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West Lake Cruise

With three sides surrounded by the hill, the West Lake in Hangzhou is a must for visitors to the area. With 5.68 square kilometers (about 1,404 acres) the lake- also called 'Xizi Lake' - is mainly composed of a hill, two causeways, three islands, five lakes and ten famous beauty spots. The lake, surrounded by hills, lies within them like a bright pearl. Su and Bai Causeways divide West Lake like two ribbons into Outer Lake, Beili Lake, Xili Lake, Yue Lake and Xiaonan Lake.

Cruising on West Lake, visitors are sure to revel in its charm. The lake, like a landscape painting, will cause you to marvel at its beauty and will perhaps make you feel as though you have stepped into a land of magic and fantasy.
Dragon Boat on West Lake
Dragon Boat on West Lake
West Lake Cruise
West Lake Cruise
Scenery on the West Lake

The scenery around West Lake is unique according to the different seasons. In spring, the grasses are tall and nightingales fly in the air. The graceful lotuses in summer, smooth lake in autumn and plum blossom in winter are all unique elements which give visitors a real sense of the beauty of the area.

Solitary Hill Island is the largest island on West Lake, the 'Island of Little Oceans'. Together with Huxinting Island, Ruangongdun Island, Mausoleum of General Yue Fei, it makes up the stunning vista along the lake. Get the Scenery along the West Lake.

Cruise Info
Whether cruising during the daytime or in the evening, the scenery of the West Lake is of great charm.
West Lake, Hangzhou
Cruise boats are to be found in many wharfs along the lake. There are also boats of unusual characteristics along the wharfs, such as rowing boats in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) style, painted boats full of Southern Song (1127 - 1279) and Qing Dynasties flavors and dragon boats designed according to the folktale of the West Lake. No matter the appearance or the inner decoration of the boats, they are of classic elegance.

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Evening Cruise Boats Information
West Lake Wharfs

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