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Some Trains on January 4, 2018 Stopped Operation Due to Heavy Snow
Published: Jan. 04, 2018
Due to the heavy snowfall in Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces, some trains on January 4, 2018 have been canceled. Beijing - Guangzhou, Zhengzhou - Xuzhou, Zhengzhou - Xian, and Xian - Chengdu high speed railways are all affected and a speed limit is adopted.

Some trains between Beijing West Railway Station and Wuhan, Xian North, and Handan East stopped operation temporarily, including G585, G669, G6735, G665, G586, G662, and G656. Passengers holding the tickets should get a refund at railway stations within 30 days. Those who will travel in the following days please keep an eye on the latest schedule.
New Railway Timetable to be Carried Out since Dec. 28, 2017
Published: Dec. 15, 2017
Because of the newly-opened Xian - Chengdu High Speed Railway and the Jiujiang - Jingdezhen - Quzhou Railway to be opened soon in late December 2017, relevant changes have been made to the railway timetable. The new timetable will be put into use since December 28, 2017 and passengers wishing to travel after that day should double check schedule.

Major changes are:

1. 50 additional pairs of bullet trains will run on Xian - Chengdu High Speed Railway, including 21 pairs between Xian North and Chengdu East, 7 pairs between Xian North and Chongqing North, 13 pairs between Xian North and Hanzhong, 4 pairs between Zhengzhou East and Chengdu East, 1 pair between Chengdu East and Xuzhou East, 2 pairs between Taiyuan South and Chongqing West, and 2 pairs between Taiyuan South and Chengdu East.

2. Fuxing Model will first run in western China, including G89/90 between Beijing West and Chengdu East and G96/834 between Guangzhou South and Lanzhou West.

3. 15 pairs of trains will run on Jiujiang - Jingdezhen - Quzhou Railway, which pass through many tourist attractions such as Wuyuan, Jingdezhen, Poyang Lake, Mount Lushan, and Mount Sanqingshan.

In addition, the Chongqing - Guiyang Railway is scheduled to open in January 2018, which will shorten the ride between Xian and Guiyang to 7 hours.
Train Tickets for 2018 New Year Holiday Available since Dec. 12, 2017
Published: Dec. 12, 2017
As the timetable adjustment was finished on December 11, 2017, the 30-day pre-sale period has resumed since December 12, 2017. It means that passengers can now buy the tickets for 2018 New Year Holiday, which will last for three days from December 30, 2017 to January 1, 2018. For the fact that many will go on a short trip during the period, the tickets are expected in great demand. Passengers wishing to travel by train are advised to get a ticket well in advance.
Xian-Chengdu High Speed Railway to be Operated since December 6, 2017
Published: Dec. 04, 2017
The long-awaited Xian-Chengdu High Speed Railway is finally announced to be operated since December 6, 2017. After it is opened, the travel journey by train between Xian and Chengdu will be reduced from twelve to about 4.5 hours. The second class seat price is CNY 263 and the first class seat costs CNY 397. Tickets dated before December 26, 2017 are available now, but TCG can accept your booking even though it's later than the date.

Though this railway zigzags through numerous tunnels on its way, mobile signals are guaranteed thanks to advanced technology. Outlets with USB interfaces can be found near the seats, very beneficial to passengers.
Train Tickets Pre-sale Period Adjusted Temporarily
Published: Nov. 27, 2017
With new railway lines to be opened recently, China Railway Corporation is now planning to modify the train timetable and tickets pre-sale period has been adjusted temporarily. As of November 27, 2017, only tickets dated on and before December 25, 2017 are available for sale. Tickets dated after December 25, 2017 will be put on sale in early December. However, TCG still accepts customers' booking no matter what the departure date is.
12306.cn Accepts WeChat Payment since November 23, 2017
Published: Nov. 23, 2017
From November 23, 2017 on, 12306.cn, the official website of China Railway Corporation accepts WeChat payment for train tickets both on its webpage and app. In the near future, it's expected that passengers can also use WeChat payment when buying tickets at railway stations and auto ticket machines. However, as the 12306.cn is only in Chinese, foreign passengers may not be able to take this advantage currently.
Zhangjiakou South Railway Station to Suspend Service from November 12, 2017
Published: Nov. 09, 2017
Zhangjiakou South Railway Station will be closed temporarily since November 12, 2017 for further construction. Almost all trains departing from or stopping at this railway station will be transferred to Shalingzi West Railway Station. Passengers affected please check the timetable before departure. As Shalingzi West Railway Station is about 18km (11 miles) from downtown Zhangjiakou, passengers are advised to leave for the station early in case of any delay on the way.
Double Security Checks Required for Trains Bound for Beijing since October 9, 2017
Published: Oct. 09, 2017
From October 9 to October 31, 2017, passengers taking trains for Beijing need to undergo double security checks, namely, a regular one before entering railway stations and an additional one at waiting halls.

During the second security check, all luggage will be opened for manual examination, which is time-consuming. Therefore, for passengers heading for Beijing during this period, it's advised to arrive at railway stations at least two hours before scheduled departure time on your ticket.
Almaty - Urumqi Direct International Train Operated by China to be Optimized
Published: Sep. 27, 2017
Since September 30, 2017, the international train K9795/K9796 between Urumqi and Alamty operated by China side will be optimized. Currently, it exits and enters China through the Alataw Pass, while it will use the Helgas Port after the optimization to shorten the distance.

The route will be operated once a week. K9795 will depart from Urumqi South Station on every Saturday and exit from Helgas Port on Sunday and get to Almaty on the same day. K9796 will leave from Almaty on every Monday and reach Urumqi on Tuesday. The journey from Urumqi to Almaty will take about 26 hours and Almaty to Urumqi about 23.5 hours, 6 to 8 hours less than before.

The ticket pre-sale period is 60 days before departure. When booking tickets, passengers' passport and valid visa are required.
Lanzhou - Chongqing Railway to Open since September 29, 2017
Published: Sep. 27, 2017
After its construction from August 2008, Lanzhou - Chongqing Railway will finally be completed by September 29, 2017. The line starts from Lanzhou, goes southward to Shaanxi Province and Sichuan Province, and then reaches Chongqing and connects with other railways. With a whole length of 855 km (531 mi), the railway is the most convenient route linking northwest and southwest parts of China.

Since September 29, 2017, K4515/K4516 and K4517/K4518 will run between Lanzhou and Chongqing. The one-way train ride is about 12.5 hours, around 8 hours less than before. The soft sleeper ticket costs CNY 312, hard sleeper ticket CNY 200, and hard seat CNY115.
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