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China Jewish Heritage Tour

JT01: China Jewish Heritage Travel

8 Days Harbin - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Luoyang - Shanghai $1909 Up
This itinerary is full of history. It includes many historic heritages about Jewish people in Harbin, Kaifeng and Shanghai. These three cities have long history with these people and you will get a real sense of what they had gone through.

JT02: Heritages of Jews in Shanghai

This route focuses on exploring the heritage sites where the Jewish refugees stayed in Shanghai. The well-preserved schools, hospitals and other buildings will take you to the old time and tell you the ancient history and culture of Jews.

JT03: Jewish Culture Discovery in Kaifeng

Reputed as the most complete Jewish community in China, the Jews in Kaifeng attract tourists from all over the world with their mysterious history and unique culture. Now follow us to trace their footprints and get an insight into their life.

JT04: Follow Jewish Footprint in Harbin

Harbin is a great place to soak up Jewish culture and traditions as these people left their footprints everywhere in this city. You will have a very moving visit to see the history and persecution of their race. It can't fail to have an impact on you.

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