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Guangzhou Train Schedule

There are four railway stations in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Railway Station, and the east, north, and south stations.
 The Guangzhou Railway Station mainly has trains running to Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shaoguan, and Maoming.
 The East Station serves mainly for Guangzhou – Shenzhen Line, Guangdong – Hong Kong Line, Guangzhou – Meizhou – Shantou Line and lines to East China. Besides, there are bullet trains to Shenzhen every day.
 The North Station shares transport pressure of the Railway Station. It mainly operates high-speed trains to Wuhan, Changsha, Beijing, and a few ordinary ones to Chongqing, Ganzhou, Hanzhong, Wenzhou, and Zhangjiajie.
 The South Station is one of the important hubs of high-speed rails to Wuhan, Zhuhai, Changsha, and Shenzhen. From the station one can also reach to other main cities such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Taiyuan.

From To Train No. Travel Time Distance (km)

Ticket Price (CNY)

Ticket Booking
First Class/Soft Sleeper Second Class/Hard Sleeper
Hengyang T170, T124, K770…54 trains are available 6-9hrs 521 267 138 Booking
Shenzhen D7127, D7013, D7043…are available from 6:03am to 11:51pm 1h30m 147 99.5 79.5 Booking
Shaoguan East T96, T90, K82…51 trains are available 2-3hrs 221 131.5 88.5 Booking
Maoming East T201, T8349, K407, K511, K365, K397, K1167, K827 5-6hrs 371 158.5 104.5 Booking
Pingshi T8352, T8354, K9050, K222, K1008, K210, K776 4hrs 308 169.5 97.5 Booking
Chongqing North K356, K587, K814, K192, K776, K688 23-30hrs 2217 770 429 Booking
Xian T38, T264, K226, K1168, K648, K1296, K82 22-30hrs 2176 757 421 Booking
Shanghai South K528 20hrs20m 1780 656 355 Booking
Beijing West T16, T202 21hrs 2294 784 441 Booking
Guilin K952 (Overnight) 11hrs30m 864 382 206 Booking
Lhasa T264 54hrs30m 4980 1526 892 Booking
Changchun T124 36hrs40m 3393 1030 585 Booking
Nanjing K528, K522 24hrs30m 2095 741 414 Booking
Guangzhou East Shenzhen D7021, D7065, D7085…are available every 20 minutes from 6:30am to 11:59pm 1h20m 139 99.5 79.5 Booking
Meizhou T8379, T8365, K229, K297 5hrs30m 426 208.5 138.5 Booking
Yichang K932 18hrs 1253 495.5 279.5 Booking
Jiujiang T83, K1017, K1123, K309, K921, K729 (Overnight) 12-16hrs 1095 472.5 302.5 Booking
Qingdao T161 28hrs40m 2477 735.5 462.5 Booking
Xiamen Gaoqi K229, K297 (Overnight) 12-14hrs 770 351 230 Booking
Beijing West T98 21hrs 2302 784 441 Booking
Shantou T8361 7hrs30m 527 246 163 Booking
Changchun T83, K1123 36-44hrs 3422 937 585 Booking
Shenyang North T14, T83, T236 30-33hrs 3110 969.5 547.5 Booking
Harbin T236, K1123 35-47hrs 3656 1077 616 Booking
Guangzhou South Zhuhai D7601, D7603, D7605…are available from 6:30am to 11:59pm 1h20m 116 90 70 Booking
Shenzhen North G6201, G6203, G6205…54 trains are available 40m 102 99.5 74.5 Booking
Wuhan G832, G94, G72…44 trains are available 4hrs 1069 738.5 463.5 Booking
Xian North G832, G96, G818, G822, G836, G840, G826 8-9hrs 2119 1305.5 815.5 Booking
Beijing West G72, G66, G68, G80, G70 8-10hrs 2298 1380 862 Booking
Taiyuan South G862 10hrs 2249 1338 853 Booking
Changsha South G832, G94, G72…are available from 6:42am to 11:48pm 3hrs 707 504 314 Booking
Chaoshan G6301, G6305, G6317, G6325, G6313, G6309, G6321, G6329 3hrs 407 207 164 Booking
Xinhui D7701, D7705, D7707…are available from 6:40am to 10:30pm 1h 72 60 45 Booking

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