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Shanghai Tours

Shanghai attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sightseeing and shopping as well as professionals who come to its thriving business centre. The surprising trip we offer encompasses the Bund, Nanjing Road, the Museum and the Yuyuan Garden... There is also the distinguished Shanghai Cuisine, the spectacular Acrobatic Show and the nearby picturesque water towns to round off your visit.

SH01: Old and Modern Shanghai

Shanghai is world famous as the largest metropolis in China as well as one of the world’s most international cities. This itinerary features the unique ancient landscape architecture of Yuyuan Garden, the Museum with its massive and varied collections and the Bund area along the Huangpu River.

SH02: Suzhou Classical Gardens

When you go to Shanghai, you should not miss the exquisite gardens in nearby Suzhou. These gardens are famous throughout the country for their natural beauty and their harmonious and exquisite designs. The quaint water town of Zhouzhang southeast of Suzhou will delight your senses.

SH03: One-Day Explorations - 7 options here for you!

Shanghai is a huge international metropolis with a long history. The combination of the traditions and modernism has built its unique charm which attracts thousands of millions of visitors every year. 7 one-day trips and its surrounding areas allow you to observe and enjoy the city from various aspects and gain different experiences.

VF01: 72 Hours Visa Free Tours

Now that Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou permits a 72 hours visa free stay for transit passengers from 45 countries. It is now convenient for foreign visitors to take a short visit to either of these cities depending on their stopover venue. We offer some well-designed itineraries for your choice so that you can make full use of your stopover time.

SG08: High-speed Train Journey of Beijing & Shanghai

Exploring the historical relics, taking an exciting high-speed train journey and immersing yourself in the ever-pulsing metropolis, all these are well prepared for you on this discount group package.

SH04: Ancient Water Towns

Water town is a most distinctive feature in the southern Yangtze River area. Around the city, there are a number of beautiful water towns interspersed with crisscrossing water lanes. Visitors can view old buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties and witness local villagers leading their simple and peaceful life.

SH05: Shanghai & Mt. Huangshan

Mt. Huangshan enjoys the reputation as ‘the loveliest mountain in China.” It is celebrated for its Four Wonders - spectacular rock formations; odd-shaped pine trees; its natural hot springs and its covering of a sea of clouds. The vast snowfall blanketing the mountain in winter is regarded as the ‘fifth wonder.’ A visit to Huangshan in any season will never disappoint you.

SH06: Picturesque South China Towns

Out of bustling and vibrant metropolis, we will take you to some contrastingly beautiful and tranquil cities nearby. One is Hangzhou with its ‘paradise on earth’ West Lake. Other destinations include the elegant gardens in Suzhou, Taihu Lake in Wuxi and the Mingxiaoling Museum in time-honored Nanjing.

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SH07: Old Street

Today you will be in a time travel to the city a hundred years ago. The Old Street will give you a full view of the local people's past life and business.

SH08: One Day City Travel

Have a visit at the most flourishing Pudong New Area and experience the modern charms of this city, you will feel amazed by its high technology which is perfectly used in the transportations, sightseeing spots and skyscrapers.

SH09: Museums Exploration

There are dozens of museums in the city which focus on different themes. This trip will take you to three high-tech museums: Auto Museum, Science & Technology Museum and the Exhibition Hall of Aerospace.

SH10: One Day to People's Square

The People's Square is located in the center of the city. Following this itinerary, you will spend a whole day there to visit the Grand Theatre, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Art Museum.

SH11: Jing'an District

Shanghai has ever been opened to the whole world in the late Qing Dynasty. Many people from western countries came here at that time. They lived here and built houses of different styles. This route will take you to visit the Moller Villa and the Kadoorie House.

SH12: Community of Artists

A spiritual rich day for experience of arts at No. 50 Moganshan Road and admiration of knowledge at East China University of Political Science and Law.

SH13: Songjiang District

One day trip to Songjiang including the British style Thames Town, the biggest indoor studio, the Film Studio and the new land for college students, Songjiang University Town.

SH14: Nanhui District

The Wild Animal Park and the Pudong Shooting Club are highlights in Pudong Nanhui District and fulfill a wonderful day trip.

SH15: Nanxun Ancient Town

Nanxun is an ancient water town nearby. Compared with other water towns, Nanxun is less commercial and its natural beauty outside and the cultural connotation inside make the experience worthwhile.

SH16: Jinshan District

Buddhism has a long history in China. Even in a large international city like Shanghai, traces of Buddhism can be seen everywhere. The five major temples in Jinshan District make this area a very good place to start a Buddhist trip.

SH17: Xuhui District

Today's trip leads you to Xuhui District to visit the city's oldest and largest temple - Longhua Temple, the birthplace of the city's Catholicism - Xujiahui Church and the dazzling underground Xujiahui shopping center.

SH18: One Day Vacation

A leisured weekend vacation to China's No. 1 Circus World - Shanghai Circus World and the world's third tallest building - the World Financial Center

SH19: Children’s Fun

Discovery Children's Museum is the Children's Dream Country, the great places for children where learning and playing can be combined perfectly.

SH20: Bars and Cafes Relaxation

Introducing recreational places in the city, places to drink, dance, chat, meet friends and have fun. We only offer the basic information and they range different levels. Whatever you like, you surely can find your favorite.

SH21: Gourmet Restaurants

A gourmet adventure takes you to the best local restaurants. Western style or Chinese style, you will be surprised by the toothsome food and the history and culture behind it.

SH22: Chongming Island

Cruising to Chongming Island, the third largest island in China, you will find yourself in a picturesque wonderland. Many recreational facilities are well equipped here so that tourists could enjoy a back-to-nature vacation.

SH23: Putuo Mountain & Ningbo

Mt. Putuo is a place where local people and tourists come because of respect for its fame to worship the Buddha and pray for being blessed. Then head to Ningbo, you will see the newly built Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, the longest cross-sea bridge in the world.

SH24: Hengdian World Studios

Experience the movie shooting and find the stories behind the screen at the largest Movie and Television Base in Asia - Hengdian World Studios. This two-day trip will keep you away from bustling city and bring you an amazing dreamlike fantasy.

SH25: Yangzhou Trip

This Yangzhou trip is about cate and leisure. The Slender West Lake, the Ge Garden, the He Garden and the Bonsai Garden along with the famous Yangzhou flavor food will make the trip worthy and enjoyable.

SH26: 2-day of Kunshan

This itinerary will guide you to Kunshan to spend a leisured and peaceful weekend, where there are two ancient towns worthy your visit: Jinxi, the hometown of Chinese folk museums and Qiandeng, an old town with 2500 years history.

SH27: Nanjing Highlights

Two days trip to ancient Nanjing, one of the seven ancient capitals in China.

SH28: Shaoxing

Historical Shaoxing City has a history of about 2500 years. It is the hometown of many great people and also known as the wine town.

SH29: Extension to Anhui

A two-day adventure to Bao Zheng's hometown, Hefei and a 2500 years old ancient Sanhe Town.

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