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Haikou Weather

Haikou Weather

Introduction to Haikou Climate
Hainan Province is the second largest island off the Chinese mainland, the largest being Taiwan. Hainan is the more southerly of the two and is nearer to the mainland, separated only by narrow straights. Hainan is the largest special economic zone of China.

Haikou, the provincial capital has a tropical marine climate with an average annual temperature of 20C (68F). The spring there is warm with almost drought conditions but the high summer temperatures bring heavy rain in their wake. Autumn is a season of typhoons and rain storms. It can feel quite cold in winter by contrast. As a rule, the best time to travel is between November and the following April. From May to October local weather is moist because of its rainy seasons, with the precipitation reaching a peak during September. As high temperatures warm the waters of the South China Sea from June to September tropical storms (hurricanes), known here as typhoons, are driven toward the coast and Haikou can experience force 8 storms that cause considerable problems for traffic.