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Taiwan Transportation

Taiwan is an island. So air transportation plays a critical role in its external relations. If you plan to go there, air transportation will not be missed.

Getting There

By Air
There are many civilian airports in Taiwan, two of which are international - Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH). Others, such as Taipei Songshan Airport (TPE) and Hualien Airport are domestic ones, offering flights throughout the island. Serving about 97 international air routes, it is convenient for passengers to travel from here to the USA, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

The busiest airport in Taipei, Taoyuan International Airport (also known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport) is located in Taoyuan County. Approximately 40 km (about 25 miles) from Taipei, the journey to town will take you about 40 minutes by bus. Except for the regular airlines to Hong Kong and Macau, it offers international flights to major cities in America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) is situated in Hsiaokang, Kaohsiung. As the second largest airport in Taiwan, 13 international airlines fly from here to several major cities in south Asia directly, including Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City. For the passengers going to America, Europe and Australia, short distance planes connect through Taoyuan International Airport.

Ching Chuan Kang AB (Taichung Airport) is the third international airport on the island. It offers regular airline to Hongkong and charter flights to cities in Japan, Korea, Thailand (Phuket Island), Palau and Ho Chi Minh City.

One of the four largest airports of the island, Taipei Songshan Airport covers an area of about 449 acres and provides 24-hour-servce.

Getting Around

By Air
To Taipei: Airports in Hsiaokang, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Hualien, Pingtung, Ma Kung, Taitung, Kinmen and Matsu all offer flights to Taipei Songshan Airport.
To Kaohsiung: Passengers can get to Kaohsiung International Airport from Taipei Songshan Airport as well as from airports in Taichung, Ma Kung, Hualien and Kinmen.
To Tainan: There are daily flights from Taipei to Tainan. 

By Train
There are three main railway lines in Taiwan: West Line, East Line and South Circle Line, and several branch railway lines. They play an important role in the locals' daily life. Now, there is a complete circle of rail transportation on the island.

West Line: The traditional line includes Pingtung Line and Trunk Line. It is an electric line, originates in Keelung and makes stops in Taipei, Hsinchu, Chiayi and Tainan before reaching Kaohsiung, its final destination.
East Line: It includes both the Taitung Line and the Beihui Raiway. The Taitung Line starts in Hualien and runs to Taitung while Beihui Railway originates at the South Shenghu Station (a station of the Ilan Line) to Hualien and then connects with Taitung Line.
Nanhui Line (South Return Line): Start from to Taitung.

Additionally, a high speed railway running from Taipei to Zuoying, Kaohsiung has been built recently. It takes only 90 minutes from Taipei to Kaohsiung City. There are also tourist special trainsets running around the island. Main railway stations (like Taipei, Hualien and Keelung) offer visitors one-day, two-day and three-day adventure in the island. It is an ideal way to taste the real life of the locals by walking into the little towns and get touch with them.  

 By Long-Distance Bus
There are many bus companies in Taiwan offering convenient service to and from the cities and outlying areas:
Dragon Bus offers passengers coach service between Taipei and Taichung. You can get board at 180, Fuxing Nanlu Yiduan, Taipei and 27-3, Shuangshi Lu Yiduan, Taichung.

Taichung Bus also operates route from Taichung to Taipei. The cost is about NT$ 200 and increases to NT$ 260 on holidays. In addition, it also offers coach service from Taichung to Kaohsiung. The cost is about NT$ 200, NT$ 250 on holidays.

Yalan Bus provides coach service between Taipei and Hisinchu. Passengers can get board at Guangfu Lu, Dunhua Nanlu, Fuxing Nanlu or Xinsheng Nanlu in Taipei, or at Hsinchu Railway Station and Guangfu Lu in Hsinchu. The service runs from 05:30 to 23:00, leaving approximately every 10 to 20 minutes.

By Taxi
Taxis here are well-marked yellow vehicles easily recognized by visitors. Most taxis are equipped with a milometer and passengers are charged an initial fee plus a surcharge for each 300 meters. The initial flat rate fee is about NT$ 70 for the first 1.5 km (about 0.9 miles), then a distance surcharge of NT$ 5 per 300 meters (about 328 yards) is applied. An extra fee, equivalent to 20 percent of the total price, is applied for overnight service (from 23:00 to 06:00). Taxi service from Chiang Kai-shek International Airport to downtown Taipei typically costs approximately NT$ 1,200 and the fare from Kaohsiung International Airport to downtown Kaohsiung should run approximately NT$ 300.

By Public Bus
The public bus is a common sight on the island. It offers a convenient way for passengers to visit the sights in the interior parts of the island. They will surely leave visitors deep impression with tidy and clean carriages and quiet atmosphere. The cost ranges from NT$ 15 to NT$ 20. An EasyCard is available on public buses with 80% discount for students and 60% discount for senior citizens.

By Tour Bus
To make your visit within the island more convenient, Taiwan Tourism Bureau offered the Tour Bus System with quality service which covers all the hot itineraries and attractions within the island.
For more information on Tour Bus, please visit http://www.taiwantourbus.com.tw/english/index.php

By Rapid Transit
Within the island, rapid transit includes both the subway and light rail. Popular amongst locals, rapid transit is the most convenient mode of transportation. At present, there are 4 rapid transit lines in Taipei. Offering passengers comfortable and safe surroundings from 06:00 to 24:00 daily, rapid transit is also inexpensive with fares ranging from NT$ 20 to NT$ 65 (depending on the distance traveled). EasyCard is also available on the subway or light rail. With a one day pass (NT$150), passengers can conveniently take rapid transit at will for the day.

1. Except for water, drinking, eating or smoking on rapid transit vehicles is forbidden. Violations may warrant a penalty of CNY750. 
2. In the first and last carriage, cell phone use is prohibited.

 By Ferry
The ferry is an ideal way to appreciate the beautiful sights of Kaohsiung harbor. Ferry operators also offer night cruises on weekends and public holidays at 16:30 and 19:30.