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Chile has a great diversity of natural landscapes. In the north Chile, you will admire the spectacular Atacama Desert scenery;
in the central, you will visit the cities with traditional rural scenery and learn about the folk culture of the locals. In the south, Torres del Paine National Park, as the most exciting part of your Chile tour packages, is a paradise for outdoor sportsmen. Beautiful lakes, numerous glaciers and tundra rainforest, all these have made Chile a perfect holiday destination. Are you excited for a Chile Tour? Our experts will remain at your services any time.
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What to See in Chile for First Time Travelers?

Chile has abundant tourism resources. Here are some travel suggestions regarding different areas. For central Chile, a 3 - 5 days' trip will enable you to learn the culture, history and enjoy the winery tour of the capital city Santiago de Chile. If you explore the Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, a 4 - 6 days' journey will fulfil all your needs and curiosities. To the Atacama Desert in the north, our 5 - 7 days' Chile tours will be your perfect choice to experience its glamour. Making an adventure to Torres del Paine National Park in the south, 5 days can do half circle with the essential part, and 10 days can make the whole circle of the park. For a complete Chile tour, our ready-made itineraries can be good references.
Atacama Desert, Chile
Monte Fitz Roy, Chile

When is the Best Time to Travel Chile?

The best time to plan Chile tour packages is from November to March. Climate in Chile can be divided into three distinct parts: North, Middle and South. The northern part is mainly desert climate, and it is hot. The middle part is Mediterranean climate, and it is rainy in winter and dry in summer. The southern part is temperate broad-leaved forest climate, and it is rainy.

Do I Need a Visa to Chile?

Visas are exempted for certain nationals, like EU member states, the United States of America, Switzerland, Bolivia, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Russia, etc. Visitors who are required for a visa need to apply for Chile visa online at least 30 days in advance. Once your online visa application is approved, please go to Chilean embassy to hand in your passport and other documents.

How to Get to and Travel Around Chile?

The international flights to Chile mainly come from North America, especially from USA. All the international flights land at the airport in Santiago de Chile. If there is no direct flight for your schedule, you can connect your trip in one city of United States, such as Chicago, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles. The transportation in Chile is easy and comfortable. In our tours, you will travel by air, ferry, private and shared vehicles.

Is Tipping Customary in Chile?

Yes, tipping is customary in Chile. Here are some tipping suggestions for your reference, around 10% for food and beverage; USD10 for driver, tour guide per day; at the airport or hotel, the tip for handling baggage is about USD1 per piece; normally, you do not need to tip for taxi service, but you may let the driver keep a small change.

How is the Internet Access in Chile?

In Chile, internet access is available in cities and tourist areas. You can find many internet cafes and Wi-Fi hot spot, but internet access is limited in the rural and remote areas.