China Flight FAQs

Before booking:

Before booking

Can I book the Chinese domestic discount air tickets online from abroad?
Yes, of course. offers both real time flight schedule and ticket booking service with favored discount and quick response. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries should you need help.


How many destinations can I book with you in China?
We can book flights to about 150 destinations including most provincial capitals and other major cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Mainly, we help you book the discount air tickets of Chinese domestic flights. If your planned destinations are not in our list, please send an email with your specific requirements to us at, and we will reply you with details as soon as possible.

Can I book flights to international destinations from Mainland China?
Yes, but we only book the international tickets to some closer Asia countries currently.

Can I book flights to Mainland China from international destinations?
Usually, we suggest our clients book the far distance international tickets in local agency since they can get better discounts.

Is there any special requirement for flying to Tibet?
Yes. Since Tibet Travel Permit is required by Tibet Tourism Bureau to visit Lhasa and surrounding cities, if you book a flight to Tibet, please be sure that you have applied for the Travel Permit and got it before departure.

What types of identification are acceptable?
Valid ID's include: People's Republic of China Resident ID for Chinese or passports for foreigners. If buying the tickets at the children or infants price, a valid certificate with the children/infants' birth date is necessary when you boarding the plane.

About E-tickets

About E-tickets

What is an electronic ticket?
An electronic ticket, shortened as e-ticket, is an electronic record of the traditional paper ticket which is now offered by most of the major airlines. Or rather, an e-ticket memorizes the information of both flights and passengers from the internet and stores it in the ticket-reservation system. They allow you to travel without a paper ticket, eliminating the worry of leaving behind your tickets. An e-ticket proves your airline ticket purchases instead of a paper record; the only record of a ticket sale is in the electronic record in the airline's computer system. For passengers, e-tickets are used in the same way as paper tickets.

How do I use an electronic ticket?
Passengers holding e-ticket receipts can check in the same way as passengers holding paper tickets. The passengers only need to show their passports to check in at the Business Service Counter at the airport. After the passenger is identified by the airline, the staff will print out the boarding pass and baggage tags. Kind suggestion: Please inform the staff at the business service counter with your Passenger Name Record shown on the E-tickets, so they can find your records in the airline's computer system quickly.

What is an e-ticket receipt?
An e-ticket receipt functions as a voucher for e-ticket payment and reimbursement of China domestic air passengers; it is not a voucher for boarding the plane;

The receipt is permitted to be printed once, one piece for each passenger (If lost, it cannot be reprinted.);

The receipt cannot be arbitrarily altered; passengers should check the items listed on the receipt, such as names and certificate numbers.

E-ticket receipts are needed when passengers want to reroute or refund their e-tickets; passengers should send their application to the ticket agency with the original receipt.

How to reroute E-ticket?
For China domestic air passengers who want to reroute their e-tickets, there are two kinds of circumstances.

a. If the receipt has not been printed out:

Passengers can notify the ticket agency directly (e.g. by phone) if they want to reroute to a ticket of the same class standard (ticket at the same discount); they must confirm the completion of rerouting before they take their flights. If the price of the rerouted ticket is higher than that of the original one, passengers should go to the airport e-ticket counter or the ticket agency where they have their e-ticket receipt printed and pay the fare difference. 

If the receipt has been printed out:

Passengers who want to reroute to a ticket of the same class standard (ticket at the same discount) should notify the ticket agency first and reroute their ticket under the help of the ticket agency staff. If the price of the rerouted ticket is higher than that of the original one, passengers should go to the airport e-ticket counter or the ticket agency with the e-ticket receipt and pay the fare difference there.