Angkor In-depth Tour

TKH09: 5 Days Siem Reap
Day 1 Arrival in Siem Reap
Siem Reap International Airport is about 4 miles away from downtown area. Upon arrival, you can take a taxi to the recommended 3-star Central Boutique Angkor Hotel in the city center within 20 minutes at a cost of around USD 9.

After some rest, if you have enough time, it is advisable to begin your independent Siem Reap tour through visiting Angkor National Museum. You can book the tickets in advance on the official website of the museum, which is cheaper. The museum is a white classical building. There are 8 exhibition rooms in it, collecting a large amount of the architectural and artistic treasures of the Angkor period. Moreover, multimedia technology shows the real life, culture and history of that period from different angles. You could rent an explanation device, at a cost of USD 2. 

Operating Hours:
Apr. 1 - Sep. 30: 08: 30 - 18: 00
Oct. 1 - Mar. 30: 08: 30 - 18: 30 

Tips: Don't forget to ask for a hotel card and take it when you are out. Some important information you need to know about the hotel are included in it.
You are recommended to use the tuk-tuk - a kind of local particular vehicle or hotel charged cars. Usually they charge fees with all day service, and this is relatively cheap.

Accommodation Suggestion: Central Boutique Angkor Hotel (3 stars)
Day 2 Angkor Tour in Small Circuit
Bayon Temple
Bayon Temple
Today begins your Angkor independent tour. First of all, you need to buy a three-day ticket, because the following 3 days you will view the Angkor historical sites in small circuit, big circuit and the scenery outside the central Angkor area. The price is USD62. Your photo will be printed on the ticket. Generally speaking, it is convenient to finish the small circuit and big circuit through tuk-tuk, at a cost of USD 18 and USD 20. 

Now you can start the small circuit from the South Gate of Angkor Thom, which is not only regarded as one of the signs of Angkor monuments but also the shooting spot for the movie Tomb Raider. Then you can visit Bayon Temple, where you can feel the devout religious belief through viewing the four-faced pagodas. Next you can reach Baphuon Temple and Terrace of the Elephant by walk. Then you can go Phimeanakas Temple, which is contiguous to the Terrace of the Elephant. Here the top view is very good. It is really a unique scene. After that, you are suggested to go the Royal Palace, Terrace of the Leper King, Prasat Sour Prat Temple and Victory Gate in succession. 

Afterwards, if you are interested in ancient temples, remember to visit the following places: Thommanom, Chau Say Thevoda, Ta Kao and Prasat Krava. 

Then here comes a little highlight of your Angkor Wat backpacking tour, the Baken Mountain sunset. The spectacular sight of the sunset attracts a large amount of people. You are suggested to arrive in Baken Mountain at 4 o'clock pm. Once you are late, you need to line up to climb and watch the sunset. 

Accommodation Suggestion: Central Boutique Angkor Hotel (3 stars)
Day 3 Angkor Tour in Big Circuit
Banteay Srei Temple
Banteay Srei Temple
Today you will continue your Cambodia independent tour with a sunrise in Angkor Wat, so get up early before 5 o'clock am to ensure you don't miss it. The best time to enjoy the sunrise is at 5:30 - 6:45 am in dry season, from Nov to Feb. Afterwards, you can carefully explore the Angkor Wat, which is a temple complex building in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. Appearing on its national flag, the temple is a symbol of Cambodia and become the country's prime attraction for visitors gradually. 

Then, take tuk-tuk to find the temples Preah Kahn and Neak Pean. They are built by Jayavarman VII. The king asked the people to construct the temples for his father and the public. From the direct route you are recommended to visit the Tasom, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Srah Srang, Banteay Kdei, and Ta Prohm. All of them are miracle temples and worth seeing.

Accommodation Suggestion: Central Boutique Angkor Hotel (3 stars)
Day 4 Outside Central Angkor
Peddlers selling local fruits
Peddlers selling local fruits
You can ask a hotel attendant to help you book a car to facilitate today's sightseeing to some remote sites. The first recommended stop is Banteay Srei Temple, which is 30 miles from the hotel. A near place called Banteay Samre Temple is on the way to Banteay Srei, so you can go there firstly if you are fond with some quiet attractions. 

You can enjoy the joyful scenery of Banteay Srei at 10:00 am for the bright light is good for taking photos. Built in AD 967, Banteay Srei is one of the three major temples in Cambodia. Full of exquisite sculptures may bring to you unforgettable memory. You can enjoy the strong color impact here as well. 

You will reach the Beng Mealea at northeast around 6 miles away from Banteay Srei, which is said as one of the most mysterious places in Angkor. It is a suitable place for those venture enthusiasts. 

There is also time for you to visit Roluos Temples Group, which is built in ninth century AD. It includes Lolei, Preah Ko and Bakong. Viewing these places is helpful for you to understand the history of Cambodia for they are known as the beginning of the Khmer Art. 

Have a big meal in a good restaurant and then return to your hotel by taxi. 

Accommodation Suggestion: Central Boutique Angkor Hotel (3 stars)
Day 5 Tonle Sap - Siem Reap - Departure
On the last day of your independent Cambodia tour, you should not miss the Tonle Sap Lake to the south of Siem Reap. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, with stunning lake view and distinctive floating villages. Kmpong Phhluk Village by the lakeside, about 1-hour's drive from Siem Reap, is highly recommended. Prebook a day tour from a local agency or you can just go for an independent tour - book a taxi or a tuk-tuk from your hotel to the village at a cost of around USD 25, and then buy the boat ticket at USD 20. The cruise will not disappoint you for it offers a great chance for visitors to experience the local river life and get a close contact with the fishermen. 

Your independent tour to Siem Reap Cambodia ends here. After returning to the hotel, take your entire belongings to check out the hotel, and then hail a taxi to the Siem Reap International Airport. You are suggested to reach the airport 2 hours in advance for your leaving flight.
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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