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Almaty - Urumqi Direct International Train Operated by China to be Optimized
Published: Sep. 27, 2017
Since September 30, 2017, the international train K9795/K9796 between Urumqi and Alamty operated by China side will be optimized. Currently, it exits and enters China through the Alataw Pass, while it will use the Helgas Port after the optimization to shorten the distance.

The route will be operated once a week. K9795 will depart from Urumqi South Station on every Saturday and exit from Helgas Port on Sunday and get to Almaty on the same day. K9796 will leave from Almaty on every Monday and reach Urumqi on Tuesday. The journey from Urumqi to Almaty will take about 26 hours and Almaty to Urumqi about 23.5 hours, 6 to 8 hours less than before.

The ticket pre-sale period is 60 days before departure. When booking tickets, passengers' passport and valid visa are required.
Lanzhou - Chongqing Railway to Open since September 29, 2017
Published: Sep. 27, 2017
After its construction from August 2008, Lanzhou - Chongqing Railway will finally be completed by September 29, 2017. The line starts from Lanzhou, goes southward to Shaanxi Province and Sichuan Province, and then reaches Chongqing and connects with other railways. With a whole length of 855 km (531 mi), the railway is the most convenient route linking northwest and southwest parts of China.

Since September 29, 2017, K4515/K4516 and K4517/K4518 will run between Lanzhou and Chongqing. The one-way train ride is about 12.5 hours, around 8 hours less than before. The soft sleeper ticket costs CNY 312, hard sleeper ticket CNY 200, and hard seat CNY115.
China's Bullet Trains Become the World's Fastest since September 21, 2017
Published: Sep. 21, 2017
Since September 21, 2017, the speed of Fuxinghao Model running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway will be increased to 350 km/h (217 mph), meaning China becomes the country with fastest bullet trains in the world.

Seven pairs of Fuxinghao currently operate on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, including G1/G2, G3/G4, G5/G6, G7/G8, G9/G10, G13/G14, and G17/G18. Among them, the fastest one only needs 4.5 hours for a single trip. The ticket price doesn't rise because of the speed increase. A first class seat costs CNY 933, a second class seat CNY 553 and a business class seat CNY 1,748.
Zhengzhou - Xiamen High Speed Trains to Run since September 21, 2017
Published: Sep. 04, 2017
They will cut the rail travel time between the two cities to less than 11 hours, about 15.5 hours shorter than before. G2045/8/5 will depart from Zhengzhou East Railway Station at 08:14 and arrive at Xiamen North Railway Station at 18:53; G2046/7/6 will leave Xiamen North Station at 07:07 and get to Zhengzhou East Station at 17:58. Both of them are operated at a daily basis and the major stops include Wuhan Station, Nanchang West Station, and Fuzhou Station.
Train Tickets for 2017 National Day Holiday Available since Sep. 2
Published: Sep. 01, 2017
Generally speaking, the National Day holiday of China starts from October 1 to 7. This year, as the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4, the holiday is extended to October 8. With a 30-day pre-ticketing time, tickets for 2017 National Day Holiday will be available since September 2.

As the two holidays overlap, the amount of passengers for travelling and family reunion is promising to witness an increase compared with the same period in last year. Passengers wishing to travel by train are advised to scramble for a ticket as early as possible or might as well change schedule to avoid the crowds.
New Train Timetable to be Adopted Since Sep. 21, 2017
Published: Aug. 22, 2017
According to the latest news from China Railway Corporation, a new railway schedule is to be adopted since September 21, 2017. Here are some adjustments.

Seven pairs of the newly-developed "Fuxinghao" running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway will see an increase in speed to 350 km/h (217 mph), including G1/G2, G3/G4, G5/G6, G7/G8, G9/G10, G13/G14, and G17/G18.

Wuhan-Jiujiang High Speed Railway will be put into use since this September and 26 pairs of bullet trains will run on it at the initial phase.

Besides, 17 extra pairs of bullet trains will be used to meet passengers' demands on Xian North-Fuzhou, Wuhan-Wenzhou South, Beijing South-Qingdao North, and Lanzhou West-Nanchang West routes.
Fuxinghao Trains Put into Use on Beijing-Tianjin and Beijing-Guangzhou Railways
Published: Aug. 22, 2017
As of August 21, 2017, 22.5 pairs of Fuxinghao high speed trains have been adopted on the routes between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Among the 22.5 pairs, there are 19.5 pairs running on Beijing- Tianjin Intercity High Speed Railway.

From Beijing South to Tianjin: C2011, C2025, C2043, C2073, C2087, C2045, C2105, C2001, C2017, C2085, C2029, C2049, C2063, C2079, C2093, C2101, C2221, C2211, C2219, C2229

From Tianjin to Beijing South: C2008, C2038, C2056, C2100, C2204, C2070, C2084, C2062, C2076, C2092, C2108, C2216, C2238, C2244, C2212, C2220, C2228, C2218, C2222

In addition, 3 pairs of Fuxinghao have been used on Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, respectively G9061/G9062 and G9063/G9064 between Beijing West and Shijiazhuang, and G65/G68 between Beijing West and Guangzhou South.
Running Speed of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Trains to be Increased
Published: Jul. 20, 2017
This action will be taken around the National Day, Oct. 1 of 2017. Though most bullet trains are designed with a top running speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), they usually conservatively run at a speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

Now, after a series of tests, the speed will be increased to the designed speed. The Harmony Model and Fuxing Model on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway will all speed up. G1, the fastest one on this railway, will shorten its running time to four hours. Currently, a single trip takes almost five hours. Others with more stops on the way will finish a single trip within five hours.
New Bullet Sleeper Trains Put into Use Since July 2017
Published: Jul. 04, 2017
Since July 2017, new bullet sleeper trains have been put into use. Double-deck beds are arranged on both sides of the aisle, in parallel with the running direction of the train. A window is set up for each bed, enabling all passengers to have a view out of the window. There is a bed curtain to give passengers private spaces, as if the bed were a mobile hotel. Convenient facilities like table, reading lamp, outlet, coat and hat hook, and pants hanger can all be found around the bed. Besides, the length between the upper bed and the ceiling has been improved to leave more space for upper bed passengers. They can sit comfortably on beds.

At present, only D311 and D312 operating between Beijing South and Shanghai adopt this new type. A full ticket costs CNY 650. Often departing at evening and getting to destination in the morning, these trains not only save passengers' travel time, but also provide higher comfort level.
China's Newly-developed "Fuxing" Bullet Train Unveiled on June 26, 2017
Published: Jun. 27, 2017
On June 26, 2017, China's newly-developed "Fuxing" bullet train made its debuts on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway. G124 and G123, adopting this train model, respectively depart from Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Since July 1, 2017, G1, G2, G3, G4, G12, G107, G142 and G143 will all adopt this new model.

With a designated top running speed of 400 km/h (249 mph), Fuxing is expected to run faster than most high speed trains at present, namely the Harmony Model or Hexiehao in Chinese. Different from the exterior appearance of Harmony Model in white or grey with blue belts, Fuxing is colored in white or grey with red belts.

The space between seats is broader and the second class seats are longer than usual. Standard 220v outlets are provided in front and back of seats and USB is provided as well. What's more, passengers have free access to Wifi on the whole way. It's time to make a Fuxing ride to expect what a bullet train can bring you.
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