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Mt. Wudang & Shennongjia

  • Hubei Province, bordering Shaanxi, boasts a significant history and splendid culture. Here we would like to recommend a tour to Wudang Mountain Scenic Zone and Shennongjia Natural Reserve for you to appreciate the charm of Shaanxi's neighbor.

  • Mt. Wudang
    Mt. Wudang in Hubei Province

    Take a bus at Xian bus station (at the southwest of the Xian railway station) to Wudangshan Town which belong to Shiyan city and 492 km from Xian. The bus departs from Xian eight times every day, among which six of them (09:00, 10:00,11:00, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 18:00) reach Shiyan city. This way takes 3 hours and 50 minutes and costs CNY100.  Upon arrival in Shiyan city, take a bus at Shiyan south station to Wudangshan directly which needs another 45 minutes and costs CNY 7.  Besides, the bus depart at 08:00 in the morning and 15:30 in the afternoon reaching Wudangshan directly which takes more than 4 hours and costs CNY110.  For accommodation, we would like to recommend the Wudanshan Hotel (Add: No.33, Yongle Road; Tel: 0719-5665548). Take a taxi to the hotel (around 5 minutes/ CNY10.00) and stay for two nights.

  • On the next day, take a taxi to the foot of Wudang Mountain (Admission fee: CNY110.00 net per person). The taxi transfer will take 5 minutes and cost CNY20.00 net. Alternatively, you may get there by walking within 10-20 minutes if you feeling energetic. A 1510 meter cable car (Cable Car Charge: CNY80.00 net for round trip) is operated to the middle of Embroidery Peak and Lion Peak, which is 100 meters from the Golden Palace. Visit the Golden Palace (Admission fee: CNY20.00 net per person), the Grand Purple Cloud Palace (Admission fee: CNY15.00 net per person), the South Cliff Palace and the Ancient Building Complex. The sightseeing bus (Bus Ticket: CNY70.00 net per person for round-trip) is available and convenient. Or you may take private tourist cars for transferring between the sites at the cost of around CNY10.00 - CNY20.00 net for each way. After a rich day tour, go back to the hotel in the town to stay overnight.

  • On the third day's morning, get up early in the morning since you will have a long way to go to reach the Shennongjia Natural Reserve. Take a coach from the bus station (next to the railway station) to Fangxia County. It takes around 3 hours and coach ticket costs CNY30.00 net per person. Upon arrival in Fangxia, take a coach to Songbai Town (Coach Ticket: CNY26.00 net per person, around 3.5 hours). Check in at a local hotel in Songbai Town for three nights' stay (Recommended hotel: Shennongjia Guesthouse, Add: No. 1, Yanhe Road).

  • Mt. Wudang
    Golden Temple on the Wudang Mountain

    In the morning, rent a car to visit the Shennongjia Natural Reserve including the Shennongding Peak - the highest mountain of Shennongjia (Admission fee: CNY140.00 net per person), Shengnong Altar (Admission fee: CNY40.00 net per person), Natural Bridge (Admission fee: CNY20.00 net per person), Source of Fragrant Brook (Admission fee: CNY30.00 net per person) and other sight-worthy places. The car rental charge is around CNY350.00 - CNY400.00 net per day. If you travel in winter, Shengnongjia is also a good place for skiing.

  • Proceed with the dream-like Shennongjia tour on the next day. Rent a car with the same charge to visit Yantian Scenic Area (Admission fee: CNY60.00 net per person) - a national forest park. The popular sites are Yanzidong - a cave where swallows inhabit all the year around, Rainbow Bridge, Wild Man Cave, Hongping Gallery, Rhinoceros Cave etc.

  • Early the next day, take a coach at 7:30 am from Songbai Town to Shiyan city (around 7 hours). The coach runs one time only per day and the ticket costs CNY60.00 net per person. (Tips: The coach will arrive at Fangxia County first. Do not get off early and remember your destination is Shiyan). Take the bus from Shiyan back to Xian. The early shuttle bus departs from Shiyan city at 08:00 and last one return from 18:00 in the afternoon, altogather 10 times in total. A fantastic tour ends.

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