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Israel is the dream land of every Jew, Christian and Muslim. It is said that 80% of the biblical stories have their origins in Israel.
Our private Israel tour packages will take you to discover the highlights of Israel including the Old Jaffa, the holy city of Jerusalem, the footprints of Jesus around Sea of Galilee and the natural wonder of Dead Sea. Let’s plan and experience the best tours of Israel together.
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What to Visit in Israel for First Time Travelers?

Israel, a land flowing with milk and honey, attracts many tourists every year to experience its different religious cultures. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and cities around Sea of Galilee are all hot tourist destinations. Usually, 6-8 days are enough for the first time Israel tours. You could not only see the holy sites in Jerusalem, like Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Mt. Zion, but also appreciate the natural wonders like the Dead Sea and enchanting bays along the Mediterranean coastline. Moreover, if you are interested in the bible stories, you could find some of the origins in the small cities near Sea of Galilee.
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Dead Sea

How is the Weather in Israel? What is the Best Time for Israel Tours?

The climate varies in Israel. It is hot and dry from April to October, and it is mild and humid from November to next March. The temperature is about 20~32°C (68~89°F) in summer and 7-17°C (44~62°F) in winter.

The best time to visit Israel is in April, May, September and October when the average temperature is around 20°C/68°F. But there are many Jewish holidays in September and October. So you may avoid the holiday periods for travelling. Your travel consultant will provide professional suggestions on this.

Do I Need a Visa to Israel?

It depends on your nationality. A valid passport is enough to enter Israel for those, whose country has Visa Waiver Program with Israel. Otherwise, you will need to apply the visa in advance at the local embassy with a valid passport for at least 6 months, two passport photos and the round-way tickets to and from Israel. Usually, it takes about one week to one month for the visa application.

How to Get to and Travel Around Israel?

Ben Gurion International Airport is the only international airport in Israel, which is about 15km away from Tel Aviv. You could fly to Tel Aviv from your country and then be transferred to other destinations easily. The drive time is about 1-2 hours between the hot tour cities in northern Israel and Jerusalem.

Also train is quite convenient in Israel. The railway station is just in the arrival hall of the airport. There are direct trains from the airport to major cities, like Tel Aviv and Haifa. While if you will go to Jerusalem, connect the train at Hahagana station in Tel Aviv. In most cases, the tickets are always available, so you could buy it on the spot.

What Clothing Should I Pack for Israel Vacation?

Pack some casual and comfortable clothing for sightseeing. Don’t forget the hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and your swim suit. Most of the religious sites require the modest and proper dress, so please take the long pants for men and long pants or shirts covering knees and shoulders for women. Also women should bring a scarf in order to cover their hair in some sites.

Is It Safe to Travel in Israel?

Sure, it is quite safe for visitors in Israel. Even though Israel involves in some troubles in the Middle East, it has a very high standard for public safety. Millions of visitors come to Israel every year and there is no major incident. Taking our private Israel tours, your driver-guide will surely take good care of you.

What is the Currency in Israel? How Can I Get the Local Currency?

Israel’s official currency is Shekel and 1 Shekel equals to 0.3 US dollars. You are advised to exchange some Shekels upon arrival. Usually the exchange rate at the airport is not favorable, so you could only exchange a small amount at the airport if needed. The exchange counter labelled “change” or “exchange” offer more favorable exchange rate and it is the most convenient place for money exchange. Also, you can withdraw cash with your credit card from the ATMs.

Is Tipping Required in Israel?

Tipping is customary to hotel staff, drive guides if they offer services in courteous and professional manners, while, it is not required to tip the taxi driver.