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Kunming Tours

Kunming is renowned as the 'City of Eternal Spring' due to its year-round mild and pleasant spring-like climate. Our tour package includes visits to Yunnan Stone Forest and the Golden Temple. The journey to Dali and Lijiang, possibly Shangri-La, will enhance your trip with the lasting appeal of the alluring old town and its minority culture. It is the Horticultural Exposition for which Kunming has become more widely known on the world stage. During your visit do not forget to buy the special handmade products and try the featured local snacks such as the 'Across Bridge Rice Noodle'.

KM01: Yunnan Minority

This itinerary covers some of the most interesting facets of Yunnan Province. Highlights include Kunming’s geological wonder the Stone Forest; Dali Old Town, the former political, cultural and economic center of Yunnan; Lijian Old Town, for 800 years home to the Naxi ethnic minority and Pudacuo National Park, a protected wetlands area in Shangri-La (Zhongdian).

KM02: Kunming - Xishuangbanna - Jianshui - Yuanyang - Hekou

Minorities in Yunnan have long illustrious history intriguing to people home and abroad. Meantime, the appealing natural scenery here attracts crowds of photo lovers who come here for photographing. Along the way, you will be indulged in the Tropical Botanical Garden in Xishuangbanna, sweet countryside landscape in Jianshui and the delicate Terraced Fields in Yuanyang.

Independent Exploration

Please read our notes

KM03: Yuanyang Rice Terraces Explorations

Located in the south of Yunnan province, Yuanyang is widely well-known by the world with its strong ethnic flavor and spectacular terraced fields. This independent route is suitable not only for the photography enthusiasts, but also for travelers who are interested in the ethnic culture of minorities and well-preserved rural scenery.

KM04: Yuxi Travel

Apart from the well-known Stone Forest, Yunnan contains more than a hundred extinct oryctocoenose fossils. This attraction may stir your great curiosity and interest. Moreover, Fuxian Lake is the best resort near Kunming.

KM05: Yuanmou Man Exploration

Yuanmou County is famous for two sightseeing spots: the Yuanmou Man Archeological Site and the Clay Forests.

KM06: A Trip to Jianshui City

Taking a trip around the frontier will make you feel quite special. Visit South Lake in Mengzi County, with your first exploration to Yuanshi Cave. Daweishan Nature Preserve Area and Vietnam Street will be arranged for your second day.

KM07: Nearby Areas

The splendid Dadieshui Waterfall Scenery Zone and the graceful ancient A-Lu Cave nearby make this ecological itinerary exceptionally colorful.

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