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Stunning scenery and rich Inca culture await for your exploration!
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Bolivia, a jewel located in the heart of South America, is one of the countries with well-preserved Indian culture and traditions.
It is also known as the Tibet of South America with diverse natural scenery. Our Bolivia tours bring you to visit the Lake Titicaca being the highest navigable lake, and Uyuni salt flats, the legendary "mirror of the sky". You can also make an adventure in Amazon rainforest or visit the unique heritage of churches, buildings and colorful markets in cities of La Paz, Sucre and Potosi. Our travel experts will help you customize a hassle-free Bolivia trip.
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What to See in Bolivia for First Time Travelers?

If you have a short stay in Bolivia, you are suggested to visit Salar de Uyuni with endless landscape, amazing natural lakes and desert, which will take around 3 days. If you want to start a 4 to 7 days' Bolivia trip, you should cover La Paz city tour, Lake Titicaca, overnight in Isla del Sol, and the "mirror of the sky" Salar de Uyuni, which present you with both the Inca culture and gorgeous landscape. For those who prefer an in-depth travel, 8 to 14 days' Bolivia tours will enable you to pick more highlights, including Madidi National Park Rainforest, mine tour in Potosi and exploration of the white city Sucre.
Flamingos at Laguna Colorada, Uyuni
Lake Titicaca

When is the Best Time to Travel Bolivia?

Travelers can go to Bolivia all year around, while the best time to travel to Bolivia is from May to October. Bolivia only has two seasons. Dry season is from May to October in winter and wet season is from November to April in summer. During the dry season, it is warm and dry. During wet season, it is wet and rainy.

If you are an outdoor adventurer, travelling in dry season is suitable, however, if you want to see the mirror of the sky in Salar de Uyuni, you may travel in wet and rainy season.

Do I Need a Visa to Bolivia?

The visa policy varies on nationalities. Citizens from the United States, EU member states, Australia and other 28 counties can enjoy visa exemption for up to 30 days, and they can also extend to 90 days on arrival. Passport holders of other countries need to apply for a visa to enter Bolivia, while some nationalities can apply for visas on arrival, some are required to get the visa ready beforehand through the Bolivian embassy or consulate.

How to Get to and Travel Around Bolivia?

The international flights to Bolivia mainly come from North America. Normally, travelers who leave for South America will choose to connect the flight in New York, Miami in USA, Madrid in Spain and Sao Paulo in Brazil. There are three international airports in Bolivia, however, most international flights land at the airport in La Paz and Santa Cruz. The third international airport is in Cochabamba with a few international routes to Buenos Aires in Argentina and Sao Paulo in Brazil currently.

The bus transportation in Bolivia is well developed, but the duration is long and the trip is tiring and not very safe. In contrast, taking a flight is the most convenient and safest way to travel in Bolivia. In our tours of Bolivia, you will mainly travel by air, by boat and private vehicles.

What Language is Mainly Spoken in Bolivia?

Spanish is mainly spoken in Bolivia and many indigenous inhabitants have their own languages like Aymara, Tupi Guaraní, Chiquitano and Quechua. In Bolivia, most people cannot speak English, while in our tours of Bolivia, your local guide can speak both English and Spanish, so there will be no language barrier.

How to Take Amazing Photos in Salar de Uyuni?

Salar de Uyuni is a very nice place to take amazing photos. With the setting of endless landscape of the salt flats, you can jump in the air, or make different poses of funny and graceful to record the special moment. Your guide will also offer you some useful advice on taking great pictures. Enjoy yourself!