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Ecuador is a country situated on the Equator and well known for bananas. It has various tourism resources.
The Equator Monument regarded as the "center of the earth" in capital city Quito, the lush tropical rainforest being one of the best adventure spots, and Galapagos Islands with unique ecosystem known as the "Museum of Living Biological Evolution" and declared by UNESCO as the natural wealth of mankind, all these are must-sees for tourists. Are you excited for an Ecuador tour? Hereunder, we show you our selected Ecuador tour packages.
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What to See in Ecuador for First Time Travelers?

Although Ecuador does not occupy a very large territory, it owns abundant tourism resources. For short stay travelers, you are suggested to visit the cultural heritage city Quito and adventure the Amazon Jungle city Coca, which takes 5 to 7 days. If you can extend your Ecuador travel packages to 8-13 days, you will be able to visit the active volcano Cotopaxi in Cotopaxi National Park, interesting Otavalo market and the attractive Galapagos Islands. For those who prefer in-depth Ecuador travel packages, 14 to 18 days' Ecuador tours will enable you to cover more highlights, including the famous national park of Parque Nacional Cajas in Cuenca and the waterfall of Cascada El Pailón del Diablo in Baños.
Cotopaxi National Park, Quito
Squirrel Monkey in Coca

When is the Best Time to Take Ecuador Tours?

Travelers can visit Ecuador all year around. No matter when you want to take Ecuador tour packages, you will enjoy the unique landscape and scenery of this country. The best time depends on the areas you will go to. If you visit the west coast area, the best time is from January to May, as it is tropical rain forest climate with an average temperature of 23-25℃(73-77℉). If you visit central Andes Mountain area, you are suggested go there from June to September, as it is dry season. If you want to visit the East Amazon Jungle area, the best time is dry season from August to November. If you go to Galapagos Islands, you can go there all year round. No matter you go there in dry and cool season from July to December or in hot and wet season from January to June, you will have an amazing holiday.

Do I Need a Visa to Ecuador?

Compared with many other countries, the visa policy of Ecuador is quite lenient. Visitors from most countries can enjoy visa exemption for up to 90 days. If you enjoy visa exemption, you need present your passport, round trip ticket or onward ticket and travel health insurance for the whole trip at the immigration office of the entry port, then the staff will give you a tourist stamp on your passport. Those visitors who need apply for an Ecuador visa are suggested to go to the nearest Embassies or Consulates of Ecuador in your country for advice.

How to Get to and Travel Around Ecuador?

The international flights to Ecuador mainly land in Quito international airport and Guayaquil international airport, especially Quito. If there is no direct flight from your country to Ecuador, you can connect your trip in Miami, Houston and Atlanta in USA, Madrid and Amsterdam in Europe.

The public transportation system in Ecuador is comfortable and economic. In our tours, you will travel by air, boat and private vehicles.

How Much Time Should I Spend in Galapagos Islands?

Galapagos Islands have unique scenery and attract countless travelers from all over the world every year. You are suggested to stay there for at least 5 days, and then you can pick two or three popular islands to enjoy the island hopping tour. In fact, the longer you stay in this amazing place, the more beautiful islands you will discover.