Telphers Guide in Yellow Mountain

 Cable Cars

To fully experience the beauty of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), you have to reach the peak areas. With the assistance of telphers, this is made much easier. This scenic area has developed this kind of transport since 1986. Now there are totally four on it. They can be described as follows:

1. Cloud Valley Old Telpher 
It is the first one on the mountain. Built in 1986, it runs from Cloud Valley Temple (Yun Gu Si) to White Goose Peak (Bai E Ling), taking eight minutes for a single trip. The whole route is about 2,804 meters (3,066 yards) in length. It can transfer 300 people in an hour with one cablecar accommodating 50. From here you can visit the Begin to Believe Peak, Monkey Gazing at the Sea, Refreshing Terrace as well as the West Sea Scenic Area, Cloud Dispersing Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak, etc.
It has been stopped operation since 2011.

2. Cloud Valley New Telpher 
It completed in 2007 is the newest of the four. Its route is from Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Peak. A single trip takes eight minutes also. With one cable car taking eight people, it takes 2,000 people an hour.

3. Jade Screen Telpher 
It established in 1996 runs from the Merciful Light Pavilion (Ci Guang Ge) to Jade Screen Pavilion (Yu Ping Lou). One cable car can accommodate six persons at one time. Within 6 to 10 minutes, you can cover a distance that otherwise takes 3 hours on foot to reach the essential scenic area including the symbol of Yellow Mountain - the Guest Greeting Pine.

4. Taiping Telpher 
It connects the Pine Valley Nunnery (Song Gu An) to the Pine Forest Peak (Song Lin Feng). It is 3,709 meters (4,056 yards) long, boasting the longest in Asia. 100 people can be taken in one carriage and a single trip takes about eight minutes. It is regarded as the one which offers the best scenery. Sitting in the carriage, you can pull the clouds and fog into your arm and overlook the world aloof. It may leave you a totally different feeling.

5. West Sea Valley Telpher
The construction started in April, 2011 and eventually completed in June, 2013. Its route is 892 meters (0.55 mile) long from the bottom of the West Sea Valley to the Shichuang Peak. It is said that 800 tourists can be taken in one hour and a single trip just takes around three minutes.

How to choose the appropriate one among the four? It depends on the location of your hotel and your sightseeing plan. If you climb from the north gate, your only choice is the Taiping Cable Car starting at Pine Valley Nunnery (Song Gu An). If you plan to enter from the south gate, the other three are available. Jade Screen Cable Car is recommended if you lodge in the Yupinglou Hotel or Guangmingding Resort on the summit, or you want to climb Tiandu Peak on the first day after your arrival. If the hotel you booked is on the back mountain such as Beihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel or White Goose Resort, we suggest you take the Cloud Valley Old or Cloud Valley New Cable Car.

Operation Time from September 7, 2015
Telpher Date Time
Cloud Valley Monday - Sunday 07:00-16:30
Jade Screen Monday - Sunday 07:00-16:30
Taiping Monday - Sunday 08:00-17:00
West Sea Vally Monday - Sunday 08:00-17:00
 Ticket Price: 
Single Ticket Mar. 1 - Nov.30 Dec.1 - Feb.28/29
Cloud Valley CNY 80 CNY 65
Jade Screen CNY 90 CNY 75
Taiping CNY 80 CNY 65
West Sea Valley CNY 80
Children between 3.9 and 4.6 feet (1.2 and 1.4 meters): 
CNY 40 (Mar. 1 - Nov.30) and CNY 35 (Dec.1 - Feb.28/29) while taking Cloud Valley and Taiping Telphers
CNY 45 (Mar. 1 - Nov.30) and CNY 40 (Dec.1 - Feb.28/29) while taking Jade Screen Telpher
Children below 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) free of charge

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