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Northeast New Territories Island
The Northeast New Territories is a hidden treasure of Hong Kong. Thanks to relatively inaccessible by public transport, the natural landscapes of virgin hills and un-spoilt coastline with remote islands lying on the calm water escaped from developers' axes despite of massive urbanization. A leisurely and scenic boat trip takes you to discover all its charm and shore excursions take you into the heart of an off the beaten track tour of Hong Kong.
1.  Ma Liu Shui Public Pier
The embarkation and disembarkation point of the boat trip. You will have a 10-minutes walk to the pier to board the boat.
2.  Tolo Channel
Sail on the largest fault line of Hong Kong, which extends from here in a northeast-southeast direction to west Kowloon. The different rock formation on each side of the channel - volcanic rock on the northern side, makes it an important geology trip. Historically, it was the main sea route for fishing trip to South China Sea. The calm water was the primary production ground of pearls to dress the imperial palaces in China. The virgin hills and the dense of forest of the Plover Cove Country Park on the west, Sai Kung Country Park on the east and Ma On Shan Country Park in the South, make this cruising pleasantly scenic.
3.  Yan Chau Tong Marine Park (Double Haven)
Sail between a narrow waterway to cruise Double Haven, and immerse in a panorama of beautiful hills and calm water. In the colonial area of Hong Kong, this was the favorable place for the Royal family sailing on the Royal yacht. The vistas of protected hills in all directions, uninhabited islands on calm water, peaceful bys, headlands, rock cliffs and un-spoilt coastline - are proudly proclaimed as Shangri-La of Hong Kong.
4.  Lai Chi Wo - Hakka village and nature trail
Lai Chi Wo is a flat arable land by the cast (on the mainland of the New Territories proper). Here stands the serene and rustic Hakka walled village of about 400 years. It is protected by the dense Feng Shui wood as a natural wall, and surrounded by the thick concrete walls on the other three sides. Within the walls are 9 neatly arranged lanes of about 100 rural homes, most of which are only occupied in the weekends when villagers return from workplace in other parts of New Territories.
5.  Crooked Island (Kat O)
The island with an area of 2.3 square kilometers has a population of 300, downsized from the peak of 3,000 fisherman in the 1960's. The main street by the pier is the centre of village activities. Visit the century old Tin Hau Temple and the old banyan tree - the tree of love and learning about the islanders' living culture.
6.  Grass Island (Tap Mun)
The island has an area of less than 2 square kilometers. On approaching, you will see fish farming by the pier, the main livelihood of villagers here. It was once the centre of seafood trading, and the villagers are half Hakka (farmers by accent) and Tanka (fishermen by accent). You will see houses on silts for Tankan and houses on land for the Hakka. Walk to the highest point which is only 125m above sea level and you will get a superb view of the South China Sea and the grassland. Light lunch will be arranged in the one of simple village restaurants here.
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