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Discover breathtaking natural parks and Maya civilizations in Honduras!
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With ancient Maya civilizations, wonderful natural parks, Caribbean beaches and coral reefs, Honduras becomes more and more popular among international tourists. Our private Honduras tours will take you to discover the Mayas ruins in Santa Rosa de Copan, explore the second largest coral reef of the world in Roatan, enjoy bird watching and hiking along the Cangrejal river in La Ceiba and experience the indigenous Lenca culture in Gracias.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Honduras?

The best time to visit Honduras is November to next April, also known as the dry season. With mild climate and less rainfall, it is also the peak season for tourism. From May to October, most Honduran coastal cities and islands turn less busy for it gets very hot and humid.

If you plan to visit the inland cities such as San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Santa Rosa de Copan, Guatemala and Gracias, anytime of the year is suitable. If you also want to explore the island on the Cayos Cochinos or enjoy beach relaxing in Roatan, you can consider the travel time between November and next April.
Roatan, Honduras
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Is Visa Required for Honduras Tours?

• Foreign nationals included in the list of 84 visa-free countries like Schengen countries, Canada, Egypt, United Kingdom, United States can enjoy visa exemption.

• Travelers who hold a valid visa issued by Canada, the United States or a Schengen member country do not need to apply for a Honduras Visa.

• According to the Central America-4 Border Control Agreement among El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, travelers holding a visa to any of the four, can travel to the other three without a visa or permit.

What are the Popular Destinations in Honduras?

Santa Rosa de Copan, Roatan, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Cangrejal River in La Ceiba, Lake Yojoa, Gracias and Comayagua are all popular travel destinations in Honduras. We can arrange tours in any of these cities and regions.

How to Get to and Travel around Honduras?

If you fly to Honduras, the main international airports for you to choose from are the Aeropuerto Internacional Ramon Villeda Morales Airport (SAP) in San Pedro Sula, the Toncontin International Airport (TGU) in Tegucigalpa and the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (RTB) in Roatan.

If you come to Honduras by road transfer from the neighboring country Guatemala, you may reach Santa Rosa de Copan. Inside the country, the primary means of transport is by vehicle. Flights are available between some big cities. The railway is mainly used to transport agricultural products like bananas.

Are Credit Cards Widely Accepted in Honduras?

Yes, Visa and Master cards are accepted in Honduras, especially in Roatan. Nowadays, the American Express and Diner's Club are also widely used in some big cities like San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.