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We are offering the most qualified Beijing tour itineraries with competitive prices. Carefully designed itineraries for your guided tour packages and independent routes cater to different needs of our valued guests from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, India, Mexico, etc, all of which ensure the varieties of interests in Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, as well as the exciting Chinese Kung Fu Show within your budget.
BJ01: Best Beijing Tours
Beijing boasting a history of over a thousand years is rich in cultural heritage and relics. This itinerary will take you to the most popular sites around the city. You will see the magnificent Great Wall; sacred Tiananmmen Square; majestic Forbidden City as well as the verdant gardens of the Summer Palace.

BJ02: Hutong Experience
Beijing, one of the six Chinese ancient capital cities still has exquisite architecture, a rich history, and a diverse and colorful culture. Take a special rickshaw ride through an old Hutong neighborhood to experience the different life styles of venerable local residents. A visit to the Lama Temple will expose you to the local people's religious beliefs.

BJ03: Three Days Sightseeing
Are you constrained by your tight time schedule but interested in visiting our capital? Here we provide an elaborately designed 3-day itinerary taking you to explore the highlights attractions. Hence, you can make full use of your time to visit the most aspects of the city.

With the approval of a 72-hour visa free policy for transit travelers who arrive at the airports of Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, we specially design some itineraries to cater for our clients’ requirements and interests. It also maximizes the use of your time to visit the most famous spots in the world.

BJ04: Two-Day Packages
As the Capital city, Beijing boasts a long history and many cultural heritages and places of interest. To guide you to catch all the highlight sites in short time schedule, we elaborately design two 2-day refined packages. Follow our routes and make full use of your precious time to see as much as possible of the city.

BJ05: One-Day Tours - 16 options here for you!
Beijing is such a large metropolis with numerous places of interest to visit. 16 one-day packages offered here are all composed of the essence of the city. You can choose any of your preferred routes according to your interest.

BJ06: Historical Beijing & Xian
If you are a history and culture enthusiast, this itinerary combining China’s two most historically significant cities should appeal to you. After visiting the major attractions in the capital city, you will marvel at the incredible, man-made Terracotta Soldiers; Xian's well-preserved ancient City Wall and the city's notable landmark, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

BJ07: Soul of Beijing & Shanghai
Both cities are the largest metropolises in China. After enjoying the culture and history of the ancient imperial city, take a flight from Beijing Capital Airport to modern Shanghai to visit the classical Yuyuan Garden; view the Bund scenery along Huangpu River and savor authentic Shanghai cuisine at a typical local restaurant.

BJ08: An Approach to Tibet
Fly to Tibet's capital Lhasa to sense its profound Buddhist culture and view its stark yet beautiful scenery. Seeing the Potala Palace, mysterious temples, the pious pilgrims and the simple-living Tibetan people adds up to a vivid and exotic cultural experience.

BJ09: Extension to Datong
Datong is about 380 km west of our capital city. It is home to two of the most impressive sights in China - Yungang Grottoes and the Hanging Monastery. Visitors can take a soft sleeper train to Datong and view the expansive caves and the temple which appears to be clinging to the side of the cliff.

BJ10: Chengde Mountain Resort
Take train to the famous summer retreat Chengde Mountain Resort, the largest royal garden in China. Chengde has unusually mild weather in the summer compared to many other torrid locations. It is an ideal and ethereal escape from the noisy and busy cities.

BJ11: Pingyao Discovery
Take an overnight train to the 2,700 year-old city of Pingyao and discover the best-preserved old houses of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Walking along the streets of the old city, you can still see traces of its former glory and prosperity. In the 18th century, Pingyao was a major financial center akin to Wall Street in the United States.

BJ12: Confucianism Cultural Exploration
Are you looking for a historical and cultural trip? Here we present an ideal itinerary with the most famous birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Jinan, noted for its large numbers of springs; Qufu, the hometown of Confucius; the towering Mt.Tai embodying spectacular natural scenery and cultural heritage.

BJ13: Beijing & Supernatural Zhangjiajie
  • Standard: 7 Days $1089 Up

    Categories of 4-star or 3-star hotels with flights and soft-sleeper trains

This itinerary will take you to visit our capital city first and then extend to visit Zhangjiajie, endowed with unparalleled landscape that integrates odd peaks, verdant forests, flying falls and smooth lakes. While admiring the supernatural wonders, visitors can also marvel at the country's famous historic sites.

BJ14: Scenic Guilin Trip
This private itinerary will take you to the most beautiful city in China, Guilin with its breath-taking natural scenery. Cruising along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is like sailing through a picturesque landscape painting. The town of Yangshuo is also a scenic delight setting among awesome limestone pinnacles.

BJ15: Ancient Capital Luoyang
Besides the most famous ancient capital city, we would like to introduce another mysterious ancient capital, Luoyang, which is famous not only for its profound history and culture, but also for its two well-known sites, Longmen Caves and Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of the famous Chinese Kung Fu.

BJ16: Visual Enjoyment in Mt. Huangshan
After visiting our capital city, a treasure-house of historic relics and splendid culture, we will take you to Huangshan, celebrated as the No. 1 Mountain under heaven for its four wonders of natural scenery, and the ancient villages in the surrounding counties. Perfectly combining the two hot cities, the itinerary will brighten your mood.

BJ17: Ethnic Yunnan Travel
With gorgeous ancient historic relics and fast developing modern civilization, Beijing is always the dream destination of travelers. Further exploration on the unique local culture and primitive simplicity folklore of minority nationalities in Kunming and Lijiang, both of which are located in southwest of China, will make your journey even complete.

BJ18: Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking
With high ornamental and scientific research value in cultural, historical, ancient architectural and popular legendary aspects, Jinshanling Great wall is the elite section of the whole Great Wall. Taking this adventure hiking, you will get an insight into the wisdom of ancient Chinese.

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