Sanshui Lotus World

Located in Sanshui District in Foshan City, the Lotus World is famedas the largest lotus ecological theme park in the world. The park features 300 diversified species of lotuses. Among them, the 'space lotus' cultivated in space and the 'ancient lotus' unearthed in Liaoning Province are the most precious.

It covers a total area of about 80 hectares (198 acres) which includes the water surface of 53 hectares (132 acres). It mainly comprises eight areas: the Culture Square; the Central Area; the Species Appreciating Area; the Water Platter and Water Lily Area; the Dining and Entertainment Area; the Scientific Research and Breeding Area and the Lotus Seed Collecting Area.

One visiting the Sanshui Lotus World is surely surprised at its front gate. Constructed about 20 meters (66 feet) high and 60 meters (197 feet) wide, the Main Entrance of this place looks like a huge lotus in full bloom. The gate consists of six petals connected by a long steel frame. A steel pillar and an arch steel girder support each petal. The yellow steel wire table in the middle symbolizes the pistil of the lotus and the steel ropes underneath imply that the root of the lotus is separated but the fibers are still connected.

The Lotus Fairy Square is the soul of the Lotus World. In the Lotus Pond stands a sculpture of the Lotus Fairy, which is about 15 meters (49 feet) high. It displays a graceful fairy that flies over the petals with a lotus in her hand symbolizing happiness and auspice. Serving as the foil for the sculpture, a part of half-circle pink wall is established behind the Lotus Fairy with crystal spring cascading down. A fascinating picture appears in front of these visitors.

In the Species Appreciating Area, tourists can enjoy themselves in the sea of multifarious lotuses. The golden, red, purple, blue, green and orange fragrant lotuses give off their scant and make tourists feel as if they were entering the fairy land. The ancient lotus sleeping for thousands of years, the lotus symbolizing the friendship between China and Japan, the bright Oriental Pearl and the thousand-leaf lotus bloom together and vie with each other for glamour. Tourists will surely be intoxicated by the varieties of lotuses.

The Water Platter and Water Lily Area inside the Sanshui Lotus World feature its water platters and numerous beautiful water lilies. There, tourists can see many green plates floating on the water, which are called water platters. They are really the miracle made by nature. It is said that the diameter of the water platter can reach two meters (seven feet) and bear 40 kilograms' (88 pounds) weight. Various water lilies, such as the shy Marshan girl, the innocent White Fairy, the notable and beautiful Egyptian blue water lily are scattered on the water surface, forming a splendid landscape.

Two other features the site are the Lotus Culture Exhibition Hall and the Lotus Theater. The Lotus Culture Exhibition Hall is divided into three hemispherical halls looking like a lotus in bud, half or full blossom. In the halls display the monographs on different lotus species, paeans and paintings of famous calligraphers and painters, lotus photographs and artworks of celebrated photographers and artists.

The Lotus Theater is the symbolic building in the Sanshui Lotus World. It can accommodate about 1,300 people. The poetic song and dance drama - the Lotus Fairy is staged there everyday. The drama tells a love story that a lotus fairy and her lover - a lotus root boy fight with demons and witches for their true love. Since it was performed, the Lotus Fairy has been welcomed by the tourists.

Other tourist spots there should not be missed include the Solid Ecological Garden, the Grotesque Stones and Roots Carvings Exhibition Hall, the Seven-Color Fish Pond, the Fishing Island and the Lovers Island.

After appreciating the beautiful lotus landscapes, tourists can go to the Lotus Food Village to have a big lotus feast. All the dishes are made of fresh lotuses, leaves, seeds and roots showing the remedy values of lotuses.

In 2005, the Sanshui Lotus World became the national AAAA Scenic Spot approved by the National Tourism Administration.

Admission Fee: CNY 60
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:30
Recommended time for a visit: From May to October
Bus Route: Take No.609 city bus at the Sanshui Railway Station.
Take tourist special line No.3 at Foshan Railway Station.
- Last updated on May. 30, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Sanshui Lotus World
Asked by Patrick Boorana from THAILAND | May. 31, 2017 03:09Reply
Which month of the year that most lotus flowers start to bloom at Sanshui Lotus World?
I wish to spend 2-3 days here just to take lots of different lotus pictures. Which are the good nearby hotels around the Lotus World with English speaking staffs that you recommend?
Answers (1)
Answered by Dana from ITALY | Jun. 05, 2017 01:04

As I know, the most flowers will bloom in July and August. Hengyi Lotus Holiday Inn will be a nice choice. It is just located in the scenic spot.
Asked by Mr.W from CHINA | Aug. 25, 2010 20:01Reply

I am nearby bus 125, how do I get to the Lotus place by bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Andrew from CHINA | Aug. 26, 2010 01:54

Take BUs 125 to Zumiao Road, then change to Tourist Bus Line 3 to the Lotus World.
Asked by Mr.Tommy Ooi from MALAYSIA | Jun. 02, 2010 11:03Reply

How do i get to Lotus World from Guangzhou?

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Lynn | Jun. 03, 2010 04:57

You can take bus at provincial station of Guangdong in downtown Guangzhou to Sanshui City. The buses departs from 06:30 to 21:00 everyday. The journey time is about 40mins and the bus fare is 15RMB.
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