Published: Apr. 14, 2017
Xian-Chengdu High Speed Railway is promising to operate on October 1, 2017. Connecting two major tourist destinations of China, the railway has drawn attention all over the country. It's now under construction and said to go through the test run on July 1, 2017. With the opening of this high speed railway, passengers will only need 3 hours for a ride between Xian and Chengdu, and the journey between Chengdu and Beijing will be shortened to 8 hours. The second class seat price for Xian-Chengdu high speed train is about CNY 220.

18 stops are set along the railway, including Xian North, Epanggong, Huxian East, Xinchangjie, Foping, Yangxian West, Chenggu North, Hanzhong, Xinji, Ningqiang South, Guangyuan Zhongzi, Jianmenguan, Qingchuan, Jiangyou North, Mianyang, Deyang, Guanghan North, and Chengdu East.
New Train Timetable to be Adopted Since April 16, 2017
Published: Apr. 10, 2017
As of April 16, 2017, China Railway Corporation will use a new train schedule. 25.5 extra pairs of high speed trains will be put into operation. The running speeds of some routes will be increased. For example, the single trip time of K1271/4 between Hangzhou and Chengdu will be shortened by four hours and eight minutes. In addition, sleepers will be provided on some long-distance daytime bullet trains.
Train Timetable to be Adjusted in Mid-April, 2017
Published: Mar. 16, 2017
China Railway Corporation plans to adjust the timetable in mid-April 2017. As a result, tickets dated on and after April 14 are not available until March 21. Passengers intending to travel after middle April please pay attention to the real-time timetable on TravelChinaGuide.com in case there is any change.
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