Dahab, Egypt

4 Days Independent Travel to Dahab from Cairo

Tour Code: TEG211
Day 1 Arrival in Dahab
There are 2 common ways to travel from Cairo to Dahab: by air or by bus.

If you prefer flight, you may land in Sham el-Sheikh, taking around an hour in the air, and then take a direct taxi or bus to Dahab, which is about 90 km (56 mi) or 80 minutes' drive away.

If you like bus more, you may choose one from one of the three bus companies: Go Bus, Blue Bus, and the East Delta Bus Company. However, in consideration of the comfortability, cleanliness, and service standard, we recommend Go Bus and Blue Bus. The land distance from Cairo to Dahab is 550 km (340 mi), taking about 7-8 hours by bus. On the way, there are 1-2 check points and breaking stops. Ticket fare is EGP 225-460 based on different seat classes and bus types.

On arrival, check in the hotel and settle down. Dahab is a small city with 3 main districts: Masbat the old town, Laguna the new city, and Assala which was once the ancient Bedouin Village. Masbat is the tourist gathering zone with beautiful beaches and many hostels, restaurants and Cafes. Laguna has many high-end hotels and is the main surfing site in Dahab. Assala is famous for the Eel Garden dive spot. For first-time tourist to Dahab, it is advised to live in Masbat.

Recommended Accommodation: Blue Beach Club
Day 2 Visit the Ras Mohammed National Park
Ras Mohammed National Park is the most popular marine national park in Egypt, with colorful coral reefs, rich marine lives, soft beaches and world-famous diving spot. About 125 km (78 mi) away from Dahab, it takes you about 2 hours to get there.

You may take a bus to Sham el-Sheikh first, then change to a taxi to the ferry dock, and take a ferry to the national park.

Another popular way is to join a group day tour, which usually includes hotel transfers, snorkeling boat to the park, 2-3 stops for swimming, snorkeling and buffet lunch. There will also be a guide teaching you snorkeling skills and safety tips.

Recommended Accommodation: Blue Beach Club
Day 3 Dahab Diving
Dahab is especially famous for the world's third deepest sea hole. This Blue Hole is only a few kilometers north to Dahab. Although breathtakingly beautiful, it is one of the world's most dangerous snorkeling spots. If you are not an experienced diver, it is not recommend to try. Instead, there are many other diving sites much safer and more suitable for common tourists, like Lighthouse, Eel Garden, Coral Garden, the Canyon and Mashraba. There are many shops providing diving service along the Blue Beach Road and you may join one for diving fun.

In addition to diving, you may enjoy a Dahab bicycle tour. It must be life-long memories to cycle from the prosperous town to Sina Mountain along the beautiful coastline. During the cycling, you will see the blue sea on one side and the barren Gobi on the other side.

Recommended Accommodation: Blue Beach Club
Day 4 Departure from Dahab
After the Dahab trip, you may go back to Cairo following the coming way. If you return by bus, go to El Mashraba St. Beside Dahab Plaza Hotel next to Maabar Elseel Bride to get onboard.
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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