Travel with Confidence

We are doing everything possible to ensure your safety and well-being
With the raising vaccination rates and the normalization of the epidemic situation, the world is opening up gradually. Many customers are excited to restart their international travel plans. Following the recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the safe travel protocols of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), we have made risk assessments on our itineraries and established a set of enhanced safety protocols for tours. All our staff, partners, guides and drivers have completed the COVID-19 health and safety training, and as the most important daily work, we are paying close attention to the developing situations in destination countries, so that we can do everything possible to provide our customers a safe and enjoyable trip. Whenever you are ready, we are always here for you!
Vaccines & COVID-19 Testing for Entry to Destinations
Traveling is a pleasure. To protect you and people around you during the whole trip from the COVID-19 transmission is the most important thing we should do together. Therefore, customers should provide the following before travel.
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, which must be taken a maximum of 48 hours before boarding. And/or
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination with the final dose given at least 14 days prior to the start of the tour.
For some countries, both are required, while a few other countries only require one of the above. Once you decide where to travel, our professional consultant will offer the most up-to-date entry policy of your destination country, so that you can organize the documentation and tests needed. There is also the possibility that your destination country needs you to take COVID tests again (at your own expense) on arrival and/or during the trip, you should follow the local guidelines, and your guide will assist you with it.
Get Peace of Mind for Your Trip with Travel Insurance
The pandemic has lasted for long and become a known event to insures, thus travel insurances that involve the coronavirus have also been launched. If you plan to travel, to buy a pandemic travel insurance is a very smart decision, which may help you save money in certain circumstances. However, it is important to compare different insurance plans, although they are COVID-related, they have different coverage. Pay more attention to the trip cancellation conditions pre or on traveling, medical benefits, or even a sudden quarantine. No travel insurance can offer 100% comprehensive cover against the COVID-19, but there is still a good level of cover.
Why Strongly Recommend Private Tours?
To minimize the risk of the COVID transmission during the travel, a private tour can keep you away from the crowds. You don’t need to worry about how big the group is and you don’t need to share a vehicle with other travelers. Just you and your families or friends enjoy the services provided by the guide and driver from the beginning to the end (the cruise tour is an exception).

Concerning the private tour price, we have compared our tours with some other group tours. With similar itinerary and equivalent arrangements, our prices are even lower, while it doesn’t mean we lower the service quality. As a reliable and prestigious tour operator for over 20 years, our foremost concern is for our customers’ satisfaction with an emphasis on quality.

Additionally, you will benefit from the following advantages on a private tour:

  • Customize an itinerary in line with your specific wishes.
  • Travel at your own pace that flexibly fits your travel style.
  • Start the tour on any date at your convenience.
  • Choose the tour length as long as your schedule and budget allow.
  • Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with children.
Protect Your Travel with Worry-Free Booking
We highly appreciate your interest in our tours and promise to offer our best price with top quality service. By booking with us, you enjoy:
  • Free change service on the itinerary prior to the beginning of the trip. However, if in case there are any costs due to the reservation changes, you will be responsible to pay for this part.
  • Free cancellation up to 30 days before the tour start date.
Unfortunately, if any of the following occurs before you leave:
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, if there is a government-imposed entry or travel restriction issued by either your departure country or destination country. As a result, you are unable to travel as scheduled.
  • If your COVID test is positive or you contract COVID-19 before departure.
We will assist you to postpone or make a cancelation of the trip. The payment you have paid to us will be 100% held for you. If there is any actual loss caused by the reservation such as flights, hotels, cruise, etc, it will be deducted from the payment. In this case, you may contact your insurer to confirm the coverage.
Credit or Refund? Your Own Choice
For COVID-19 cancellation, money is still yours. You can choose to keep it in our company for future use of any global tours, no expiry date, no limit on numbers of use, or you can transfer to someone you know, who wants to book a travel. In this case, we will offer a further discount than usual bookings. Alternatively, you can request a refund, minus the handling charge of the bank.
What If I Encounter the COVID-19 Outbreak on Tours?
As a global travel agent, we take responsibility to monitor the global issues closely, which is to ensure our destinations are safe enough to receive the customers. However, the situation may change. If unluckily you encounter the COVID-19 outbreak while you are traveling, we and our local partners will spare no effort to ensure your health and safety. If you want to return home right away, we will assist you to make flight changes with the airline the first time. The unused portion of the tour will be calculated and refunded to you. We have helped more than one thousand customers return home in 2020 when the world tumbled into lockdown.

