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China Train Pictures

Trains play an important role in Chinese transportation due to the low cost, fast speed and safe operation. In recent years, with the rapid development of high speed railway lines, traveling by rail in China has become even more convenient and popular.

Pictures of China Train Types

Trains in China are divided into various types according to their speed, which are identified with a capital Chinese phonetic letter and digits. For example, G is 'High Speed', D is 'Electric Multiple Units', C is 'Intercity EMU'; all the three types look similar and are generally considered as high speed or bullet type. Z means 'Direct Express', T means 'Express', K means 'Fast'; all the three types are normal type. For those powered by steam, they have accomplished their missions and are now a matter of history.

Pictures of Ticket Types / Seat Classes

Inside G as well as D and C trains (which are also called bullet trains), the first class and second class carriages are the most frequently used by passengers. The first class carriages are spacious and have fewer seats, but the tickets are more expensive than in second class. A second class carriage has about 100 seats, and they are similar to the economy class on an airplane. Inside Z, T, K and other normal speed trains, the carriages can be divided into deluxe soft sleeper, soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat and hard seat. 
 Introduction to Train Ticket Types

Pictures of How to Take a Train

All passengers need a ticket to get onboard, which can be bought at railway stations at most 28 days prior to departure, or 30 days prior online or over the phone. The boarding procedures can be generally divided into: security check – enter the station – waiting – ticket check – boarding. Upon arrival, there are usually clear signs on the platforms showing the exit.

Pictures of Railway Stations

China has very dense railway lines on its territory. Along the lines, many stations are built for passengers to board or get off the train. Each of the stations has its own unique appearance. Once inside, there is usually a ticket office, a waiting hall, platforms and many other facilities.
 Introduction to Railway Stations

Pictures of Traveling with Luggage

Each passenger is allowed to take a certain amount of luggage into the carriage, inside which there are luggage racks and cabinets. At some railway stations, there are red capped luggage porters to help passengers transfer luggage from the railway terminal into a carriage or from a platform to a railway exit for certain charges.

Pictures of Spring Festival Travel Rush

  • Spring Festival Travel Rush

It happens around the Chinese New Year, starting 25 days prior to the festival day and ending 15 days after.

During this time period, a large number of people will travel by rail, making railway stations and carriages quite crowded and tickets in great demand. If possible, please avoid traveling to China during this period. If unavoidable, you are advised to buy a ticket as early as possible.

 Introduction to Spring Festival Travel Rush

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Questions & Answers on China Train Pictures
Asked by Hazel Lee from USA | Oct. 28, 2018 11:19Reply
Number of carryon luggage allowed on high speed train
How many pieces of luggage allowed on the high speed train from shanghai Hongqiao Station to Shenzhen north
Answers (1)
Answered by Padgett | Oct. 28, 2018 19:28

The luggage is count by weight not pieces. There is no policy about the pieces, usually 2 or even 3 are OK. They are not really strict with the luggage.
Asked by Steve from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 27, 2018 03:18Reply
Train recommendation from Bejiing to Ulan Bataar possibly May.
Preferably comfortable sleepers or seats would do if roomy. Both of us nearly 70 years of age and though still fit, the usual aches and pains.
Answers (1)
Answered by Fabian | Oct. 28, 2018 20:08

There is a ride to UB on Saturday and Wednesday with hard sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper. You can it based on your travel date.
Asked by Farni from INDONESIA | May. 22, 2018 00:34Reply
Traveling to Suzhou on June 15 - 17 2018
Im going to Suzhou on June 15 - 17 2018,,,is that within festival rush?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jonathan from USA | May. 22, 2018 02:50

yes, indeed, these dates are under influence of the 3 days holiday
Asked by Andy from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 13, 2017 06:45Reply
Travelling in Feb 2018
I'm planning to travel within China by train (from Beijing to Datong, Shanghai or Xi'an) within the period of Feb 18-23, 2018? Is that within the spring festival rush? Would you advise me to push through with the travel or look for another date? Btw, my travel plan is quite flexible but only within Feb.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mabel from MALAYSIA | Jul. 13, 2017 21:18

The calendar shows Feb 16 is the Spring festival, in this way, the days or even weeks before that would be a rush for rides out from Beijing. The situation would be OK on Feb 18 is you travel from Beijing to other city. However, your return date Feb 23 happened to be the return rush. So get a ticket back to Beijing at that time would be very difficult.
Asked by Ashis Datta from INDIA | May. 10, 2017 07:38Reply
How to reach Beijing South Railway Station from Beijing Railway Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ramus from FRANCE | May. 10, 2017 20:16

You can take subway line 2 to Xuanwumen and then change to line 4 there to reach Beijing South Railwat Station. The duration should be around 20 or 30min
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