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Fuzhou - Pingtan High Speed Railway Expected to Open at the End of 2020
Published: Aug. 27, 2020
The high speed railway between Fuzhou and Pingtan is expected to put into use at the end of 2020, which runs along about 88 km (55 mi). As an important extension of the Beijing - Fuzhou Railway, the design speed of the railway is 200 km/h (124 mph) and there are totally six stations along the way, namely Fuzhou, Fuzhou South, Changle, Changle East, Songxia, and Pingtan. Except for the Fuzhou and Fuzhou South, the other 4 stations are newly built and will open along with the railway. Once the railway is open, the travel time between Pingtan and Fuzhou will be shortened to within 30 minutes.

Pingtan composed of 126 islands is the closest mainland city to Taiwan. Because it has over 300 windy days of a year, it is hard to build train bridges, and the Fuzhou - Pingtan railway is also the first railway connected to Pingtan.
Hefei - Anqing High Speed Railway will Open at the End of 2020
Published: Aug. 20, 2020
Recently, the high speed railway between Hefei and Anqing has entered the test stage, which means that the railway is expected to be put into use at the end of this year. The Hefei - Anqing railway is about 162km (101mi) long with a top design speed of 350km/h (217 mph) and it is an important part of the Beijing - Hong Kong high speed railway.

At the beginning of the operation, the high speed train will depart from the Hefei South Station to reach Anqing West. However, after Hefei West Station is completed, it will become the start station which can be easily reached by metro lines 3, S1, and 10. Along the railway, there are other five stations including Shucheng East, Lujiang West, Tongcheng East, and Xiangpu. And once it open, the travel time between the two cities will be cut to only 40 minutes from the present 2 hours.
Xiangyang - Qingdao Bullet Train Formally Opened since August 3, 2020
Published: Aug. 05, 2020
On August 3, the G3222 high speed train departed from Xiangyang East at 10:53 to Qingdao North, which marks the formal operation of the bullet train between the two cities. The train ran along several stations including Nanyang East, Zhengzhou East, Shangqiu, Xuzhou East, Suqian, Lianyungang, Rizhao West and finally arrived at Qingdao North at 19:54. It takes about 9 hours for a single trip. At present, the train tickets have been on sale online and passengers can book it through TCG train booking service. The first-class ticket takes CNY 928.5 per person and the second-class ticket costs 579.5. As for a business-class seat, CNY 1,767 is needed.
Beijing - Ulanqab High Speed Train Put into Use since July 24
Published: Jul. 29, 2020
The high speed train between Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia and Beijing has been operated since July 24. Ulanqab is the closest city in Inner Mongolia to Beijing, with a distance of 240 km (149 mi). The train runs along five train stations, including Xinghe North, Zhangjiakou, and Changping. And the travel time between the two cities has been shortened to 2 hours from the original 8 hours. At present, if traveling between Ulanqab and Beijing, the second-class ticket costs CNY130-149 and it takes CNY208-239 for a first-class train ticket according to different departure times and stations.
Yinchuan-Xian High Speed Way is Expected to Open in the End of 2020
Published: Jul. 22, 2020
The 618 km (384 mi) long Yinchuan-Xi'an high speed railway will be jointly tested in August and September, go through a safety assessment in October, launch a test run in November, and finally open in December. The railway connecting Yinchuan and Xi'an has 18 stations in total, respectively 6 in Ningxia, Gansu, and Shaanxi provinces, including Xi'an North, Liquan South, Binzhou, Qingyang, Wuzhong, Hedong Airport, and Yinchuan. The design top speed is 250km/h (155 mph) but the acceleration conditions for 350 km/h (217 mph) have been reserved. Once the railway opens, the travel time will be shortened from the present 14 hours to about 3 hours, offering great convenience to travelers who want to visit western China.
Anshun-Liupanshui High Speed Railway Put into Use since July 8, 2020
Published: Jul. 08, 2020
The newly opened high speed railway between Anshun and Liupanshui formally opens since July 8. The shortest travel time between the two cities is cut down to 50 minutes while it only takes 1 hour 9 minutes from Anshun to Guiyang. As the third inter-city rail in Guizhou Province, southwest China, the whole railway is 125 km (78 mi) long with a design speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). There are 8 railway stations along the way, namely Anshun West, Huangtong North, Liuzhi South, Changqing, Lengba, Liupanshui East, Shuicheng, Liupanshui.