Even worse, if flights are cancelled, or you are required to quarantine at the hotel, we will offer assistance as possible as we can to make you feel comfortable. You will never be alone. What's more, we will help to collect the documentations, so that you can negotiate with the insurer to settle your claim.
Safety Protocols for All Our Tours
Vaccines & COVID-19 testing for guides and drivers
Good guides make successful tours. Our guides are superb at taking care of all the details in addition to being proficient in cross-cultural communication. Before receiving customers, the guides and drivers are required to show the negative COVID-19 test, and during the trip, they will follow their local guidelines to test again. More importantly, most of them are fully vaccinated. They will wear masks when on tours.
Planes, trains and vehicles
Each country has their own COVID-19 requirements for planes and trains. As responsible travelers, we should follow these to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Our private vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. Medical masks, 75% alcohol and hand sanitizer are provided in the vehicle for your free use. While, we still suggest you bring your own personal supply for convenience.
A comfortable place to stay
We choose hotels carefully based on locations, brands, services and feedback from the guests, and we prefer the ones that have greater value without loss of comfort and service. The hotel staff are well trained with the COVID-19 protocols. They care for their guests’ health and safety than anything else. The daily prevention works in public areas are done frequently. If you like, we can also arrange you to stay on the lower floor to reduce the elevator use.
A nice and safe place to eat
It is our belief that food is every bit a part of your experience when traveling. Thus we have always carefully selected restaurants with good food and hygiene. The restaurants are following their local government’s guidelines to do some prevention works to meet the health and safety standards. Also, our guide could arrange tables away from the crowds for you.
Avoid crowds while visiting
Your safety and well-being are always our top priority, so we keep in mind that we should keep you away from the crowds while visiting. For entrance tickets that can be purchased online, we will never take your time to wait in line at the ticket office. According to the real situation, the guide will also adjust the sightseeing arrangement, to enable you to fully enjoy the sites.
Don’t worry if you feel unwell
All our guides and drivers are experienced and well trained with protocols. They know how to support customers who feel unwell during a trip. First, you will need to test COVID-19 to receive a negative result and then go to see the doctor. After having a good rest, if you can continue the trip, it will be fine. Otherwise, we will follow your decision to make arrangement. Don’t worry, we will support you throughout the process.
Travel with Children
Nothing is as much fun as a memorable family holiday. We can tailor make a kids-friendly trip to meet your particular needs and arrange guides who are more favored by children. Concerning entry requirements for children, no vaccination is required, but a proof of a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 48 hours before boarding is needed (differ in countries).
A full team support
During the epidemic period, we have made full use of the time to improve our tour products in each country and to talk over the service details with the suppliers. Our full team has been well trained. From your initial contact to the end of the trip, your travel consultant will provide a full support and follow up your safety and health status, which is to make sure you enjoy the trip thoroughly.
Our Recommendations for you
  • Wearing a face mask is not mandatory when you are visiting in some countries, while we still think it is necessary, to protect you and people around you. Bring your own protection supply since flights always have strict requirements.
  • Each country has their own vaccination, testing and health screening requirements for entry, exit and transit, and the situation changes. You should check these with the local embassy or consulate before departure.
  • Please confirm with your airline for their COVID-19 requirements before you leave.
  • Remember to bring the documentation and tests required by airlines and arrival airports along with your passport.
  • If you have some free days in tours, do not go to the public places or malls where people often get together.
  • Take good care of yourself during the trip: drink more water, eat healthy food and sleep well. A strong body can keep the disease away.
No matter how the situation changes, our commitment to providing customers a safe and unforgeable journey will never be changed.