Highlights of Albania

ALB101: 7 Days Private Tour of Tirana - Kruje - Vlora - Butrint National Park - Saranda - Gjirokaster - Berat - Durres - Tirana
Tour Type: Private Tour, any part of the itinerary can be customized
Accommodation: 4-star decent hotels, also be open to your own choice

  • Experience capital Tirana's vibrant nightlife and culture.
  • Discover the magical Blue Eye Spring in Southern Albania.
  • Admire the picturesque scenery of Butrint National Park.
  • Visit the imposing castles of medieval cities in Roman times.
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Day 1 Arrival in Tirana
Thank you for your interest in our 7 days private Albania tour. Upon arrival at the Tirana International Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative and transferred to a nice hotel in the city center. During the rest time of the day, you could rest at the hotel or have an evening walk on the colorful streets around Skanderbeg Square to experience the wonderful nightlife of Tirana.

Accommodation: Hotel Austria Tirana or similar
Day 2 Morning Sightseeing in Tirana, Afternoon Excursion to Kruje
Tirana, founded in 1614 by Sulejman Pasha, is the capital and the largest city in Albania. In the morning, our guide will arrange for you a city tour, including visits to the famous mosque of Ethem Bey, the Clock Tower, the Palace of Culture and Ministry Buildings. Then visit the National History Museum which enables you to gain a fascinating insight into the Albania's past and recent history.

In the afternoon, we will take a one-hour scenic drive to the medieval city of Kruje, known as “the city of museums”, which has been an important handicraft center in the 18th century. We will pay a visit to the Skanderbeg Museum, which was built in memory of the Albania’s Legendary Military Strategist Scanderbeg, who resisted against the Turks and kept the Ottoman forces from crossing into Europe through Albania. Then walk around the Old Bazaar where you may purchase some fancy handmade souvenirs. At the end of the day, we will send you back to Tirana.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Austria Tirana or similar
Day 3 Drive to Vlora, with Stops at Ardenica and Apollonia
After early breakfast, we will head south to Vlora, which is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) away. On the way you can enjoy the stunning view of the beautiful hills and stop at the Monastery of Ardenica, inside which is decorated with frescoes featuring two brothers Konstandin and Athanos Zografi, as well as the local artist Constantine Konstandin Shpataraku.

Next, continue driving to the ancient city of Apollonia in Roman times. Here the guide will lead you to visit the archaeological site of Apollonia, the Byzantine Church and the Monastery of St. Mary. Afterwards, we will arrive at Vlora, which is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and then go on to visit the Independence Museum. In the remaining time, you can watch the stunning sunset or explore this harbor city as you like.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Grand Vlora Palace or similar
Day 4 Saranda City Highlights with Butrint National Park (UNESCO)
Today we will depart from Vlora and drive 2.5 hours to Saranda along the coastline of the Albanian Riviera. Stop en route at a high viewpoint so that you could have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Ionian Sea. Abundant nature beauty and extant Roman ruins still await us to discover in town. We will explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint with close distance of the Corfu Island in Greece. As a popular tourist destination, Butrint National Park is home to numerous historical monuments, such as the city walls, late-antique baptistery, great basilica, and Venetian castles. Next, drive back to the Lekursi castle with the lovely view of sunset from the bay of Saranda.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Brilant Saranda
Day 5 Discover the Blue Eye, Visit the Stone City of Gjirokaster
About 25 kilometers (15 miles) away from Saranda, the natural spot Blue Eye in Albania is very popular and worth visiting. Escorted by the professional guide, we will make a short drive to this magical water spring to witness the interesting phenomenon. Next, proceed 30 kilometers (18 miles) to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gjirokaster. Known as the “City of Stone”, Gjirokaster is blessed with majestic castles, well-preserved cultural monuments, and quaint buildings in town.

In the afternoon, continue driving around 3 hours to Berat and admire a panoramic view of this characteristic town.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Portik Hotel Berat
Day 6 Explore the Castle of Berat, Drive to Durres and Get back to Tirana
Berat, nicknamed as “the Town of a Thousand Windows”, is full of white Ottoman houses, Ottoman-era mosques and Byzantine churches. This morning, you will enjoy a guided tour to the Berat Castle and the Onufri Museum. You may stroll around the Albania traditional houses and discover its unique charms on your own.

After the Berat exploration, we keep driving 90 kilometers (56 miles) to Durres with a sightseeing tour of the Roman Amphitheatre in the Balkans and fantastic archaeological museum. Finally, we will drive back to the capital Tirana for an overnight stay.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Austria Tirana
Day 7 See off at the Tirana International Airport
Your guide will wait for you at the hotel lobby and send you to the Tirana International Airport based on your departure time. May you a nice trip home!

Meals: Breakfast
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This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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