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Hong Kong Tours

HKG01: Hong Kong Island Tour
Hong Kong Island is a dynamic international metropolis steeped in unique blends of East and West. This is a prosperous city with breath-taking scenery. By climbing to the highest point on the island, Victoria Peak, you can get a panoramic view of the entire region.
HKG02: Day Trips
In Hong Kong, you will appreciate the gorgeous view of the city on the Victoria Peak, experience close contact with the lovely animals in the Ocean Park and enjoy the excitement of shopping in the ‘paradise’. Together with the gourmet food from all over the world, it is definitely an ideal place for a leisurely holiday tour.
HKG03: Discovery Tibet from Hong Kong
This essential tour presents travelers a unique experience of bustling Hong Kong, vibrant Guangzhou and mysterious Lhasa. All must-see highlights like the holy Potala Palace and majestic Sera Monastery will be unveiled in front of you.
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Independent Travelers
Hong Kong is known as a fine food paradise. There are many kinds of delicious food that could be found here. The color, aroma and tastes are all good. Besides the typical Yum Cha, Cantonese Meat Roasting, Dessert and Seafood, many other distinctive theme restaurants will let you feel a variety of food charm.
Central area is the highlight of the city and usually the first stop for most travelers to explore this metropolis. You will not only enjoy the amazing scenery of Victoria Harbor, but also experience the delightful nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong.
There are many markets with striking features here: Hollywood Road, Stanley Market, Women's Street and Temple St. Street. Besides, you will travel to the longest outdoor escalator in the world, the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator.
As the largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island is a nice place for travelers to trace the Buddhist temples. Po Lin Monastery, who deserves the best gathering of temples in scale and delicacy, is a must see destination.
HKG08: Disneyland
Children grow up quickly, but the magic of the Disneyland, which mainly consists of Four Theme Parks, Disneyland Railroad and the Golden Mickeys keeps our heart forever young.
The Outer Island is a place full of leisure, clean and fresh air, beautiful sea views and delicious seafood. You will travel from the Wong Tai Sin Temple to the Harbour City, finally to the Lamma Island.
HKG10: Ocean Park
Hong Kong Ocean Park is the biggest one in Southeast Asia and also one of the world's most beautiful theme parks. Highlight of the park is the performances of trained dolphins and sea-lions. Don't miss it.
Nothing beats the thrills of the horse-racing - a passionately followed sport. There are two famous racecourses here: Happy Valley Racecourse and Sha Tin Racecourse.
Hong Kong is such a lively city, unexpectedly still has 40% undeveloped outskirts parks under the protection by the local government. Travelers who love nature do not think the city was just a noisy county fair. Actually its back gardens also have very beautiful natural landscape.
If you are infatuated with the kinds of famous brands, but do not want to spend too much money on that, you can follow us to take a discount shopping trip …
The developed transportation network, the frequent fashionable social activities and the astonishing number of tourists every year, more and more world-famous top brands of various countries enter and station in this metropolis in abundance.
Taking in the historical sites around the New Territories, the Heritage Travel takes you to experience the customs and cultures of these clans and provides a fascinating glimpse of the city's rich heritages.
Once coming to this lively city, it is a must to experience the city's fascinating local attractions, the mouth-watering good food and the unique historical culture. It is the best choice to take a tram trip.
The Northeast New Territories is a hidden treasure. A leisurely and scenic boat trip takes you to discover all its charm and shore excursions take you into the heart of an off the beaten track adventure..
The New Territories, which lies between the Kowloon hills and the boundary with Mainland China, is an enormously diverse suburban area full of contrasts, a blend of traditional customs and modern ideas, of natural beauty and man-made achievements.
Take a side trip to Guangzhou, Qingyuan and Shaoguan for about 3 to 5 days. Enjoying the splendid scenery of the natural reserves and appreciating the remained unique architecture.
Take jetfoil to Zhuhai and then connect a bus to Kaiping, where you will explore the ancient military watchtowers, continue to Foshan at last.
Take a 4-day Xiamen highlights trip to Gu Lang Island, Huli Shang Fortress, South Putuo Temple and Xiamen University, and then head for Mt. Wuyi to appreciate its wonderful natural scenery.
Explore Fujian province in depth: appreciate the Tu Buildings of Hakkas in Yong Ding and visit the starting point of the "Marine Silk Route" in the middle century.
Pleasant climate endows Nanning with evergreen tress all year round and reward the name of the 'spring city'. Beihai is famous for its silver beach scenery.
Sanya has become the most favorable holiday resort nowadays, especially in winter seasons. This 5-day trip will lead you to Sanya Bay and the oriental Hawaii - Yalong Bay which has the most beautiful beach in Sanya.
Our 3-day travel will take you to a historical city - Nanchang to visit the Tengwangge Tower and the Rope and Gold Pagoda, then to explore one of the most beautiful mountains - Mt. Lushan.
Manila, the most western-style city in Asia, the ancient castle, the magnificent Baroque Of church, the age-old carriage and bistro, all of them takes you back to the time of nineteen fifties.
Cebu is the first open city and also the most popular tourist city in Philippines. Bohol Island is a coralline island, the broken coral was scoured out a silver beach, even under the burning sun, it feels cool and comfortable.
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