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Attention: According to the UN Prohibitions, nowadays we do not organize any North Korea tours. All the tour itineraries and travel guide information are for your reference only. Thanks for your understanding.

Things to do in North Korea

Top Destinations
1. Pyongyang
Pyongyang is the capital city and the political, cultural and economic center of the Democratic Republic of North Korea. It is located in the northwest of Korean Peninsula with Taedong River flowing across the city. It is known as "a city in flowers" as the green land takes up 80% of the city's land, making the city a natural garden. Besides, Korean people cherish such a deep love for willows and you can see this kind of plants lining up along both sides of Taedong River. 

There are many popular tourist sites in Pyongyang. For example, the famous Arch of Triumph was built to commemorate the independence of the country; beside it stands Moranbang Mountain which is home to a variety of plants and historical pavilions; in addition, Kim Il-sung Square, Former Residence of Mangyongdae, and other tourist sites are all worth visiting. 

2. Sinuiju
Sinuiju is the capital city of North Pyongan. In 2003, it was designated as an open city. Its main attractions include Yalu River Bridge, Revolutionary Memorial Hall, and Tongnim Falls. 

3. Rason
Rason is the only free trade area in North Korea under the direct control of the central government. It is the only city offering free-visa entrance to foreign visitors. 

4. Kaesong
Kaesong is a very important commercial city in the ancient times. It is now designated as the special economic zone permitting foreign investments, making the city a new development center in North Korea. It produces world-known Korean ginseng of the best quality. 

Panmunjom is the must-see spot there, located on the dividing line of South Korea and North Korea. The Military Armistice Agreement was signed in this base on July 27th, 1953. Koryo Museum is another popular destination which used to be an imperial residence and houses over 1,000 pieces of historic relics now.
Top Attractions
1. Mount Myohyang
Mount Myohyang stands in the northeast of North Korea and is where South Pyongan and North Pyongan provinces meet. Since ancient times, it has been known as one of the eight most spectacular landscapes in Korea. The mountain has beautiful scenery and the vegetation on which give out pleasing smell. It is the perfect place for hiking since there are extraordinary views for visitors' enjoyment. It is home to over 700 kinds of plants and about 200 kinds of animals. The mountain is a magical combination of natural scenery and human landscape including exquisite pagodas and temples. 

2. Mount Kumgang
Kumgang Mountain is a 1,638-meter (5,374-foot) high mountain in Kangwon. It has been known for its scenic beauty since ancient times with many caves, sheer cliffs, and quiet valleys. Mount Kumgang is commonly divided into three areas: Inner Kumgang, Outer Kumgang, and Sea Kumgang, each with different geological and topographical features. 

3. Songdon Pleasure Resort
Songdon Pleasure Resort is a multifunctional resort with Korean-style parks, botanic gardens, gymnasiums, restaurants and well-known Songtao International Summer Camp. The resort has a bathing beach where tourists can play beach sports or go diving and swimming under beautiful sunshine. 

4. Arch of Triumph
It was built up in commemoration of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, in 1982. It is 60 meters (197 feet) high and 52.5 meters (57.4 yards) wide. The image of Mount Paektu, and lyrics of the Song of General Kim Il-sung were carved on the walls. On the edge of the gatepost lie 70 slabstones embossed with patterns of Kimjongilia flowers to commemoration of the 70th birthday of Kim Il-sung.
Special Activities
1. Arirang Performance
Arirang Show is a large group calisthenics and artistic performance involving 100,000 actors which aims to commemorate the leadership of the North Korean leaders. It is the largest performance of this kind in the world and has been awarded the Guinness World record. It is staged between August and October in May Day Stadium and each ticket costs about 60$. 

2. Hot Spring
North Korea has famous hot springs such as Naegok Hot Spring in Ryanggangand, and Ryonggang Hot Spring in South Pyongan; both are rich in mineral substance and are conducive to some chronic diseases including high blood pressure, rheumatic arthritis, and obesity. 

3. Pyongyang Marathon
The government, along with various tourist agencies, operates a marathon in Pyongyang each April. It has been designated as IAAF Bronze Label Road Race. The route starts from the Kim Il-Sung Stadium, runs through the Taedong River and still ends at the stadium. Since 2014, the race was open to runners from several foreign countries.
Rice is the staple food on North Korean people's dining table. There are also subsidiary food such as soup as well as kimchi, a kind of pickles made of cucumbers, carrots, and cabbages. In addition, there are also many special local food and snacks, including cold noodles, glutinous rice cake, barbecue, and seafood. The cold noodle is a must-try dish, using flour, buck wheat and starch as ingredients. It is usually served with kimchi, pepper or other snacks.