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Xian Train Schedule

There are two railway stations in Xian, respectively Xian railway station and Xian north station.
The Xian Railway Station is the fourth largest railway station in China considering its passenger flow volume. It is the important transportation hub that connects the Northwest and Southwest of China. From there one can reach to all the major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou.
Xian North Railway Station is one of the largest stations in Asia. It provides high-speed rail service only. Passengers from the station can reach to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanjing and other places.

From To Train No. Travel Time Distance (km)

Ticket Price (CNY)

Ticket Booking
First Class/Soft Sleeper Second Class/Hard Sleeper
Xian Beijing West Z20, T152, T76, T232, T42, T44, T56, T8, K630, K1364 (Overnight) 11-16hrs 1283 440.5 279.5 Booking
Shanghai Z94, T54, T118, T140, T166, K292, K378, K362, K558, K2188 15-20hrs 1509 509.5 321.5 Booking
Yanan T8, T42, K560…14 trains are available 3hrs 326 152.5 101.5 Booking
Guangzhou T36, T266, K84, K1298, K228, K1170, K646 22-30hrs 2176 757 421 Booking
Dunhuang K591 22hrs30m 1809 582 365 Booking
Yinchuan K1297, K1305, K1510, K1085, K361 (Overnight) 11-17hrs 933 337 215 Booking
Tianjin K2046, K386, K126, K546, K214 (Overnight) 16-20hrs 1386 484.5 306.5 Booking
Qingdao T374, K1028, K912 20-23hrs 1572 527.5 333.5 Booking
Suzhou [Jiangsu] Z88, Z94, T54, T114, T118, T140, K292, K378, K362, K558, K2188 14-19hrs 1425 484.5 306.5 Booking
Chengdu K1363, K879, K385, K869, K165, K5 16hrs 842 315 200 Booking
Guilin K318 26hrs 1952 611 383 Booking
Lhasa T165, T265 33hrs 2864 1005.5 629.5 Booking
Hangzhou Z88, T114, K468, K2908, K596, 1152 17-25hrs 1696 552 349 Booking
Haikou K1170 42hrs30m 2936 1120.5 651.5 Booking
Jinan T372, K1028, K186, 1132, K912, K1630 15-19hrs 1221 415.5 263.5 Booking
Guiyang K1032 22hrs30m 1234 427.5 270.5 Booking
Nanning K318 35hrs 2383 717.5 449.5 Booking
Xiamen Gaoqi K242 36hrs 2240 684 429 Booking
Xining West T151, T372, T265, T165, K1009, K889, K377, K2187, K621 10-12hrs 1063 337 215 Booking
Urumqi T53, T35, K185…11 trains are available from 0:42am to 11:10pm 27-41hrs 2624 780.5 488.5 Booking
Kunming K165 35hrs 1942 611 383 Booking
Lanzhou T75, K621…30 trains are available 7-9hrs 676 263 168 Booking
Shenzhen K132, K448 30-36hrs 2424 735.5 462.5 Booking
Shenyang North K2046, K546, K386, K126 25-29hrs 2104 656 414 Booking
Xian North Beijing West G88, G652, G654…11 trains are available from 7:53am to 11:26pm 6hrs 1216 824.5 515.5 Booking
Shanghai D308 11hrs 1503 834 338 Booking
Zhengzhou East G2002, G2004, G2006…30 trains are available from 7:38am to 11:44pm 2h40m 523 382 239 Booking
Guangzhou South G98, G820, G824, G834, G838, G828, G842 9hrs 2128 1305.5 815.5 Booking
Taiyuan South D2502, D2504, D2506, D2508, D2510, D2512, D2532, D2514, D2534, D2516 3hrs30m 579 222 178.5 Booking
Baoji South G673, D6851, D6803…run hourly from 7:20am to 21:44pm 1h 167 82.5 51.5 Booking
Shenzhen North G820, G824, G828 9hrs40m 2230 1405 890 Booking
Changsha South G820, G98, G824, G834, G838, G828, G842 6hrs 1421 945 590 Booking
Wuhan G820, G98, G824, G834, G838, G828, G842, G858 4hrs30m 1050 732.5 457.5 Booking

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