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Akwaaba! Boasting the diverse wildlife, miles of golden beaches along the picturesque coast, lush forests and fascinating cultural heritage sites, Ghana is a dynamic country in West Africa that entice visitors from all over the world. Plan your Ghana tour packages with us to explore this fertile land!

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What to See in Ghana for First Time Travelers?

If you only have a short stay in Ghana, you are advised to visit the capital city of Accra to experience its dynamic atmosphere for around 2 days. No matter a number of historical museums or various craft markets, you will soon be obsessed by this vibrant city. If you would like to take a 5 to 7 days tour, then you may want to cover the Kumasi city, where to learn about the Ashanti Empire history and explore colorful craft villages. Then extend your Ghana holiday packages to Cape Coast to have a glance of the colonial architecture that reveals Ghana's miserable and troubling history. On the way back to Accra, drop by at Kakum National Park to admire the beauty of nature. For those who prefer a thorough trip, 10 to 14 days will enable you to visit more highlights including Mole National Park and Lake Volta area.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Ghana?

Ghana is humid and hot all year around, so the best time to visit Ghana is during the dry month from November to April when the climate is cool and comfortable. Meanwhile, the dry season also means less mosquitoes.
Elmina Castle, Cape Coast
Kakum National Park, Cape Coast

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Ghana?

The citizens of the 21 countries in Africa as well as some Caribbean territories are visa-exempt, which means the citizens of those countries can travel to Ghana without a visa for up to 90 days. It is best to check the current visa requirements to make sure everything is prepared for your Ghana tours.

How to Get to and Travel Around Ghana?

There are 4 airports in Ghana respectively located in cities of Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi. The main way for international travelers to get to Ghana is flying into the Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in the capital city of Accra. This is where all international flights arrive.

To travel around Ghana, the only way to reach most tourist sites is by road. Therefore, hiring a vehicle with an experienced driver guide is a good option. We are happy to arrange your Ghana holiday packages per your request.

Do I Need to Get Vaccination before my Ghana tour packages?

Currently, the only vaccine to shot required by Ghana is Yellow Fever. According to the law, anyone who enters Ghana must be able to provide the proof of their yellow fever vaccination. The other vaccinations are optional and it is totally up to you, we would advise you to consult the doctor before taking your Ghana tours.

Is English Widely Spoken?

Yes. As Ghana was colonized by English speaking countries so English was inherited from the colonial area. There are more than 40 languages and 70 dialects in Ghana, the Ashanti Twi language of the Ashanti people is the most widely spoken language in Ghana.

Is It Safe to Travel to Ghana?

Ghana has been ranked as one the most peaceful countries in West Africa. It is relatively safe with low crime rate, especially compared to many other African countries.

Is Tipping Customary in Ghana?

Tipping is not necessarily expected in Ghana. However, it can be regarded as an act of goodwill since most of the workers are low-paid. So Ghanaian workers would appreciate your tips very much. When tipping at restaurants and bars, around 5% to 10% should suffice. Porters at airports and bus stations would often expect a Ghana cedi or two as tip.