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Attention: According to the UN Prohibitions, nowadays we do not organize any North Korea tours. All the tour itineraries and travel guide information are for your reference only. Thanks for your understanding.

North Korea Transportation

Travel to North Korea
By Plane
Pyongyang Sunan International Airport is the first International airport of the country. Only Air Koryo and China Airlines have business counters at the airport. It currently only offers scheduled flights from Beijing and Shenyang in China, and Vladivostok in Russia. There are also charted flights from Shanghai Pudong Airport and Dandong in China to Pyongyang. 

From China, visitors can take a flight from Beijing to Pyongyang every Monday and Friday while flights will depart Shenyang for Pyongyang on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Charted flights to Pyongyang are available at Shanghai Pudong Airport on Mondays and Fridays, and Dandong Airport every Tuesday and Friday. The duration is around 3 hours from Beijing, 2.5 hours from Shanghai, 1.5 hour from Shenyang, and 40 minutes from Dandong. 

Flights from Vladivostok to Pyongyang operate on Mondays and Fridays and it would take less than 1 hour to reach the destination.
By train
Train is another important transportation means to reach the country, and is also available from China and Russia.
From China:
Train K27 connects Pyongyang and Beijing. It leaves from Beijing Railway Station every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 17:27, traveling through Shenyang, Dandong, Sinuiju... and finally arriving at Pyongyang Railway Station at 19:30 the second day.

Train K95 starts from Dandong Railway Station in China at 10:00 every day and arrives at Pyongyang at 15:30.

From Russia:
Pyongyang Railway Station offers international trains from Moscow to Pyongyang on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Notice: Tourists entering North Korea by train have to go through security check at Sinuiju Railway Station and fill in an entry form. Staff at the customs will open the luggage to see if there are prohibited items, as well as check passport and visa.
By bus
Buses are available from Dandong in China to North Korea because Dandong lies at the border between the two countries. After 2 minutes' ride along Yalu River Bridge, you are actually in the territory of North Korea.
Travel in North Korea
Taxi has been popularized in North Korea in recent years, and the main passengers are foreigners working in the country. The cost is 0.5 USD per kilometer. There is no taximeter installed on the car and taxi fare is charged according to the traveling distance. Passengers can pay in Euros, RMB, USD and Japanese Yen. Nowadays, there are about 8 taxi companies with over 700 taxis operating.
Pyongyang built the world's deepest metro system with the deepest area reaching 200 meters (220 yards) below the ground. Besides transportation funcion, it also serves as a defensive facility against potential war threat. There are now two lines: Chollima Line and Hyoksin Line, and the cost is 5 KPW for each trip.
There are mainly three kinds of buses in North Korea: tramcar, trolleybus, and public bus.
The total length of highway network in North Korea amounts to 7.75 kilometers (4.82 miles). The tourist highway from Pyongyang to Nanpo, Wonsan, Kaesong, and Myohyang-san are now in service.