Valley of Whales, Fayoum

2 Days Independent Trip to Fayoum Oasis from Cairo

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Fayoum Oasis is located on the west bank of Nile, about 100km (62mi) southwest to Cairo. Here, canals crisscross, lakes abound, waterfalls stand here and there and the air is always fresh, making it a great weekend destination. The Valley of Whales also lies here.

How to Travel from Cairo to Fayoum
• Private car: Taking about 1 hour and 40 minutes on the way, it is considered as the most convenient and fastest way. Your hotel staff and many local travel agencies will be glad to assist you to rent a car. Of course, you can contact TravelChinaGuide for a relative itinerary and its quotation.

• Public micro bus: Most micro buses to Fayoum depart from Remaya Square nearby the Pyramid. When you hear someone calling "Fayoum", you may go ahead to ask its detailed destination. Usually, it takes 2 hours from Remaya Square to Tunis Village and the ticket fare is EGP50 per person. If lucky, you will find the more comfortable 7-seats air-conditioned van; the ticket fare is EGP300 per person.

• Train: Every day, there is a train departing from Cairo at 19:10 and arriving at Fayoum at 21:30. Ticket fare is EGP45. Or, you may take the train from Cairo to Beni Suef and then take a taxi to Fayoum. However, it takes about 1.5 hours by taxi from Beni Suef to Fayoum. So this travel way requiring a transfer is not very recommended.
Day 1 Cairo - Fayoum Oasis - Tunis Village - Qarun Lake
At 08:00, you may take the private car for about 1h40min to Tunis Village. On arrival, we recommend you to check in the Tebtunis Hotel. Its rooms are clean and the hotel also offers bike rental service.

After a short break, you may have a stroll in the village. It's famous for pottery. The colorful and various potteries scatter everywhere. There are also many pottery schools and stores and the most famous is the Fayoum Pottery School, which you are advised to pay a visit.

Then, you may go back to the hotel to have lunch and escape the hot sun outside.

At 16:00, you may set off to Qarun Lake. About 2km away, you may walk there or rent a bike to ride there. Qarun Lake is home to about 90 kinds to precious birds including flamingoes, so it is a great place for bird watching. On the lake, float many colorful boats and you may rent one to enjoy the sunset. Generally, the boat rental fee is EGP150-200 per hour.

At the end of the day, walk or ride the bike back to hotel for a good rest. 

Recommended Accommodation: Tebtunis Hotel
Day 2 Wadi El Rayan - Magic Lake - Valley of Whales - Cairo
Today, we recommend you to travel to the Magic Lake to enjoy Dune Bashing. As it is a little bit far, you'd better hire a car to get there and considering the road conditions, the 4X4 jeep is the best.

The first destination is Wadi El Rayan,the biggest waterfall groups in Egypt. Ask the driver to send you to the lower plateau, the best place to appreciate Wadi El Rayan.

Next, ride the car for another 20 minutes to the Magic Lake. It is named so because it shows different colors in different time of the day. Hidden among sand dunes, you can enjoy thrilling dune bashing before arriving here.

After, continue driving for 1 hour and 20 minutes to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadi El Hitan National Park to see the Valley of Whales. You will for sure be surprised to see hundreds of fossils of giant whales, sharks and other marine animals in the barren desert. They seem to tell you the stories happened 40 million years ago. In addition, it is very worthwhile to visit the Fossil and Climate Museum.

Finally, drive back to Cairo. The distance from Wadi El Hitan to Cairo is 190km (120 mi) and it takes about 3 hours. On the way, you will also have a chance to see the Pyramids of Fayoum.
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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