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If you have not set foot in the Czech Republic, you will be haunted by it; if you have ever witnessed its charming appearance, you will be unable to stop thinking of it, and even want to embark on a journey to see it again. From the elegant Prague castle to charming streets, and cross the Charles Bridge decorated with baroque sculptures, then stroll through the medieval Prague Old City Square. Everything will make you feel that you are in a fairy tale world. Come to Czech and start your fantastic journey!

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What to See in Czech for First Time Travelers?

When speaking of Czech, Prague is the place you cannot miss. If you have a short period of time like 3-5 days, it will be enough for you to explore the main sights in Prague and enjoy the food there. If you have more travel days, you can go to the fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov from Prague. You will get fascinated by this beautiful medieval town. For history lovers, Brno is a good place which will leave you with no regrets.
Cesky Krumlov Castle
Prague Coach Horse

When is the Best Time to Travel to Czech?

The Czech Republic has a temperate climate, with an annual average temperature of around 8℃. The average temperature in summer is 17℃ and in winter is about -1℃. May to September is the best time to travel in the Czech Republic. In June and September, the climate is mild and the rainfall is not much. July to August is the peak season for tourism and price may be higher than usual.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Czech?

The Czech Republic is one of the Schengen countries. Visa is needed for travelers who are from non-Schengen countries without a visa-free travel agreement with Czech. Foreigners with a valid Schengen visa can enjoy visa exemption to Czech.

How to Get to and Travel around Czech?

The main airport of Czech is in Prague. To enter Czech, travelers will take a flight to Prague and stay for a few days. If you go to Czech from other countries in Europe, you can also take trains. The Central Station is the largest railway station in Prague, from which most domestic and foreign trains come in and out. The Czech railways are connected with many European countries, and you can reach the major European cities by train. Between the cities in Czech, train and bus are both good choices.

What Language is Spoken in the Czech Republic?

The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech and it is spoken by most citizens in the country. The primary minority languages spoken are Slovak and Polish. English is not widely spoken in the Czech Republic. In large cities and tourist areas like Prague, people could speak English. But if you travel to small towns, you may find no one speaks English.

Is Tipping Customary in the Czech Republic?

The same as other European countries, giving tips is a habit of the Czech people. The tip is around 10% of the bill for waiters and taxi drivers, etc. Tip is not mandatory at all. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can reduce or even give no tips.

What Currency is Used in Czech?

The Czech crown is the official currency to use. Although it is a part of the European Union, Euro is not widely accepted here. Some restaurants and hotels accept Euros but the exchange rate may not be very favorable. So it's cheaper and easier to use crowns in Czech.