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  What's On
Yinchuan-Dubai Direct Flight to Be Opened
Sichuan Airlines plans to open a direct air route between Yinchuan, Ningxia and Dubai since September 4th, 2015. As the first air route connecting northwest China and the Middle East, the route is served by Airbus A330. The plane 3U8945 will fly from Yinchuan Hedong Airport at 9:40am on Tuesday and Friday and arrive in Dubai at 6:00pm local time. The plane 3U8946 will return from Dubai to Yinchuan on the same day, departing at 8:05pm local time and arriving at 8:00am local time of the following day.

Zhengzhou-Tokyo Direct Flight Opened
The direct air route between Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, and Tokyo has been opened by China Southern Airlines since August 25th, 2015. This route is served by Boeing 737-800, flying from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport at 8:30am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and arriving in Narita International Airport at 1:20pm. The plane returns from Tokyo to Zhengzhou on the same day, departing at 2:30pm and arriving at 5:35pm. With the opening of this route, the time needed for flying between Zhengzhou and Tokyo has been shortened to four hours. (Note: all the time points here follow the local time.)

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