During the beginning period of operation, there will be 10 pairs of trains departing from Liupanshui to large cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing, which also means Liupanshui will be fully connected to the Chinese national high speed railway network.
Hangzhou South Station Formally Opened since July 1, 2020
Published: Jul. 01, 2020
Hangzhou South Station, once called Xiaoshan Station, will be put into use since 10 am. July 1 after seven years' rebuilding. In the early operation period, there will be 63 pairs of trains running including 24 pairs of high speed trains and 39 pairs of normal speed ones. The bullet trains mainly depart to stations like Shanghai Hongqiao, Fuzhou, Xiamen North, Changsha South, Guiyang North, Wenzhou South, Huangshan North, Zhengzhou East, Xi'an North, Xuzhou East, and Huai'an East.

There are 2 ticket offices in the station, separately with 6 counters at the east entrance and 7 counters at the west entrance. Pay attention to that the west entrance will open for 24 hours while the east one only open during 6:00-22:00. The Metro Line 5 departing to the south station will also be operated between 5:56-0:17, which can cover most of the train schedules.

Passengers should pay attention to identify your train station before departing as there are 3 train stations in Hangzhou. Also, wearing a mask, presenting the Health QR Code, getting a temperature checked are must when entering the station.
Chinese Railway will Launch New Operating Schedule since July 1, 2020
Published: Jun. 24, 2020
According to China State Railway Group, a new train schedule will be implemented since July 1 to better serve passengers and improve the transport capacity while ensuring the safety of passengers will be put first.

Around July 1, several new high speed railways will open. Among them, there will be 60.5 pairs of trains daily operating on the Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou railway, 46 pairs of trains running between Nantong and Shanghai, and 8 pairs of trains from Kazuo to Chifeng. Chongqing and Chengdu in Sichuan will first open trains to Dali, Yunnan Province. In addition, Hangzhou South Station will be put into use from July 1 on.

Also, more choices will be offered for passengers' summer vacation needs. During the 2-month summer travel season from July 1 to August 31, about 48 additional trains will be added to run daily.
Hefei - Hangzhou High Speed Railway will Formally Open since June 28, 2020
Published: Jun. 24, 2020
Hefei-Hangzhou Railway is a part of the Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Railway. As the Shangqiu-Hefei section opened in December 2019, the Hefei-Hangzhou section is declared to formally open since June 28.

The Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Railway starts from Shangqiu, Henan Province, passing by 7 cities in Anhui Province, namely Bozhou, Fuyang, Huainan, Hefei, Ma'anshan, Wuhu, Xuancheng, and finally to Hangzhou in Zhejiang. The 794.55 km (493.71 mi) long railway has a design speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). Once it opened, the travel time between Hefei and Hangzhou will be shortened to less than 2 hours from the present 2.5-3 hours. What's more, Zhegao Station in Chaohu city will also open together with the railway.
Trains from/to Beijing Canceled due to Fresh COVID-19 Cases since June 16
Published: Jun. 18, 2020
Since June 16, Beijing announced to curb its transport and improved its emergency response level in a bid to control virus transmission. As a result, nearly all the trains no matter normal speed ones or high speed types which depart from or to Beijing have been canceled and it is still unknown when they will restart.

However, for those who have booked train tickets in and out of Beijing before June 17, China's railway operator declared to offer full refunds to passengers without any additional charges. That means passengers can cancel the train tickets through any train station, 12306, and other online ticket booking platforms freely. TCG also kindly reminds passengers that try to avoid trips to Beijing during this period and to keep COVID-19 at bay.
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